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Why Polish girls working in UK as escort more than other Eastern European girls

Englishman 2 | 278
22 Jan 2015 #31
While I don't necessarily agree with the OP, i must admit that i found your speech to be quite theatrical.

There's a world of difference between girls having sex with men for enjoyment and prostitution. I'm not in favour of old-fashioned moral standards that expect women to stay pure until they marry (especially if the same doesn't apply to men), but I do think there's something abusive about men using prostitutes.

OK, technically women choose to go into that line of business, in most cases (some are trafficked, do it to pay down family debts or are bullied into it), but even when it's their choice, it's mostly because they feel they have to, not because they enjoy it.

So to clarify, I'm not blaming women who become escorts, but the men who use them. Sleazy, disrespectful and uncaring.
22 Jan 2015 #32
So as a man, you're speaking for women?

People = women
People = men

Are we supposed to believe only men have sex for physical pleasure? Are we to believe only women have sex with people they aren't really attracted to for messed up psychological reasons?

Some women and men will **** anything and if they get paid, all the better. Deal with it.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,872
22 Jan 2015 #33
yes paserby but a lot of women are forced into the sex trade, even trafficked into the country and held captive.
Can you 'deal with that'?
23 Jan 2015 #34
I made no statements arguing that fact rozumiemnic. True, I didn't make reference to that sad fact and express dismay and sorrow, not mentioning it is not tacit approval nor is it endorsement. I simply focused on the fact that some women actually choose that lifestyle for their own reasons and that's a fact. We don't have to like it but it doesn't depend on us.
samipl 2 | 20
25 Oct 2015 #35
simple they all do because of money because in poland average monthly income 1500-2500 zlothy and in Uk any escort can earn in one night same money.......

2nd I know many polish families living in Poland but getting benefits from UK government....
3nd great britin living standerd is very high than as compate to poles.....
13 May 2017 #36

Sadly, Generally one way or another most or All greedy Polish who come to UK, the females are common prostitutes period and most to majority polish males like to get drunk and be a nuisance to the society specially to the A&E ward... And 'no, I'm not a Pakistani or Indian, I'm English and an supporter of Britexist
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,872
13 May 2017 #37
well that's funny, because the Polish women that I know work as...let me see...

Manager of care home
Homelessness Officer
Bank Clerk
Owner of Polski Sklep
Care worker

Maybe its just you and the kind of people you attract?
cms 9 | 1,255
13 May 2017 #38
Really ? I thought it was a myth that most Brexit voters were uneducated bigots.

Let me guess - unlucky in love with a Polish girl ?
Crow 160 | 10,257
13 May 2017 #39
Well, with that many Poles in Britain, Polish girls there are like on a silver plate. Poles should be careful to protect them. After all, Arab or English, Islam with its violent Alah or Protestantism that don`t recognize Mother of God, its now all the same.
jon357 71 | 20,799
14 May 2017 #40
common prostitutes

Very few. Most do normal jobs. That phrase is no longer used, by the way. It no longer has the legal meaning it once did.

Polish girls working in UK as escort more than other Eastern European girls

Largest population by far in the post-2004 EU states.
Ironside 51 | 11,337
14 May 2017 #41
to majority polish males like to get drunk and be a nuisance to the society specially to the A&E ward..

Really? Polish? You forgot that in the age of the Internet literate user can find a relevant info in no time at all. I wonder would you dare to came back here and repeat it? Especially if you are an English male in his 20'.

As to Polish women - I~ guess due to the high percentage of pretty girls.
Bristols - | 13
15 May 2017 #42
I freakin love hookers wen they are pollacks and do me a cream pie or wipped creme and hot fudge
Marsupial - | 886
15 May 2017 #43
I agree after 3 pommie dead fish girlfriends with vd anything is better.
kaz200972 2 | 229
15 May 2017 #44

I'm British, pro Brexit and pro controlled immigration. I know very many Polish women. Can I just give a shout out for hard working Polish female carers, nurses, factory workers, retail assistants, teaching assistants, dentists, doctors, cleaners and a librarian. In an area that has literally thousands of Poles I know of only one who is involved in prostitution and that's only because she has addictions! I know of British women who subsidise their addictions by prostitution too.
Yes I know Polish men who drink too much (IMO) but I know plenty of Brits who do too!
Marsupial - | 886
16 May 2017 #45
That's because it happens in all societies. Hence my sarcastic answer before.
GlamourUK - | 13
21 Dec 2020 #46
There`s a Polish Instagram "blogger" with 202k followers covering the area of East Midlands in UK with escort service, she even has a child and a guy. She is such a hypocrite with her posts on IG, decieving Polish girls, while on the other hand she would ruin their marriages of relationships for a certain amount od money for an hour of what she advertises and sells, having multiple ads and different names on escort pages.
Ironside 51 | 11,337
21 Dec 2020 #47
There`s a

Report her..
GlamourUK - | 13
21 Dec 2020 #48

Know a person who was with her couple of months ago in Lincolnshire.
She has ads on various pages, such as vivastreet, as Sonya, Masha, Vika, Victoria, Jas, Jasmine, Katterina, Linda, Julia, Lily, Karina... everything under the same mobile number.

Find her on this list of beauty instagram influencers in Poland 2020.

If she ever says her photos were stolen, know it`s a lie, because then she would be advertised all over the world, not just East Midlands UK, were she does what she does, while pretending to be a person of high moral on Instagram for girls to admire her.
Novichok 4 | 7,683
21 Dec 2020 #49
the area of East Midlands in UK with escort service

Are they armed? I would hire a licensed security co. rather than some foreign girls to keep me safe.
GlamourUK - | 13
21 Dec 2020 #50
This one is armed with/by her husband, you could ask him details, it`s a family business, everything can be arranged for money in UK and followers in Poland.
Novichok 4 | 7,683
21 Dec 2020 #51
This one is armed with/by her husband

I was referring to the clients' security, not the "girls". If the husband is my security, why do I need her?

I think I got it...My bad. What confused me was that "escort". If the guy needs a blow job, he needs a prostitute, not an "escort".
GlamourUK - | 13
21 Dec 2020 #52
I can`t tell who is more ridiculous in her last post on IG, she or her followers, discussing a woman`s right to post photos in underwear... And she should update her escort ads to "MILF", cause not all men want to .... a mother. Deceiver.
pawian 200 | 21,499
21 Dec 2020 #53
cause not all men want to .... a mother.

Don`t you appreciate experience??? Too bad.
GlamourUK - | 13
22 Dec 2020 #54
It`s not about Paula`s experience, but dishonesty. She has impressive experience in what she sells, indeed, 4 years for sure, maybe longer.
pawian 200 | 21,499
22 Dec 2020 #55
No, I asked you why you don`t appreciate experience in MILF escorts who are provided to you.
GlamourUK - | 13
22 Dec 2020 #56
That`s a personal preference, maybe she`s ashamed to advertise as milf, that she is.
pawian 200 | 21,499
22 Dec 2020 #57
That`s a personal preference,

But give milfs a chance too. They will appreciate it greatly.
GlamourUK - | 13
22 Dec 2020 #58
Hahaha, OK, I`ll remember it for our Paula, and buy a toy for the little one.
cms neuf - | 2,074
22 Dec 2020 #59
What a spiteful way to spend your time - slandering and spreading rumors.

If you have a problem with this lady talk to her face to face
Strzelec35 36 | 1,099
22 Dec 2020 #60
" I freakin love hookers wen they are pollacks and do me a cream pie or wipped creme and hot fudge"

yea dirk pollack with gold chains who acts like a menel from low class chicago polonia on same level as mezican american cholos doesnt get it. id rather be a chomo even than him no one cares about chomo or puts them in some class or group outside usa and british spewking countries on the other hand being a pollack everywhere is an embarassment and being ukrianian or jewish in poland is much worse than being any sort of a non practicing chomo or ex chomo or someone who refined their tastes over the yrs to a retard pollack who hasnt refined their tastes from their retwrd pollonia pollack culture like him and is an embarassment to the white race.

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