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Why are Polish people, especially women, so disrespectful toward the English?

Lyzko 32 | 7,865
8 Aug 2019 #241
Correct, as usual:-)
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,159
8 Aug 2019 #242
Truthful means the truth according to YOU, not necessarily everybody else.

That's self-evident, so why say it. There is no such thing as the truth anymore and I am entitled to mine. Why? Because a man with both balls, dick, and a prostate gland can now compete with the middle school girls.

Welcome to the world of the lying leftists to whom the "objective truth" is now hate speech.
14 Aug 2019 #243
When the Polish first turned up in the UK 2004, I had no quarrel with them, believing all the propaganda about them 'doing the jobs' the local chavs wouldn't do. We had a lovely Polish couple down our street whom the local wasters would bully and taunt, and which I defended. But your numbers multiplied rapidly, you became overconfident, and now we are aware of your true colours. You were given a chance at a 'new life' and threw it back in our faces. We will not forget, and I will personally never assist or socialise with any Pole living in this country ever again.

I'm fully aware of the UK Government's complicity in the Slavic invasion of this island, however, no-one forces the Poles who chose to come here to act and behave in the way that they do. If they'd have shown a few more manners and a little more respect towards the host population, possibly the Brexit vote may have not swayed the way it did. Now, Brexit is no silver bullet, most of us acknowledge this. But tell me, what is the alternative? Should we stay in the economically-doomed and wholly undemocratic dictatorship that is the EU? How many more millions of Central, Eastern and, Southern European peasants should this country accept due to Brussel's insistence on the inviolability of freedom of movement for anyone with an EU passport? In a country that has to import half of its food supply despite 56% of all land being of agricultural use, for us, there is no choice at all.

I'd be more concerned if she tried to sit on me, frankly. Though I'm not sure that the crime of being English in England is yet one that recieves corporal punishment, but if that were the case then it is only fitting a Polish immigrant administers such justice, because, you know, Churchill didn't send enough Commonwealth troops to die for Poland and all that, and now it's time for payback in the form of jobs\benefits\Polski Skelps\etc.
Miloslaw 12 | 3,384
14 Aug 2019 #244
I will personally never assist or socialise with any Pole living in this country ever again

I think that is an extreme reaction to tar all Poles with the same brush because of one experience you had at work.
I live in an area where there are many Poles and I still employ some and have employed loads.
Besides two bad eggs, all my Polish workers have been great, hard working and got on with the other races fine.
Just like any nationality, they are not all angels but in general I would always prefer to employ a Pole than a Brit.
Lyzko 32 | 7,865
14 Aug 2019 #245
And Rightists never lie, Rich??!

What are ya smokin' today, dude?
johnny reb 31 | 6,344
14 Aug 2019 #246
I would always prefer to employ a Pole than a Brit.

Oh hell yes, a Pole will listen when you explain how to do something while a Brit's superiority complex always thinks they know better.
Miloslaw 12 | 3,384
14 Aug 2019 #247
It's not that at all.
It's just that Poles work harder.
14 Aug 2019 #248
It was actually a Dutch company until 15 years ago, when it got bought out by an Icelandic group which promptly set about making redundancies of its local staff and began utilising agency workers. From that point onwards, the only way to get a foot in the door was via recruitment agencies, which were all staffed by EU women, and who naturally tried to get as many of their own people in as possible, of which there was no shortage. Any contracted roles that came up were only advertised internally, and logically the company chose to employ Poles for these positions due to the majority of the workforce now being of that origin.

If you hadn't guessed, I come from rural Lincolnshire, and this is policy I've seen repeated over and over again by employers in this area, though they switched to Baltic workers for some reason after 2008ish (I suppose Latvians\Lithuanians are better workers than Poles, there can be no other explanation.)

I never said that these were common Polski traits, merely describing the fine lady I was forced to work under. No doubt your implication was that she wasn't a true Pole, but she had a West Slavic surname and shouted 'kurwa' a lot, so that's good enough for me.

Hmm, are you sure I didn't actually mean Romans? I mean, they do sound a bit alike, don't they? (I wonder why...)

No-one in the West actually gives a **** over the diverse ethnic backgrounds of the people living in that part of Europe. They live in Romania, speak Romanian, and have Romanian passports. Thus, in the same way people today draw no distinctions between the Anglo-Saxons and later Scandinavian invaders, we not unreasonably term these people as 'Romanians.' And so do our crime statisticans: ;)

Now, living in an area which has seen high levels of EU migration, I can tell you that many of the 'Romanians' here were actually born in Moldova but are classed as EU citizens due to a legal loophole. I can also tell you that many of the 'Poles' here are in fact Ukrainians, and that the majority 'Latvians' are in fact ethnic Russians. But for simplicity's sake, we locals just prefer to describe you all collectively as 'a load of ******* foreigners.' :)

You're an employer, of course you won't say a bad word against them, and of course they're going to amiable when they're in your presence. I can promise you that the boot would be on the other foot if the roles were reversed. In fact, you wouldn't even be eligible to work there in the first place if you weren't Polish.

But perhaps my initial criticism was overly harsh, after all I HAVE met a small handful who were friendly and approachable--mostly older men and younger plain girls who did not bleach their hair or cake their faces with make-up. However, the other 90% make our homegrown chavs, lager louts, and spice heads seem sophisticated and cultured by comparison.
johnny reb 31 | 6,344
14 Aug 2019 #249
It's just that Poles work harder.

Could it be both by any chance my little friend ?
Lyzko 32 | 7,865
14 Aug 2019 #250
While Poles have rightly long prided themselves on their diligence, industry, and hard work, when it comes to actually GETTING the job at which one is able to excel, don't rule out a "friendly little lapowka" under the table, just to make certain:-)


Is the basic problem in your opinion that the Poles of whom you speak never bothered much to integrate linguistically?
That can indeed be a thorny issue, even here in the so-called "Melting Pot" America, where folks are getting bleedin' sick and tired of foreigners setting up shop, yet not knowing enough of the lingo to communicate effectively with native locals:-)

Germany continues to grow fed up with certain people from Syria as migrants to the Federal Republic, who in some instances have even insisted that Germans learn THEIR language rather than that the Syrians learn German.

Makes you think sometimes that the tail is wagging the dog, what?
Crow 152 | 9,784
14 Aug 2019 #251
English are small, like Bushman and Bantu people. No woman can love them.
14 Aug 2019 #252
Language is of course an issue, but the bigger issue is that they simply don't care a fig for this country at all and were always going to jump ship when they got a better offer back home or in another country. As well as this, Poles in the UK seem to have a some sort of inferiority complex going on which manifests itself into a kind of inverse snobbery against their English co-workers, as though Poles are 'above' such menial jobs but are held back by British discrimination.

The problem in the USA is that the Left there really has got 'native locals' by the balls, as America is unquestionably a nation of immigrants, and the English language only gained ascendancy due to its enforcement by English colonists. And then of course we have the whole African slave trade. So, morally speaking, you don't have a leg to stand on if you complain about newcomers not speaking the national language. Oh, I'm fully aware that the realities of nature do not recognise abstract, man-made values such as 'morality', 'equality', and 'diversity'; but these terms are firmly embedded in the lexicon of political life in the West and that is what we are dealing with.

What is happening in Germany and the rest of Western Europe is merely phase two of the open plan by globalists to turn the EU into a Socialist version of the USA, and another discussion entirely.
Lyzko 32 | 7,865
14 Aug 2019 #253
I agree with you to a large extent.

First of all, Mafketis is right when he posted that it isn't the Poles per se who are doing stuff who ought to be blamed, rather, the Government, allowing many groups into the UK, usually for the purposes of encouraging cheap labor and in the end, a "throw-away society" of low ballers underbidding native-born workers.

As an American living in the US, Trump is merely a reaction to years and years of failed liberal policies, allowed to go unchecked for way too long for comfort!

Germany, Sweden, Denmark only mirror the misplaced liberal tendencies in which this planet has become awash over the past thirty- five years or
so and counting.
Miloslaw 12 | 3,384
14 Aug 2019 #254
However, the other 90% make our homegrown chavs, lager louts, and spice heads seem sophisticated and cultured by comparison

That is utter b××××cks.
British chavs are the worst in Europe......very few Poles are at that level.
Lyzko 32 | 7,865
14 Aug 2019 #255
Seems a bit over the top to me as well. At worst, somewhat dodgy, wouldn't you say?
Miloslaw 12 | 3,384
14 Aug 2019 #256
This guy is probably just a far right racist troll, most Brits don't share his opinions.
kaprys 3 | 2,501
14 Aug 2019 #257
I don't know how I managed to have lived my life without bribing anyone.

As for the latest topic in the thread, I sense trolling or some sort a bad period in life when someone needs to find someone to blame for all the misfortunes happening to them. As much as I can believe it's quite possible that a supervisor or co-workers might have been nasty, I doubt Poles are to be blamed for everything. Also first days in a job might be difficult. Not to mention the fact that a regular Pole, even speaking English will rather say 'do it' rather than 'Could you possibly do it if you don't mind, please? How was your journey to work, sweetheart?'
Lyzko 32 | 7,865
14 Aug 2019 #258
Many Poles, it is true, along with other Europeans, find this typically Anglo-American "warming up in the bullpen" before simply coming out and saying something, most irritating, you're quite right about that!

As I've posted so many times prior, what comes across as "rudeness" is often merely cultural difference and usually nothing more:-)
A colleague of mine came to me in our faculty lounge during lunch time, complaining bitterly about a student of his who apparently does nothing but challenge the teacher, every single lesson. He turned to me and asked what he should do about it, to which I inquired as to the student's nationality. He replied "Israeli", but not Palestinian, to which I blithely retorted that Jews argue with everybody, their teachers, their cabinet leaders, their parents, even with G-d!LOL

He then too chalked the whole thing up to a classroom culture class, and so I presume everything will be just fine.
Miloslaw 12 | 3,384
14 Aug 2019 #259
When my extended family first came to England, some of my uncles got work on a building site, building houses to replace the ones destroyed in The London Blitz.

None of them could speak English very well so the bosses created 3 teams and put all The Poles in one team together.
After a few weeks it became abundantly clear that The Poles were building houses quicker than The Brits.
This was because they worked harder and faster and didn't take endless "Tea Breaks".
This but The Brit workers in a bad light.
So one day The Brits confronted The Poles and told them that they had to slow down.
As you can imagine, Poles don't like being told to do anything..... if they had asked, it may have been different.
Anyway, a fight broke out, and although The Poles were outnumbered, they beat the crap out of The Brits.
The Brits then had more respect for The Poles and a deal was done that The Poles would take some breaks and The Brits would take less breaks.

Productivity went up and everyone was happy, including the bosses.
Lyzko 32 | 7,865
14 Aug 2019 #260
The first Polish primer I ever used to learn Polish before formal instruction was called "Pracowita Matka", an early Communist Era text from around the mid-'60's. Quaint, perhaps even silly-looking now, it stressed in the beginning chapters the emphasis on diligence and nose to the grindstone.


"....classroom culture clasH..."
Vesko Vukovic 1 | 155
15 Aug 2019 #261

At the same time, the EU is precisely the mechanism that allows free trade to spread with as few side effects as possible. Implementation of uniform, mainly Western, standards in all countries (Poland and Romania must meet standards on employee rights, environmental protection, etc., which China or Bangladesh do not have to). Structural assistance to poorer countries to reach the level of the richer over time. Fully opening the markets of these poorer countries (which is not the case, for example, with China, India) to the western richer ones. Finally, free movement alone makes the Eastern European workforce more expensive - when large numbers of workers go West and the economy grows, wages go up locally.

But now that under Blair alone, Britain decided not to apply a 7-year restriction on the free movement of people from the new member states in 2004, that was just her problem and her sovereign decision, no one was forcing her.
15 Aug 2019 #262
'Poles work harder.' The ironic thing is that there are doubtless employers saying the same thing about their new Ukrainian workforce. Of course, what you and they should really be saying is 'more profitable.' I was rebuked for making sweeping judgements, now you are doing the same. Tell me, whom would be more suited to a manual job--an obese 55 year-old Polish babushka or an early 30s English ex-squaddie? Because I am that ex-squaddie, yet I'm the one struggling to gain any form of employment whilst the Polish whale would simply walk into a job on the basis of her nationality.

I don't doubt your building site anecdote is true, but I have plenty of my own. A few years back, I took a dead-end job in a meat packing factory. The nastiest, back-break jobs--and I'm not talking about 'back-breaking' like some people think light fruit picking is--were all done by middle-aged English men. Why? They simply didn't have a choice. It was either that or starve, or at least be made destitute. The EU workers on the other hand couldn't care less, they had no qualms about not turning up at weekends and getting drunk\stoned instead, walking out of jobs because they didn't like the work, or spending half the day in the smoking shelter. Why? They had more options. If they didn't like the job, they could go to the agency (completely controlled by their own people of course) and request a transfer to another department or factory. Or they could go to another agency, go to another town or city in the UK, or even just **** off back home if they felt like it because they had nothing to lose.

A few years back, my brother found his first job following some period of unemployment after finishing school. This was at the glorious Amazon emporium at Peterborough. On his first day of 'training', he was outperforming the majority of contracted EU staff who had been there for years. He was offered a contracted role after the seasonal period had ended, but had to decline due to lack of transport (he was picked up by the agency coach.)

I later worked in warehouse on the backshift. There was me, another English lad, and a Latvian running around for 12 hours a day, 7 days straight, with the 3 of us performing what was supposed to be an 8 person job. Why were we short-staffed? Well, the Lithuanian\Russian day shift team was simply not turning up, or would turn up and sit in the canteen all day long. And then we had a person on our shift (Russian) who was on long-term sick. You see, we had severe discipline problems due to our supervisor (English) walking out and finding alternative employment.

So, my point in all these anecdotes? It's all a question of motivation. In the case of my brother, he was so pleased to finally have some money of his own that he was keen to make a good impression. If he'd have been working there for a decade, knew his job was secure, would he still be so enthusiastic and hard-working, or would the novelty of such work have worn off by then? I couldn't say.

I have seen everything with my own two eyes, living as I do in a small town which has population of something like 20K EU workers. There were not thousands of jobs waiting here, that I can assure you. And these jobs certainly haven't been created, given that many large employers have been closed shop in the past 15 years. No, the English workforce got undercut and turfed out by various waves of EU migrants. The Portuguese were first--a people not especially noted as 'hard workers'--but they still replaced the English due to their cheapness, flexibility, and cohesiveness. Then the Poles came and replaced the Portuguese. Then the Balts came, and whilst they did take over some Polski workplaces, generally they work alongside Poles without too much bother due to the fact that most Poles (here at least) can speak the lingua franca that is Russian. Now, however, the new Romanian and Bulgarian migrants are poised to replace the Poles\Balts. Yes, I went into a recruitment agency recently and saw the Lithuanian and Polish receptionists blowing red and fuming as THEIR office was full of swarthy Romanians and Bulgarians, whom they were desperately trying to keep out. But the agency is owned by an Englishman who decided to switch focus on where he sourced his staff from after the Brexit vote, and it looks like these girls' jobs are numbered in a couple of years.

Unless, of course, you happen to believe that Romanians and Bulgarians are harder workers than Poles and Balts? ;)
Lyzko 32 | 7,865
15 Aug 2019 #263
Inquiring minds want to know the origin of such xenophobia, the trigger which sets off such hostility. Without understanding the cause, there can be no cure.
16 Aug 2019 #264
@Vesko Vukovic
Blah blah blah... good old 'redistribution of wealth', basically. Except that if things had actually gone to plan and Brexit hadn't thrown a spanner in the works, Eastern and Central European workers in the UK would be forced to stay here since all their former jobs back home were due to be taken by Merkel's new EU citizens.

You think your people would never allow it? Well, we thought the same here in the UK 60-70 odd years ago. Now ask yourself a question: if Poles are cutting cabbages in the UK, who is presently cutting cabbages in Poland? Because that's exactly how the immigration disaster started in the UK, as ferryloads of Commonwealth workers were shipped in after WWII to makeup the workforce shortage and to do the jobs British people 'didn't want to do.'

Oh, and you should know better that to utter the highly-offensive curse word that is 'Blair' to a Brit.

My alleged xenophobia isn't hard to understand, really, at least of all not to Poles--you know, the same people who had 1M-odd of their countryfolk marching a few years back in protest against immigration in THEIR precious country. Oh but I forgot, it's different when Poles come to the UK, isn't it? The difference being that they don't actually give a **** about my country and they should be allowed to come and go here as they please whenever their bank balance needs a top-up. Brits living in Spain feel the same way of course, that it's somehow a different situation compared to the migrants arriving to the UK (though it true that Brits living in EU states generally aren't creating unfair competition for the native working class.) Still, to the Spanish, they are a load of arrogant, ignorant foreigners like anyone else non-Spanish.

Really, it is just better for all concerned if most people continued to stay living in their country of birth, and amongst their own kind.
18 Sep 2019 #265
Yes over 95% of Polish who moved to the U.K within the past 5 years are rude and stuck up horrible people. I've met a few who are nice but they seem to have been in the U.K longer and or tend to mix less with Polish than the rude ones do. I find most of them to be chavy types who are from lower class backgrounds.

I agree I think it is better if cultures and nationalities stayed separate. The only people it helps are the big corporations, politicians and the mentally ill and stinky tree huggers who hate their own race, skin colour and people anyway.

Yes over 95% of Polish who moved to the U.K within the past 5 years are rude and stuck up horrible people. I've met a few who are nice but they seem to have been in the U.K longer and or tend to mix less with Polish than the rude ones do. I find most of them to be chavy types who are from lower class backgrounds.
pawian 181 | 16,861
18 Sep 2019 #266
First of all, stop stuttering.

I find most of them to be chavy types who are from lower class backgrounds.

Exactly. I like this situation a lot - all loser scum who had used to occupy benches in housing estates or parks, especially so called blockers, seem to have emigrated to the UK. Thanks to it, Polish streets have been cleaned off many moronic savages. Life in Poland has become better.

Thank you, UK. Keep up good work.
kaprys 3 | 2,501
18 Sep 2019 #267
I wonder if it'd be better if sent chavy types from higher social classes.
pawian 181 | 16,861
18 Sep 2019 #268
When we leave the eu the chav scum will return to your failing country

Not so fast, darling. It is obvious you know nothing about the arrangements between governments. Read more about it. :):)
pawian 181 | 16,861
18 Sep 2019 #269
I wonder if it'd be better if sent chavy types from higher social classes.


E.g., him:

Rich Mazur 4 | 3,159
19 Sep 2019 #270
Yes over 95% of Polish who moved to the U.K within the past 5 years are rude and stuck up horrible people.

It's so because these scumbags moved to the UK to exploit it, not make the UK their new home. Get rid of them asap.

Thanks to it, Polish streets have been cleaned off many moronic savages.

And that is why the Brits should do everything in their power to kick those scumbags out. By force and intimidation if necessary.

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