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Photography Jobs in Poland?

ColourBinge 1 | 1
23 Jan 2020 #1
Dzien Dobry Ladies & Gentlemen.
I might move to Poland soon, and i am looking for opportunities in Photography(Wedding, Events & Concerts)
I am learning the language, it will take a while i am at it.

1)What are the chances that i can freelance on the Karta Pobytu
2)Are their companies that hire photographers for music concerts or weddings or lifestyle?
3)What are some movies or series that have English Subtitles?

On the side note i also have experience working as a travel guide, quality checks of photographs for a photography company, guest engagement personnel in luxury hotels. This move to Poland will be from India, i had a lovely Christmas in Poland. Loved every bit of it, omg the Gołąbki they are my favourite
gumishu 11 | 5,993
23 Jan 2020 #2
1)What are the chances that i can freelance on the Karta Pobytu

as far as I know you have to be employed by someone to get a Karta Pobytu (residence card) if you are not a EU-citizen (or be a spouse of someone who is Polish or allowed residence in Poland

- some countries allow residence for investors bringing in money to the host country but a quick search in Polish didn't find any such method for Poland -

edit: one source actually quotes that residence can be granted to a person who wants to run business in Poland but it didn't state any details

found a webpage with a little more details but I'm too lazy to translate it right now:
OP ColourBinge 1 | 1
24 Jan 2020 #3
So my fiance is Polish, so i will undergoing the process to get a Karta Pobytu once we are married.

Well i am not sure about running a business, hence my question about photography related jobs or be an assistant to an established photographer.
terri 1 | 1,664
24 Jan 2020 #4
Two things: firstly, there are very few (almost none) photographers who need assistants or staff. The market is saturated. Secondly, if you are from an non-EU country, you will encounter prejudice. Some may say that you will be o.k. but the only way to see is to try to go on holiday and go to established photographers and see if they are interested in you. Carry your best work with you to impress them.
gumishu 11 | 5,993
24 Jan 2020 #5
once you get married to a Polish citizen you are allowed to work in Poland but immigration services would check if you both live together as far as I know ( they do it in order to fight sham marriages)

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