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Pot in Poland for tourists

23 Jun 2018 #121
Hey can u help me im in krakow right nog i suffer from epilepsy and need weed very fast!
Joker 4 | 2,590
23 Jun 2018 #122
Co2 extraction is the way to go! Its clean, smooth and No carcinogens. Check out the new vape pens, they have many flavors as well:)

Brass knuckles is the best!

The GG plants grow huge down there (ten to twelve feet high) and produce over a pound off each plant.

I have a friend (grower) in Oregon. His plants reach over 20' tall

Pretty soon it will be legal in Illinois:)

The cops couldn't care less anyway and cant tell the difference between the kind vape pens or the nasty tobacco pens.

You heard right.

You are now JOHNNY RASTA! Hahaha

johnny reb 40 | 7,852
23 Jun 2018 #123
I only have a pull occasionally for my arthritis.
I am to old and my lungs just can't take the abuse anymore.
My favorite is the "Grease Monkey" because you only need one toke.
That strain works best for me and is most most flavorful. (GG X Cookies and Cream)
It tests out to be 32%.
The Cookies and Cream (Sativa) takes that harshness out of the GG (Indica), so my nephew says that grows the stuff legally.
I'd love to have Roz take it for a test drive.
Check it out.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
3 Jan 2019 #124
Co2 extraction

Are you talking about dab/wax? I heard that stuff gets to 90-99%. I've only tried it once was a bit overpowering and came on super fast.

Pretty soon it will be legal in Illinois:)

Yup that seems to be pritzkers plan to raise $$$. They don't even know what to tax anymore. Now they're talking about taxing commuters for how many miles they drive.
MoOli 9 | 480
3 Jan 2019 #125
What is going on with CBD and KRATOM?One of my tenants opened a store here in NJ as tea spot and is selling KRATOM legally and he is busy like hell/LOL I regret the rent I locked him for.
Joker 4 | 2,590
4 Jan 2019 #126
One of my tenants opened a store here in NJ as tea spot and is selling KRATOM legally and he is b

I haven't heard of this crap yet, but its probably like that synthetic K2 garbage that the Chinese are bootlegging as cartridge oil for vape pens.

Do used this stuff, its full of pesticides and NOT form the dispensary.

Look, you can buy everything online. Most of this is made is someones basement unless you physically go to the dispensary don't buy off the street anymore!

Chinese A-Holes rip- off everything!
MoOli 9 | 480
4 Jan 2019 #127
Kratom & CBD stores are poping up like wildfire in some states just like the vape stores.I saw another store opened up like that and are crowded like hell.My tenant told me he has been making over 50k a month and I can imagine that by looking at the crowds in those stores.Kratom leaf is imported from Indonesia and is illegal there but in USA its legal in most states.Her is something about it

K2 crap sold good in early 2000s until they banned it here in NJ.I saw couple stores in Warsaw also but they shut down.I was in business then and made good money of it.cost 2/3$ sold for 25to 35 $.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
4 Jan 2019 #128
I know a lot about kratom I use to drink it quite often years back when I lived near a kratom bar. Kratom is a life saver for many people and many people have been able to get off of hard drugs like meth, heroin, benzos, etc using it. It doesn't really get you high but it does relax you. It comes from the coffee family and is totally natural. I guarantee those deaths they claim were caused by kratom are in fact a concoction of numerous other substances. Kratom is like weed - you can't overdose on it it's damn near impossible. The reason why your tenant is making that much loot off kratom is because of N.J. is like heroin central in the US and I guarantee a big chunk of those customers are former/current users.

The 'spice' and bath salt crap in Poland has been illegal for a while. Far too many kids winding up in the hospital freaking out. Scary stuff man. I'm glad they banned that ****. No reason to bring in dangerous synthetics from China when there's plenty of good herb to go around now and even things like kratom, kava, etc. I didn't know though that kratom is illegal in Poland that's too bad. I know there's a lot of people who could benefit from its use and it's far safer than many other drugs and pharmaceuticals. CBD is becoming popular in Poland now though. Hell even my grandpa uses it now.
Warsaw Tourist
16 Feb 2019 #129
I drive across town to come here. Greenie is amazing, the customer service is really top notch and very personalized. I feel like family when I buy, and he really knows his products and I really get a sense that they care about my well-being. I had a surgery this year and they went out of the way to be accomodating and sympathetic to the painful process before and after. I refer everyone I know here. Buy from Greenie ( )
johnny reb 40 | 7,852
16 Feb 2019 #131
He IS the Polish Police
Only a naïve kid would fall for such a trick by the police.
He comes here about once a month.
Just go look back through this thread and see for yourself.
He is trying to entrap the youth of Poland and tourists into a State manufactured crime.
I hope no one is so stupid to fall for this B.S. cop fishing scam.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,016
16 Feb 2019 #132
Great! That's what police should do! Frame drug dealers and addicts. Lock them up and isolate from society.

I will report this thread and the website to Polish police though. They should know ips' of drug dealers advertising here and the owners of this website that allow to drug dealers to advertise.
johnny reb 40 | 7,852
16 Feb 2019 #133
Frame drug dealers

In this case they are the drug dealer.
And do you think they will admit that the ip: is theirs.
It is nothing less then "entrapment" to make an arrest on a State manufactured crime.
Why would you want someone that smokes a little herb be taken out of society.
If that was the case there would be no society.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
16 Feb 2019 #134
"State" should go beyond entrapment. After a public announcement is made, the state should contaminate illegal drugs to cause painful and quick death . After a dozen deaths, there would be no takers other that those who would want to commit suicide. Problem solved.
Shitonya Brits
16 Feb 2019 #135
The "state" should kill its citizens huh? Yeah, that makes sense.

The politicians pass laws to give reasons for people to vote for them. The laws and taxes create jobs for the police who need criminals to arrest to keep their own jobs going.

It's a food chain Richie, get a clue.
johnny reb 40 | 7,852
16 Feb 2019 #136
the state should contaminate illegal drugs

Then they should contaminate alcohol too OR legalize ganja for the folks that prefer to be happy instead of ornery.
Besides Rich the U.S. Government already tried contaminating ganja back in the day with paraquat.
I remember well how that backfired on them big time.
Google it if it was before your time.
Any more of your bright ideas.......I'm afraid I will regret asking that. lol
cms neuf - | 2,113
16 Feb 2019 #137
Not A big stretch of the imagination for you - you come from a country that contaminates tea and perfume to kill people you don't like
pawian 202 | 21,196
21 Mar 2020 #138
It's quite a hot topic here at the moment. Very illegal, but prominent politicians support legalisation.

It is still illegal, and I haven`t heard of any recent demands to legalise it. Everybody has adapted to the situation. Good.
jon357 72 | 21,334
22 Mar 2020 #139
It is still illegal,

Yep, still illegal. Although there are plenty of shops here selling seeds "for collectors"...
pawian 202 | 21,196
23 Mar 2020 #140
Yes, but the way from a seed to a fully grown plant is long and uncertain. :)
jon357 72 | 21,334
23 Mar 2020 #141
A long and winding road.

The CBD shops also sell very mild cannabis, so mild it's legal. You do feel some effects from it, mostly relaxation and a relief for aches and pains.
johnny reb 40 | 7,852
23 Mar 2020 #142
A long and winding road.

Not if grown indoors under high pressure sodium lights.
Usually 12 weeks from start to finish unless you have auto bloom seeds or clones which is about 8 weeks from start to finish.

and uncertain

That is why most growers use clones from a kick ass plant which makes it certain to grow the exact same kick ass weed.
There is plenty on the internet on how to grow weed if you have the time to waste.
pawian 202 | 21,196
23 Mar 2020 #143
Actually, this one topic - drugs - has never interested me too much. I don`t know why. I only read books about drug-addicts. One of the best:We, children from Zoo Station. Excellent read. I read it at uni and again a few times later on.
Joker 4 | 2,590
23 Mar 2020 #144
Yes, but the way from a seed to a fully grown plant is long and uncertain. :

I used to buy feminized seeds from an Amsterdam website back in the day, "stealth delivery" was just a few extra bucks. They have scientists creating new strains all the time, must be 100`s by now. Feminized seeds are guaranteed to be 98% effective, always the bomb:)

Not if grown indoors under high pressure sodium lights.

use metal halide during the vegetation cycle then switch to high pressure sodium to simulate the equinox and begin the flowering cycle.

y on the internet on how to grow weed if you have the time to waste.

I know a guy in Oregon that earns 200K a year just going weed. Hes going to quit and start growing Hemp for the government , said he`ll make even more $

Too bad its legal in Illinois, Michigan and North Carolina now, takes all the fun out of it
johnny reb 40 | 7,852
24 Mar 2020 #145
use metal halide during the vegetation cycle

I didn't want to get technical Joker but you are correct.
The HORTILUX Daylight Blue Metal Halide is by far the world's most powerful grow light.
This grow lamp produces plants with extremely tight internodal spacing for nice compact, bushy plants.
They are a little pricey but well worth it.
Then after six weeks of running them for 18 hours switch over to the high pressure sodium to 12 hours to finish them.
The high pressure sodium grow lights provide the warm spectrum (reddish and orangish end of the light spectrum).
This spectrum helps make big sticky buds.
A lot of people use HPS from start to finish because they cost less to buy, cost less to run and don't run as hot as a MH.

Since weed has become legal to use and grow in Michigan people (21 to 81 years old) are becoming a little sketchy in reeking like it when they go out in public.

They use to cover the smell with cologne buy now no one cares.
Making it legal to grow sure knocked the hell out of all the illegal money that was being sent back to Mexico for it.
Now it is a Billion dollar industry creating a huge tax base with all the Billions staying in the U.S. instead of going back to Mexico tax free.

That's what I hear anyway.
Poland should cash do the same thing to make money on it in taxes instead of spending money on it trying to enforce a frivolous law that nobody abides by.
jon357 72 | 21,334
24 Mar 2020 #146
Very much so.

Grow lights are a bad idea in places where it's illegal. High electricity use, heat signature and smell are all factors that lead to people being arrested. Fortunately in Poland, a lot of people have land that isn't overlooked.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
24 Mar 2020 #147

Yeah thats what i use 4x 400 watt metal halides. But regular home depot one i think sylvania brand or some ****.

@johnny reb
Legalization is a loooong way off in poland. Personally i hope it doesnt become legal because its going to create the same situation as here where its hard to find a buyer at 3k a pound. Youre better off cooking meth or homebake heroin in poland. Bigger market, more profit, way easier and the penalties are basically same.

Penalties for simple possession are pretty severe. If you get caught with even a few ounces youre doing minimim 6 months if not a few years. Its hard to say though like with any case it depends on the judge and prosecutor, local politics, caseload, evidence, lawyer, how much cash you have, etc. A decent size grow op youre looking at 3 years minimum maybe even up to 5-7. By comparison theres people doing 5-20 for murder.
jon357 72 | 21,334
24 Mar 2020 #148
It's usually nicer when grown outside in someone's field. In any case, lockdowns aside, Berlin is 6 hours from Warsaw by train and Amsterdam 12. Longer by car, however plenty of people do drive there and back.
pawian 202 | 21,196
24 Mar 2020 #149
It's usually nicer when grown outside in someone's field

That`s cheeky. Some cheap bastard growing weed in my corn? No fekking way! hahaha
jon357 72 | 21,334
24 Mar 2020 #150
weed in my corn

There are children in your corn!!!

Seriously, it helps a lot if it's grown at the right altitude.

So much of the stuff grown under lights in attics is bred to be as strong as possible. Fun if you're a 19 year old pushing boundaries, yet too strong if you're an adult who just wants to enjoy it...

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