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Anybody knows how to watch Polish channels in UK?

Malwa 1 | 8  
14 Jun 2007 /  #1
I miss Polish TV, English one is crap - so bored with their gardening programmes, silly soaps and sitcoms!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!
szarlotka 8 | 2,208  
14 Jun 2007 /  #2

Get satellite and watch Polish programmes or find some of them on the web. Have to agree with you on the decline in quality of UK TV though. Still there is an off button and there are always DVDs, music and reading.....
Polanglik 11 | 303  
14 Jun 2007 /  #3
Hi Malwa...

Even though I was born in England, having Polish parents and grandparents bring me up, I feel more Polish than English.

I have to agree that Polish tv is much more enjoyable to watch .... barring a few English classics like Only Fools and Horses, Fawlty Towers etc.. but those programmes were made some time ago. The newer stuff is mostly crap in my opinion.

We have Polish channels, and my kids (aged 5yrs and 3 yrs) prefer it to English. You may need to give a Polish address as some of the receivers/decoders are for use in Poland only.

I am in Poland till 26th June, but when I get back I can give you the name and tel. number of the guy who did my Polish satellite. I can now watch all the Poland matches live ... and my wife can watch all her favourite soaps :o)

Which part of England are you living ? .... i think my guy only works London, but I'm sure you can find someone in whichever part of England you are.
Amathyst 19 | 2,702  
14 Jun 2007 /  #4
I miss Polish TV, English one is crap - so bored with their gardening programmes, silly soaps and sitcoms!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!

BTW, you are living in England hence the reason its English t.v., maybe you could try watching a few documentries...plenty of them on!

or as Mr S said there is an off button!

Its nice to see that people come to England to experience all things Polish!
goldie - | 37  
14 Jun 2007 /  #5
I miss Polish TV, English one is crap

Might be a good idea to get out and about more, there are plenty of other things to do other than watching 'crap' british TV :)
Lady in red  
14 Jun 2007 /  #6
I like Dr, Who .........and the Daleks still scare me second time round. Not all UK TV is crap.

Not seen any Polish TV for a long time. Last time I saw it, they were all old repeats of Dallas etc !!

Not that I watch much TV :(
Terra 2 | 18  
15 Jun 2007 /  #7
visit our web site and ake a look at the POLSAT system, we specialise in european satellites.

OP Malwa 1 | 8  
19 Jun 2007 /  #8
thanks for reminding me about the obvious - THE OFF BUTTON - I didn't know that!!!
I don't need any reminders about physical activity, radio or books - in my spare time I do it anyway , but in the evening time I prefer to chill out in front of TV after hard working day - thats why I miss Polish channels because there is always something cool to watch. I do not want internet reception.

Thanks Polanglik - I live in Stevenage and I looked into yellow pages, but there were no companies to advise me about installation in the area. I am thinking about buying Polsat card in Poland, but the question is if I could use it in here, if so - then would the card work with the ordinary receiver (bought in UK) or I need to buy the Polsat receiver. Also I already have got the Sky dish installed so would it work with the receiver?

Has anybody got any experience in that?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
19 Jun 2007 /  #9

You should find all the info you need on other threads. You just have to search for it.

Write "Polsat" in the forum search box.
spiritus 69 | 666  
19 Jun 2007 /  #10
Hi Malwa,

Instead of Yellow Pages look in your local papers in the trade ads. There must be some local companies who do satellite installations.

There are two (maybe 3) ways to receive Polish channels in the UK.

1/ Buy a Polsat decoder box in Poland. You can also but the dish there but it might be easier to simply buy the box in Poland and the dish over here. You will need to be a Polish resident to subscribe to their service but I got my friend to do it for me and I pay them the annual subscription when I see them each summer. For this you get 30-40 Polish channels of which only about 7 are worth watching. I pay around £ 7 a month

2/ Buy a "Free to air" decoder box and dish over here. Once you've paid for the hardware then it's free to watch any channels it receives. You can get Polish channels on Free to Air but the selection was limited when I had it. I could only get around 5 Polish channels and every so often the frequency would change for them which meant having to scan the network to try and find them on their new frequency.

3/ Buy a decoder box and a pirate card-think it might be called a Dragon card.
21 Jun 2007 /  #11
Hi !!
Thinking of getting Sky as the flat we live in already has Sky+ installed so we just need the box. The deciding factor is whether we can pick up any Polish channels, beacuse we can not put polish satelite dish on our building.

I realy miss polish tv...what can I do??
jake 2 | 17  
21 Jun 2007 /  #12
I set a dish a few years back.
We didnt want to pay a subscription, but we still managed to watch about 10 Polish channels free (on hotbird satellite I think)
I dont think that the sky dish is pointing in the right direction to get european channels.
adilski 2 | 105  
21 Jun 2007 /  #13
check out polish express they always have ads about polish telly
21 Jun 2007 /  #14
maybe you can try that now is branded tiscali tv
they have huge selection of channels

pa pa
OP Malwa 1 | 8  
21 Jun 2007 /  #15
Asma, I think we share the same dilemma - I also have got Sky+ dish installed ( from previous owner), but I have no idea if it can detect any Polish channels if pointed at hotbird sattelite & connected to Polsat receiver box (with card).Also its cheaper to pay for the same channels from Poland than through companies based in England.

OP Malwa 1 | 8  
21 Jun 2007 /  #17
spiritus, your reply is irrelevant.
Ranj 21 | 948  
21 Jun 2007 /  #18
I think he's being sarcastic, because you did not thank him for the information he gave you, concerning your original question. It's usually the polite thing to do (thank someone) when they have taken the time to answer your question.
Amathyst 19 | 2,702  
21 Jun 2007 /  #19
LOL, the Polish are just like the English in Spain...own bars, own shops, sky/own chanells/ stick to each other and dont mix!! oh only on occassion.....speaks volumes to me of what they think of the English
espana 17 | 951  
21 Jun 2007 /  #20
oh only on occassion

thank you!!!
Amathyst 19 | 2,702  
21 Jun 2007 /  #21
Mr E you have to admit that the English in Spain do not mix, the "x pats" go certain bars I have a friend that has an apartment in spain and go over a bit so I know...I personally prefer to mix...but in places like the costa del sol its difficult to find a bar where spanish people drink...its all English
Terra 2 | 18  
22 Jun 2007 /  #22
another way of watching some polish tv is to watch over the internet.

look under the polish section.

truebrit 3 | 196  
24 Jun 2007 /  #23
I miss Polish TV, English one is crap - so bored with their gardening programmes, silly soaps and sitcoms!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!

Actually,there are still some good British programmes but they are usually broadcast at odd times.One of the few good popular programmes is Doctor Who.
OP Malwa 1 | 8  
25 Jun 2007 /  #24
Dear all,
Thanks for all your suggestions, but I am still searching for the reply.
Terra, thanx for the tip, but I will just repeat myself to say I am not keen on watching the TV on internet (I signed out from my broadband and I do not miss it).

Blossom, tiscali has got a wide channel selection (eg. Asian ones), but nothing Polish. Besides if they had some I wouldn't fancy, because subscription prices are like five times higher than paying for the same channels from Poland.

Truebrit, personally I do not like watching Dr Who, but everybody has got different taste. When they are some good films, they usually start like 11 pm. Who wants to stay that long to wait for it?

spiritus 69 | 666  
25 Jun 2007 /  #25
spiritus, your reply is irrelevant

Apologies for trying to help........lesson learnt.
OP Malwa 1 | 8  
26 Jun 2007 /  #26
Don't be so bitter Spiritus. Individual thank you for you, too. Cheer up!!!!!!
30 Jun 2007 /  #27
invest in Polsat or Cyfra+

be warned unless buy of eBay or out of a satellite shop you are looking at paying out £549+VAT for Polsat to be installed

I bought a Polsat receiver from a seller in Germany via eBay less than £50 i then bought a Zone 2 Satellite dish (Zone 2 is a 60cm dish which you need to pick up Hotbird 13e satellite signal) and 20metres of Cable for £20 of eBay ... it will cost me £55 to install so work out how much i saved :D
1 Aug 2007 /  #28
So i take it there are no Polish channels being broadcasted via Astra 2 but don't appear in the Sky Digital EPG? (but could be manually tuned).
truebrit 3 | 196  
2 Aug 2007 /  #29
Try asking other Poles(what part of the UK do you live?)
2 Aug 2007 /  #30
So i take it there are no Polish channels being broadcasted via Astra 2 but don't appear in the Sky Digital EPG?

you cant get polish tv channels via sky digital channel you need to invest like i have done and i am english

you need a 60cm dish aligned to hotbird 13E and then a cyfrowy polsat system or a cyfra+ system which are going cheap on ebay .. i picked up my dish and cable on ebay and have no problems

sky only operate through a 40cm dish some companies will run something for you to have the one dish and get sky channels and polish tv channels but you still need separate decoders and systems

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