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Visiting "naklo nad notecia" in Poland

marek1024 2 | 12
7 Jan 2010 #1
anyone been or living in naklo nad notecia? im curious about the environment there. would appreciate some photos too...

thanks :)
Sildar - | 34
7 Jan 2010 #2ło_nad_Notecią

Nakło nad Notecią [ˈnakwɔ ˌnad nɔˈtɛt​͡ɕɔ̃] (German: Nakel) is a town in northern Poland on the river Noteć (German: Netze) with 23,687 inhabitants (2007). It is situated in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship (since 1999), and was previously in Bydgoszcz Voivodeship (1975-1998). It is the seat of Nakło County, and also of the smaller administrative district called Gmina Nakło nad Notecią.
OP marek1024 2 | 12
8 Jan 2010 #3
thanks Sildar. Do you have any photos of naklo nad notecia community? im quite curious how it looks like. thanks in advance
8 Jan 2010 #4
hehe, I live(d) in Naklo nad Notecia!
nice town, excellent kebabs (especially in 'Spedycja' bar, near PKP /train station/). It has got nice Museum, and its Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace is really good (I've been a student there, it's really nice). About photos?.... well... it's not a really good looking town- a lot of old buildings (but not ancient, just from between Wars), high unemployment... Only Noteć is nice (but not on the summer)- it have to be seen on april/may/early june. "Hafen" (local name of starorzecze /sorry, i've no idea how to translate it into english- in german it's Altwasser/) is pretty- but only on spring (because on summer, Notec and Haffen are covered by algae). Few kilometers (3-4) from Naklo (down the river, counting from bridge near szaberplac) are sort of floodgates- which are really nice. Basically, Naklo is located between end of Kanał Bydgoski (Bydgoszcz's Channel)- which ends on, as far i remember, on Śluza nr 8 (floodgate no 8) and floodgate 9.

Ah, I'd forgot to mention- it has got decent Pizzernia ("Pod Lipami"). You can travel to Bydgoszcz and Piła by train (or bus). Also, you can travel to smaller towns and villages (like Olszewka, Potulice etc) by 'nyska'.

PS, you can always visit (and probably contact someone) w w w. naklo . pl (sorry for address like that, but anti-spamming policiec blocked this addres)

ah, and you can always try the local beer- Kujawiak. it's decent (not the best, but also not the worst)
cinek 2 | 345
8 Jan 2010 #5
local beer- Kujawiak

No! The local beer is Krajan. Kujawiak is from Bydgoszcz.
I was born in Nakło and lived there for 25 years. Not very many 'must see' things there. It's just a quiet north west Poland town with big unemployment.

See photos in panoramio:

8 Jan 2010 #6
well... you are right. but now, today (as far i know), there is no more 'local' beer than Kujawiak.
and about rest of your comment- right, nothing more to see (beside Notec, whic is quite nice /if you like things like that/- but the part of Notec before it's joining Kanał (it's still quite 'wild').
cinek 2 | 345
8 Jan 2010 #7
here is no more 'local' beer than Kujawiak

Why not? Krajan is still being brewed there and you can buy it in every pub there (I drank it last month in Spedycja).

8 Jan 2010 #8
ok, I wrote it not clearly enought: i meant: 'there is (afaik) no local beer (= created in Naklo, not in Bydgoszcz)'. of course, Kujawiak is still produced (but i'm not a patriot, i prefer Zubr :))- and it can be called 'local'- because it's, made in Kujawy (though not in Naklo).
OP marek1024 2 | 12
9 Jan 2010 #9
thanks guys i think i am still interested to see that place hehehe. thanks for the information and photos too.
pawian 178 | 15,563
4 Apr 2020 #10
It's just a quiet north west Poland town with big unemployment.

In 2019 - about 11% in Nakło, while 3% in nearby Bydgoszcz and 5% in all Poland.

Now it is all going to change again. But it has been so promising so far. Shyt!

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