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Polonization of Britain - Tipping Point Confirmed in 2011 Census

alexnye 2 | 30
15 Jan 2013 #91
What an incredibly deluded, ignorant and misinformed view you have on the Polish tsunami in the UK.

let me guess.. you're Polish?
Or you're British with the good fortune to have and a few good Polish friends or have a Polish girlfriend?
Ironside 51 | 11,338
15 Jan 2013 #92

Stick to w@nking
kaz200972 2 | 229
15 Jan 2013 #93
It's pontless complaining about Polish immigration to Britain, unless the government does something to sort out unemployment amongst indigenous Britons, obviously people will come over from Poland to work. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the Poles and companies in Britain,what's the point of having a go at the Poles themselves?? Britain has a long history of immigration and as a society will cope perfectly well with Polish immigrants, or any others.

The Poles who arrived in Britain after the war proably did integrate more quickly but there were fewer in number and many married British women. When I was growing up in Birmingham my Dad had a couple of Polish friends (who taught me and one of my sisters Polish), the guys were well settled in the local area but still proud of their heritage. My only gripe with Polish immigrants is that SOME BUT ONLY SOME would be nasty if we had Black or Asian workers in the factory where I used to work.

These were not educated people and all ethnicities are guilty of ignorance at times. Maybe some Poles could try harder with the language but then as Brits we aren't saints either! As for sklepi well why not? some of the food is nice.

Everyone has their own opinion on The EU/Commonwealth/immigrant workers but at the end of the day it's the government which is the problem ! If the jobs are here now or in the future well who cares which people take them?

As for integration it will come eventually and if Poles are returning to Poland well it won't really matter!
RevokeNice 15 | 1,859
15 Jan 2013 #94
When will the indigenous people of these islands get a say in the matter?
Ironside 51 | 11,338
16 Jan 2013 #95
those who rule do not need rabble's opinions. Foreign rabble or indigenous rabble - same difference! Let them bash each other!
berni23 7 | 379
16 Jan 2013 #96
Your tourette is acting up again:
Ironside 51 | 11,338
16 Jan 2013 #97
berni - the stalker nah the internet stalker - duh !
let jump in my lowrider and lets rotate these tires

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