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28 Jul 2007
UK, Ireland / 713,000 new foreign workers in UK [44]

We have no way of knowing how many immigrants we have in the UK, but I would guestimate - about a 1/4 of the population of the UK are immigrants.

No Amathyst,that is way out- 25% would mean around 15 million people out of 60 million are immigrants which is incorrect.In London the figure is high-around 40% and in some cities it is 15%.It seems more in cities because the migrants are mostly working whereas the older retired English are in the city suburbs.In many towns the figure is 1-5% and in most villages and many towns in northern England etc there are no immigrants.I would guess that the actual figure is around 12% of people in Britain are immigrants.
21 Jul 2007
Life / Will Poland become like the UK ? [93]

I still visit theese places frequently. I've taken a few of my Polish friends to places like Norfolk and they are truely shocked at how different it is from London. No crime, no tension, no muslims, just friendly english people all sharing the same culture, values and way of life.

I agree with what you say,but also feel there are many areas of Britain with a successful multicultural mix.These tend to be places with wealthier(Chinese/Indian)communities alongside the English and Europeans but with no Pakistanis/Somalis or British born black pretend gangsta thug idiots.

I actually prefer mixing with open minded or educated Nigerians/Chinese/Indians etc than with English chavs or dole scrounging moaners.Thanks to a number of lowlife criminal scumbag immigrants its easy to forget that there are many more decent ones who are really not so different from the traditional English people you mention.
13 Jul 2007
UK, Ireland / English people attitude towards Poles? [761]

A lot of British people are told myths about the Polish people who come here, lots of very daft things, because some UK people are scared or racist, most of it is untrue, but I think its an uphill struggle to get the truth out, many English people think Poles use horse and carts and eat cabbage all day, washed down with vodka, thats not really the case now is it.

Excellent post drew.I think there are a tiny number of ignorant racist morons but slightly more who feel their job security could be threatened by Polish workers and combined with the media myths they behave disgracefully.Also,many Polish workers have moved to areas of Britain where there are few immigrants (unlike cities/southeast England)and the local people are more sheltered and bigotted.
6 Jul 2007
UK, Ireland / Unemployed due to Polish who work in the UK [126]

It has taken me 18 months to "flood" into Canada to work and live. And believe me it isn't easy. Only because of my qualifications and the fact i had a company sponsoring me..

I merely pointed out a fact.Tens of millions of Brits and descendants of Brits live in these countries.You applied in the correct way but there are plenty who went there on holiday and overstayed.Also,back in the 1960s and 1970s just being British was the only qualification required.
4 Jul 2007
UK, Ireland / Unemployed due to Polish who work in the UK [126]

I have no faith left in the system, I had a job working in manual labour , when i was made redundent because they wanted to get two poles for the price of me

The employer got 2 hard working Poles for the same price as one useless lazy 'worker'.
Open your eyes and look around you.Millions off Brits have flooded into Australia,New Zealand,Canada & USA and swamped the original inhabitants.I love Britain but much prefer hard working,non trouble making Polish people than scummy Brit chavs,criminal Somali and Pakistani gangs and all the other trash.Decent people from anywhere are welcome but not the lowlifes.I have not seen many Polish lowlifes compared to other nationalities (especially Pakistani/Somalis)
1 Jul 2007
UK, Ireland / Manchester - Question - living standard for Polish migrants. [29]

it might be worth remembering that belfast is a city with a history of division and conflict... much of it based on religion... one of which is associated with poland...

I totally agree.Belfast had a civil war and still suffers from some hangovers from those times (hostility to outsiders etc).No way can you compare Manchester and many other places to N.Ireland.
24 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Anybody knows how to watch Polish channels in UK? [36]

I miss Polish TV, English one is crap - so bored with their gardening programmes, silly soaps and sitcoms!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!

Actually,there are still some good British programmes but they are usually broadcast at odd times.One of the few good popular programmes is Doctor Who.
27 May 2007
Life / Poverty in Poland [50]

How many people in the UK live in poverty?

Just under 1 in 4 people in the UK – or nearly 13 million people – live in poverty, according to the latest figures. This includes nearly 1 in 3 children (almost 4 million).

I'm quoting oxfam.

This is debatable.The way they measure poverty here in the UK means that some families/people with a decent roof over their heads,a car,computer,tv,hi-fi,foreign holidays are still considered as living in poverty.
20 May 2007
UK, Ireland / English people attitude towards Poles? [761]

Are there really??....Can you name any??

Yes-just check the British 'Rich List' - its full of people who came here from overseas and helped Britain(and themselves)prosper.
20 May 2007
Life / How are Poles generally viewed outside Poland by other nations? [84]

Ireland is the second top destination amongst Poles, and Sweden just behind. If as teh government had said they expected about 13,000 per annum it would not have been an issue.

Yes many Poles have come here and many have returned.The actual floating population of Poles in the UK is estimated at 600,000.Unlike certain other immigrant groups the Poles seem happy to come here to work hard and pay taxes etc.Millions of British people have left the UK because they think life is paradise in Australia,New Zealand,Canada,USA etc (many get a shock once they live there) so we need workers to replace them.The only people I hear complain about the Poles are the jealous people-mostly those British people who don,t understand hard work and want everything handed to them on a plate.
19 May 2007
Life / How are Poles generally viewed outside Poland by other nations? [84]

i think you should go back to poland the sooner the better, as i said you dont do nothing here in the uk, your a burden to the society

Idiots like John have too much time on their hands.Only thick(low intelligence) people think like him.John is probably not aware that millions of British immigrants have poured into Australia,New Zealand,Canada,USA,Spain,Hong Kong etc.

I prefer hard working Poles to British whingers & scroungers.
15 Apr 2007
UK, Ireland / Help needed - Calling all Polish persons living/working in London [60]

Why do I have to think of getting evidence on my own? Why police doesnt even try to help me?

Visit the local citizens advice bureau/write to your local newspaper/make a fuss until the police do something.I am lucky I live in an area with good,efficient police,but I know in some parts of London the police are as you describe-useless.Good luck.
11 Apr 2007
Law / Want to start Indian cafe in Poland.. [71]

I love Indian food (especially south Indian)-not so keen on the Indian style of tea (chai) which is very sweet and milky.Good luck with your cafe in Poland.A few years ago a report stated that there were more Indian restaurants in Britain than in India..its certainly popular.
7 Apr 2007
History / Poland has paid £68 Million for helping UK in WW2 [168]

If britian did so much navy, radar and such, why were they begging the U.S to enter the war? Britian did ****!!!

USA only entered the war after they were attacked by Japan.Up to this point Britain was holding out against Germany.
4 Apr 2007
UK, Ireland / Homesickness of a Polish immigrant from UK [10]

When Polish people come to work in the UK they might meet and be working with people from all over the world(depending on wherabouts in the UK).This is a great experience(some British/Polish people do not appreciate it) and Poland is not too far from the UK so if you can divide your time between Britain/Poland you will get the most from life.
24 Feb 2007
News / Poland over the next 10 years? [79]

Thanks for all the feedback.I think that in 10 years time Poland will obviously be a wealthier,more developed country (it already is since joining the EU).There will also be a downside to this perhaps with Polish people losing their identity and defining characteristics a bit as we have in Britain (probably in 20 years not 10).
22 Feb 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish Thoughts on Britain and the British [273]

Hunkydory thank you for your very interesting and observant post.I agree with most of your points and it is nice to hear from someone who has been here since 1994 and the changes you have noticed.

Magdushya,these are some things you must do:

Buy or borrow the Lonely Planet guide to Britain.

Visit free London - Hyde Park,Regents Park,St James Park,British Museum,Natural History Museum,Science Museum etc.

Visit traditional English fishing villages like Shorham On Sea,Leigh On Sea (no posh yuppies)

Visit Cornwall and Devon.Here you will find many traditional,polite more laid-back English people who left South East England because it got too commercial and money obsessed.

To be honest in every town,village and city in England you will find some of those traditional,mannered,open hearted people you seek.You just need to look in the right places.
19 Feb 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish Thoughts on Britain and the British [273]

Every job available has a good side and bad side - an interesting job might require long hours and be stressful,a stress free job might be boring.Even if you are good at your job you might not be appreciated as you desire.

What sort of work are you looking for Magdushya?
17 Feb 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish Thoughts on Britain and the British [273]

It's fantastic idea!!! However I would love to see the list not of your famouse writers, singers which we just know, places, cathedrals, castels which we just know also etc etc . I would like to hear where I can meet openminded and openhearted people, how to understand you, how to be appreciated by you.

To understand Britain and British people you must understand recent British history. British society has changed more than any other country in Europe.In 1979 Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister and made many changes (some good some bad) - she told people to forget about society and privatised many national government companies. Ever since that time the British economy has been strong but people have become less caring and more selfish (before that we were more similar to the Dutch).

Also in Britain we have always had a class system which other countries don't.It has nothing to do with money but is more about attitude/interests etc.This has caused problems because many laws here are made by middle class people who do not understand how their laws will affect working class people.It was the middle class people in government who felt it was good to allow in unlimited numbers of Polish workers-but working class people might feel differently.

Friendly British people? I have travelled to many countries and so can say that the southern English are not the most open and can often seem unfriendly and

cold.However,this is because they are reserved and once they know you they are sincere.Also,in Scotland,Wales and northern England (Liverpool,Manchester) people are much more friendly the 1st time.

Where to find open-minded/open hearted people? This is very tricky! It depends what your interests are.I like the good things about Britain but not the posh snobby side which is why I like those places which are traditional but not posh (so many once great places have been turned into rich yuppie areas.

If you descibe your interests I will make some suggestions.

Hmmm, you know, it's a bit strange why I cannot find right job if I'm well educated, frequently awarded by Univerity of Education because of my achievements. Why England don't give many possibilities of deserving jobs for Polish? Do you need us only to low-paid and dirty works?

Like BubbaWoo said many English people also have this problem.These days many interesting 'good' jobs pay £14500 per year while the 'bad' jobs pay £20000 (plus overtime)
17 Feb 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish Thoughts on Britain and the British [273]

Dear Magdushya,
The British culture is alive and well! In music,literature etc we still (along with America) lead the world.The problem for many Polish people is that they work in lower paid jobs and so the British people they meet tend to be the more stupid ones.Also,many Polish people need to live in the cheaper areas and the British people who live in these cheaper,poorer areas are not usually the ones with good manners etc! Soon I will make a list of the great things about the UK.
17 Feb 2007
News / Poland over the next 10 years? [79]

I am interested to hear from Polish people in what ways they think Poland will change over the next 5-10 years.Since joining the EU unemployment has fallen because so many people have left Poland to work in the UK/Eire etc.This has also meant there are some shortages of workers within Poland -which I guess means more overseas workers (from Ukraine etc?) going to work in Poland.I do notice that Polish people are very well behaved but less boisterous(lively) than the British.Will the Polish national character etc change in the future?
15 Jan 2007
Life / Do Polish people respect other cultures? [96]

I depends what someone means by average....people working ( admin jobs) living in their own houses...I would describe them as average

In Britain there are many people with 'good' jobs who are also stupid and ignorant.This is one country where you cannot judge by appearances - the smartly dressed businessman can become a drunken hooligan every Friday night.But most British people are not like this!

However,from what I have seen of the Polish in the UK they are definitely more 'old fashioned' and have better manners than modern British people- I think this is due to Poland being a more traditional,disciplined and less wealthy nation.
12 Jan 2007
Life / Do Polish people respect other cultures? [96]

In Poland if someone invites you for a meal at home or give you some home made cake - even if you don't like it you eat it politely.
English will make faces, moan manners.

The same if someone invites you for dinner at home they always highlight how much they have spent on it ...just to make you feel uncomfortable.

Dear Iwona,
I think you need to mix with some decent English people-there are many of us! I know people like you describe-mostly less intelligent,more ignorant people-definitely not 'average' as you say.