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Security/Defence Analyst/Consultancy work in Poland

Szenk88HTAFC 2 | 47
31 Dec 2014 #1
Evening all
This is just a case of putting tentative feelers out in regards to work in the above field.
I speak operational level Polish if that helps at all.
Any knowledge/advice gratefully received
No feedback at all?
DominicB - | 2,709
31 Dec 2014 #2
You gave us basically zero information about yourself and zero specifics about what you want to know, and are confused that nobody answered you?

As a generic answer, your best bet would be to get hired by a Western consulting firm in a Western country, and get transferred to Poland earning Western wages. Otherwise, there isn't much point. Better opportunities are abundant elsewhere. As for showing up in Poland and looking for a job after you arrive, forget about it. That is a recipe for disaster. Especially in the consulting field where, if you plan to stay independent, it takes years of hard, back-breaking work and eating ramen noodles to build up a reputation.

Poland is not at all a friendly job market for those who don't know exactly what they are doing. Do your research and make a specific and realistic plan that is not over-optimistic. Remember that anything is going to take twice as long and cost twice as much as you expect it to, and in Poland, I would double that again to be on the safe side.
OP Szenk88HTAFC 2 | 47
1 Jan 2015 #3
The information I gave was that I was enquiring about analyst/consultancy work in the defence/security field.

The reason that I'm not splashing all my personal details on an open forum is because of my own wish to maintain online security.

All I was looking for was whether or not anybody had any idea of the strength of the job market in those fields. Many thanks for your warm and friendly reply ;)
26 Apr 2018 #4

Polish Citizen Spouse - chances for a job in Poland

Is it easy to find a decent job for spouse of a Polish citizen (with permission to live and work in Poland)?

I don't speak Polish, and am not an engineer either. Although, I have specific skills in non-financial consulting business (Bain, strategy&, Mckinsey and BCG). I would have chosen South Korea (my country) over Poland but my spouse has to be with his single mother in Poland. What is scope for me in Poland?

Mi Sun
cms neuf - | 1,980
27 Apr 2018 #5
Well call those guys and ask them - without Polish it might be tough but start off with your existing contacts as you are obviously smart.

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