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A predictable "Is my salary high enough post" - Krakow 13,500PLN GROSS Month

mcrpolak 6 | 36
10 Nov 2015  #1
I have been offered a job paying between 13,500 (Gross) in Krakow and would expect to eventually negotiate 14,000-15,000.

My question, worse case scenario is 13,500 ok for a single guy in Krakow. I am english, so flights home are reasonably cheap. I've used this calculator to work out the net which is about 9.500 per month (calculla/salary_in_poland)

A little about my situation:

* I will be renting a small flat initially preferable Bronowice or somewhere similar, and then will buy a flat outright once I find the right area. So in reality after 6-12 months i'd have no mortgage of rent to pay

* I would like to run a small car as I'll be making weekend trips to Silesia
* I don't drink much
smurf 39 | 1,982
10 Nov 2015  #2
9.500 per month

Yea, you'll be good on that.
Consider that the minimum wage in Poland is around 2000zl per month.

Cars are pretty cheap in Poland and insurance is very cheap when you compare it to the UK.

You might find it hard to get a mortgage though, usually you'd need 3 years of clean credit history.....unless though you get your mortgage from home. With, though awkward as a pig reversing is doable.


Krakow is a great place.......except for the tourists and the insufferable smog that is. But, sure other than that it's cool. G'luck.
OP mcrpolak 6 | 36
10 Nov 2015  #3
Hi Smurf. Thanks for the wishes. I won't need a mortgage. I have savings and should be able to buy a place outright if my research about what flats cost in Bronowice/Krowodrza is correct.

Good to hear I will be ok, but I was surprised about your post. I thought the average salary in Poland is 3.5k per month, however obviously that's Poland as a whole so would be interested to know what it currently is in Krakow.
smurf 39 | 1,982
10 Nov 2015  #4
I won't need a mortgage

Fair enough so, well done :)

I thought the average salary in Poland is 3.5k per month

COuld be, but the minimun is around 2000zl.
Depend on the area, where I live the average is more like 4500.

Numbeo is a pretty good website for comparing different cities:

From my own experience, I came here 6 years ago and lived on around 2500zl a month, I didn't save feck all, but I was fine. That lasted about 2 years but since then it's the gravy :)

Hope you enjoy it........and don't forget; Winter is Coming :D
OP mcrpolak 6 | 36
10 Nov 2015  #5

Haha yeah moving to PL for winter probably isn't the smartest move. Will be a test of me for sure.
smurf 39 | 1,982
10 Nov 2015  #6
Ah sure look, you can go skiing pretty close to Krakow and you'll have an excuse to drink hot wine.......avoid hot beer though, that sh!t is sick :D

You'll have a lovely Xmas market there too.
I'm sure you'll love it....I've not met a foreigner yet that hasn't loved Krakow.
jon357 63 | 14,122
10 Nov 2015  #7
worse case scenario is 13,500

That's not bad at all. It depends a lot on how old you are and what your expectations are.

You should be fine on that salary. Many professionals in Poland don't end up making that, even towards the end of their careers.
Wulkan - | 3,251
10 Nov 2015  #8
about 9.500 per month

It's not bad for living in Poland.

I came here 6 years ago and lived on around 2500zl a month

I'd starve to death.
Jean0007 1 | 9
17 Apr 2018  #9

Is 8300 PLN per month ( the net salary) enough to live in Krakow, Poland?

I am a Chinese, now I have an opportunity to work in Krakow. The NET salary per month is 8300 PLN. The company will rent a small apartment for me, so I don't need to pay for the rent. I will work as a software Project Manager of IT. Could you please tell me the salary is OK or not? I'm looking forward to your replay. Thanks.
Atch 17 | 2,843
17 Apr 2018  #10
Yes, that's more than enough to live on. Just for your information though, if you were a Polish national you would be getting around double that amount as a software project manager. So be aware that they're getting your services very cheaply. Just see as it as a way to get European experience on your CV if you don't already have any. Then you can look at moving on to better paid work in other European countries in the future.
Ziemowit 12 | 3,474
17 Apr 2018  #11
I think I saw a reply to that post by Atch, but it has strangely gone away. She said that a Polish national could be paid twice as many for this kind of job.
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,034
17 Apr 2018  #12
Well I won't comment on if a Polish national would be being paid twice as much, because I don't know, but these questions about whether it is possible to live off x amount in Poland are hilarious.

8,300 per month and no rent to pay? Of course you can live off that in Krakow. The average wage in Poland is about 3,000 PLN per month as far as I know, and people on that wage have to live in Krakow too, and pay house costs, so yes, you are earning more than enough to be able to live a comfortable lifestyle.
Ziemowit 12 | 3,474
17 Apr 2018  #13
I'm sorry, the previous thread has been joined to another thread and this Chinese dude who is so badly scared that 8300 PLN won't be enough for him to live in Kraków has just opened up yet another thread in which Atch has't replied yet.
Jean0007 1 | 9
17 Apr 2018  #14
Firstly, Thanks for your reply.
I have never gone to foreign countries, so it's not strange to ask someone about this. If I don't know about the salary in Krakow, How can I ask for my salary?

I also searched Google for information about Krakow. For true information, I ask all of you in this forum for help. Wrong?

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