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English people attitude towards Poles?

22 Aug 2006 /  #1
What is English people attitude towards Poles, I was reading that some people are unhappy to see many Poles over there and are hostility towards them but on the other hand they are respected too. So whats the truth? So far I thought English people are very friendly but after reading their discussion on one forum I was quite shocked how anti-polish they were.
22 Aug 2006 /  #2
what forum was that? i'd likle to go there and have a little chat

what forum was that? i'd likle to go there and have a little chat

i have just read some opinions about the Polish people in crewe in a different forum and only one was really bad
22 Aug 2006 /  #3
They don't like the yankies either. Then who do they like?
guess who  
22 Aug 2006 /  #4
British are notorious for being prejudice.
Ta ta
OP ola123  
23 Aug 2006 /  #5
I wont give you the link Rafik because discussion with them wont change anything. I just wanted to know how are Poles treated in the UK. I have never been in UK but Im considering to move there so I wanted to know what can be expected. You Poles living in Britain can tell me about your experiences with people in the UK. Here is very interesting article I found today,2678,1,kioskart.html .

Overall its very sad story about young Poles living in Southampton, it says that some Britih people are indeed hostility but some are glad that Poles are hard working, honest people who pay taxes. Reading this article Im very angry at polish politics who dont care of people here and as sb said sometimes I think I would rather pay taxes in Britain than in Poland, how terrible it its :(.
23 Aug 2006 /  #6
Most people in England view the Polish people as being alright. We have a lot of Polish people here who moved here when the Germans moved to take over Poland.

Most British people like the Americans, the ones who don't is because they find them "loud" and "brash" or "self-opinionated.

Americans are like every other Nation in the World, some good folks and some bad!

The British Government is getting a little worried about Bulgaria and Romania joining the EU shortly, which will allow thousands more people into the UK. How the British people will view those folks remains to be seen.
23 Aug 2006 /  #7

I have been living here for 4 years and I think that British are quite tolerant nation.
If you want to move abroad I suppose England is not bad place.
It depends how easy you adopt to different environment- Some people do it quickly some slowly some never and come back.
OP ola123  
23 Aug 2006 /  #8
Yes Ive heard that people in UK ar tolerant and friendly but I think they are a bit scared of thousands of Poles moving to their country, what is understandable. UK is the only place in could live abroad because english language is the only one I know quite well. But thinking about moving abroad and doing it is a huge difference :).
23 Aug 2006 /  #9
:) That is totally untrue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![u][/u] The only thing we object to is ANYONE from another country receiving social security benefits directly they enter the country, and believe me this does happen in many cases. We feel that, as in most countries one should have contributed for a few years before even thinking of asking for handouts. I am not aware of any ill feeling towards the Poles in this regard. I have many Polish inlaws and friends and I find them very good, hardworking people. So much so that I am at present looking for a few Polish lads to do some decorating in my house.

If you know of anyone in England who needs a few days work please get back to me with their details. I live near Coventry.
23 Aug 2006 /  #10

Hmmmm the armpit of cheshire...I really wouldnt take on board too much of what they say, it's a horrible town and would advise anyone from Poland moving to England avoid it like the plauge.
23 Aug 2006 /  #11

I wouldn't believe much what people say on some forums in general . There are lots weird, frustrated people writing lots of s.....
I sometimes open our polish ONET- some people there are so horrible. I would not say that they are really good representation of our nation.

The best for you- come to England for few weeks, months and see how you would feel.

I didn't have much problems to find a work here similar to what I was doing in Poland - working in a Bank.

Your English is good I don't know what is your education or work experience but you shouldn't have much problems to find work.

To be honest during my interviews noone judged me by my nationality but by experience, education.
23 Aug 2006 /  #12
iwona - you have to let her know that she needs home office approval - 2o work in a bank or any financial institute - she needs to send an application off and it costs £75 - but opens many more doors.

Here is some information that might be of use. rms.html
OP ola123  
23 Aug 2006 /  #13
Ok thanks for infos and advices :).
23 Aug 2006 /  #14
Hmmmm the armpit of cheshire...I really wouldnt take on board too much of what they say, it's a horrible town and would advise anyone from Poland moving to England avoid it like the plauge.

as i said just one opinion was bad but the rest of them were very positive.i don't expect everyone to love the poles:)
23 Aug 2006 /  #15
23 Aug 2006 /  #16
Hiya all,

I would like to say as a british person i personally love the polish people here i think they are polite and friendly people although sometimes i belive that some polish people work way to hard and need to give themselves a breack in my opinion i belive there should be more polish people here i would much prefer polish then any other race wich are currently here not that i am racist at all i just prefer polish.

I suppose that really fancie a polish guy helps as well hee hee :)
guess who  
23 Aug 2006 /  #17
I agree with Sarah.
Being a Pole, I personally love the Polish people, and some of my friends are Polish. :)
23 Aug 2006 /  #18
I'd love to meet some polish people, since i am at home with two children i feel really lonely.
Apparently according to my father who bless him is 67 years old, he saids that the polish people are really nice, but as yet i have to meet one. I live in the hounslow area of London, and there are mainly Indians and Pakistanis, hence my husband being one! I am British and would love some polish friends.
23 Aug 2006 /  #19
I would love to have some polish friends

I mean i no many and even work with some but none of which i could actually class as my friends although the man i fancie is very much like a friend at the moment and hoping for him to be alot more

I mean i have alot of feelings for this guy more so then many other guys i have liked

23 Aug 2006 /  #20
I suppose I'm quite lucky I have a couple of Polish friends and one is teaching me Polish at the moment - I have to say she is so patient - it's not the easiest language to learn.
23 Aug 2006 /  #21
Yeah you are lucky i would love a polish friend to teach me - although i think there patience would run out cause i am so slow at learning things as it is ha ha :)
23 Aug 2006 /  #22
sarah It's fun, I enjoy the whole learning thing so it's a real treat...and they both laugh because i'm actually going home and studying and coming back word perfect - it's like being back in school in - one her friends is coming over from Poland and she's asked him to bring one of his school books. I'm quite studious so learning the basics is even interesting to me.
23 Aug 2006 /  #23
Shelley I no it must be fun cause i so wish i could have the opptunity to learn a whole new language - See i loved school and enjoyed learning new things so learning a new language especially polish would be great for me i am thinking of going to classes although i am quite short on money at the moment ha ha See you have a great opptunity having polish friends and i hope the book helps you

Good Luck:)
23 Aug 2006 /  #24
sarah Ask the guy that you like to help you - tell him that you were thinking of visiting Poland that you would like to learn some Polish before you go.
23 Aug 2006 /  #25
:)Shelley To be honest i do not think he wold have time i mean he works 7 days a week near enough all day. He told me some days he even has no sleep.

This is also a reason he says a relationship would not work but likes me very much - the things is one min he will be really interested in me as in kissing me and cuddling and next its just hi what is up with that?
23 Aug 2006 /  #26
This is also a reason he says a relationship would not work but likes me very much - the things is one min he will be really interested in me as in kissing me and cuddling and next its just hi what is up with that?

I dont know honey, but dont get your heart broken

7 days a week - well he needs a good talking to, whilst I'm all in favour of hard work - thats a bit too much! Im sure his mother would have something to say!

Ask him what his long term plans are, lets face it if he is planning to go back to Poland in a year or so - is there any real point in getting involved - unless you go to live there (if things did get very serious)

You seem a really sweet girl and maybe he's just not the one for you :- (

In my experience a Polish guy will be attentive and they're not really the type to blow hot and cold unless they have something on their mind.
24 Aug 2006 /  #27
:)Shelley i am just sitting in gatwick airport and read your reply thank you for your support

When i get back from holiday i am going to have a little chat with him and finally see how he really fills and see if anything comes of things between us as far as i no he has said he wishes to spend the rest of his life in poland but even if i was to start seeing him i would be more then welcome to move with him if that was the case of course

Anyway take care shelley and when i am back from holiday i am hoping i would have my head straight and no how he fills by then i will update you on my return

Sarah x
24 Aug 2006 /  #28
sarah, he really likes you but once in a while he gets scared and has these "second thoughts". Some guys once they start thinking about marriage, children, responsibilities, etc. get freaked out. So just give him more time to adjust to the idea, because it's scary to make such a big decission. And he wants to make sure he's doing the right thing.

But he does really like you.

which I don't know why I'm even replying because you're on a plane or something.......
26 Aug 2006 /  #29
guess who

Aug 22 2006, 20:29 Quote . #5

British are notorious for being prejudice.
Ta ta


Ha! And this coming from a Pole!!!!

No my friend, it is your country that is governed by racist bigots and that has a reputation for prejudice and mindless racism.

I know of someone who tried to live and study in Poland. He found being repeatedly spat at because of the colour of his skin intolerable and had to leave. Such behaviour is punishable by a prison sentence in the UK, in Poland, it is endorsed by your government and public opinion.

London is one of the most densely populated and multicultural cities in the world, we are far from intolerant.... There aren't many countries that would stand for such a mass influx (almost a million) of eastern European migrants with such little complaint. I'm sure that if Poland was being flooded with migrants the "natives" would be far less tolerant than the English have been to you all.

I live in North West London where there are many Poles. Since the expansion of the EU I have found the streets littered with young men drinking high strength lager, begging and racially abusing passers by who happen to not be white. What is ironic is that these people fail to understand that if their hosts (the English) were as intolerant as they are, the bad press would be the least of your worries.

Just because we voice concern at the vast numbers that have arrived does not make us intolerant, prejudiced or racist.

We have a right to protect our country, values and borders from the overwhelming flood of Polish and eastern Europeans that have poured into our country.
26 Aug 2006 /  #30
Where did you come from?

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