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31 Dec 2009
Life / Please help me find this Polish song (moja droga ja Cie kocham)! [16]

Yes, It is Bobby Vinton's song, "My Melody of Love"

Mr. Vinton is also well-known as the Polish Prince. Funny thing... my mom told me originally my dad couldn't stand Bobby Vinton, until he found out he's Polish. Then suddenly he grew a great liking for the Polish performer!

25 Dec 2009
Love / Appreciated presents for polish girls [35]

What do polish girls appreciate the most?

First choice: You're always safe buying your Polish girl some jewelry. Antique jewelry is much prettier and usually more durable. The item doesn't need to be expensive. It can be simple and sweet.

Second choice: Gift card to her favorite store. That way she can purchase something, she may already have her eye on.
23 Dec 2009
Love / Friendship With a Polish Women [29]

Presuming without knowing the facts.

Time for a reality check guy, if you can't accept comments or advice from PF members.
23 Dec 2009
Love / Friendship With a Polish Women [29]

Sometimes she is really happy and nice and sometimes she just seems not intersted and almost cold.

Realistically, she's probably not interested in you. If she were interested, her feelings of happiness would genuinely outweigh her displays of coldness.
23 Dec 2009


Does a bear $hit in the woods? My answer is hell yeah; especially the female gender.
21 Dec 2009
Food / Polish cocktails [7]

I agree, it sounds like a fantastic cocktail for the holiday season.
18 Dec 2009
Genealogy / Last name Nahinurk [7]

I am looking for relatives with the last name Nahinurk

Do you have any idea what area your family resided in originally?
16 Dec 2009
USA, Canada / Deportation back to Poland for DUI [4]

Deportation cases in California usually pertain to felony cases. A DUI may be considered felony charges under various circumstances, such man slaughter cases, or when a plaintiff experiences severe bodily injuries.
16 Dec 2009
Love / Are expensive gifts offensive to polish guys? [30]

Not offensive but could be seen by many as you're trying to "buy" a man

I had the same interpretation as well.

I think it's better to start off with a smaller, less expensive gift. Something given from the heart, such as a handmade item. After all, dynamite comes in small packages!
16 Dec 2009
Love / Polish Girls rock my world [14]

Im looking for more Polish ppl to hang with I dont want to end up losing my culture.

Nothing wrong with that idea. Try attending some festivals at any Polish churches, located close to your vicinity.
11 Dec 2009
Life / Share your Polish Christmas experiences. [20]

they've got these chocolates filled with booze -- good stuff

They're sold in the U.S. too. The chocolates need to be eaten whole. If you bite into the chocolate, the booze drips down your chin. Great for playing a holiday joke on someone. I gave one to my mom once!
4 Dec 2009
Life / Why are Polish people so ruthless? [87]

How come Polish people are in the main, so ungrateful, rude

You're generalizing quite a lot there.

There are various other countries with large numbers of employees here and none of them have done this. India, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Slovakia etc for example.

Try to fall in love with one of them, instead of a Polish woman next time.
2 Dec 2009
Food / Eating Healthy in Poland [18]

It's a Polish tradition to fill guests with as much food as possible. And if the guests say no, the hosts will most likely feel offended.

Oh no, I hope my relatives don't do that to me, when I visit Warswaw during the upcoming summer.
1 Dec 2009
Love / Why are Polish girls constantly ill? [166]

if I were a college degreed woman working...there's no way my economic freedom would not be the same as my husband's.

That is my scenario. I have three business degrees and earn a very comfortable living.
A few men I've dated seem a bit intimidated. I'm financially secure and make plenty more money than they do.

I think many women today get ill more often, because we're carrying various loads on our shoulders. Women's responsibilites may include careers, family, schooling, taking care of the household, etc.
28 Nov 2009
Language / Not sure if I will be able to speak Polish [53]

Not sure if I will be able to speak Polish

The same goes for me too. I think I need to take a Polish crasher course before August.
That's when I'll be going to Warsaw, to attend my cousin Kasia's wedding.
28 Nov 2009
USA, Canada / Happy Thanksgiving Day to all Polish Americans! [24]

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all Polish Americans!

I know I'm a couple days late, but thanks!

another year of thanksgiving and christmas alone!

Poor baby, welcome back guy!
15 Nov 2009
Food / Why did Taco Bell leave Poland? [82]

there are more family owned restaurants that are 100x better

Mom & Pop establishments are the best in my opinion. I prefer them anytime over a chain restaurant.
15 Nov 2009
Food / Why did Taco Bell leave Poland? [82]

It just goes to show that America is more of a fast-food culture

Wrong, I seldomly ever eat fast-foods.
14 Nov 2009
Life / What is your favourite comedy (also Polish)? [63]

what is your favourite comedy ( also polish)?

Anyone remember Mr. Ted Knight? (aka Tadeusz Wladyslaw Konopka.)
He starred on the old sitcom "Too Close For Comfort."
He left the earth too early, when he died from cancer.

13 Nov 2009
USA, Canada / Any Poles in Arizona? Polish food? [10]

I had no idea Az has so many Poles. If the 40,000 number of Polish residents is correct, the total is equivalent to a small city itself.


Any good polish deli's in Arizona?

Just moved to AZ almost three months ago from NJ due to my husband's job relocation. Looking for a good polish deli in East Valley area. I always cook polish food for Easter dinner and I'd like to continue the tradition here in AZ...

stanleys home made polish sausage 2201 e mcdowell 602-275-8788 1701 w bell rd 602 375 3999
At Greenway and 32nd Street, in the shopping center, Europa Deli. It the one I would recommend. Bistas is fantastic and I highly recommend it.

At the other place, sales ladies handle money and food and do not use gloves. :(
13 Nov 2009
Love / ;-) what to cook a polish girl??? [34]

Oysters topped with Dark Chocolate

The only things that soung good are the oysters; sans the chocolate!
12 Nov 2009
Love / ;-) what to cook a polish girl??? [34]

nice avatar again indeed, B


whats wrong with the other 3?

Indian food is a bit too spicy for my liking. The last two are okay, but the first 3 choices are the the tastiest. Especially the Polish food, in my opinion. Probably because it's a real treat for me, when I have the opportunity to eat Polish food.