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Pot in Poland for tourists

rozumiemnic 8 | 3,872
22 Jul 2017 #61
not exactly legal as such. but (from wiki) " Cannabis in the Czech Republic is illegal for recreational use, but personal possession has been decriminalized since 1 January 2010 and medical cannabis has been legal since 1 April 2013 "

The stuff I had was fantastic, medical grade, and you could choose strains from Leafly, like a menu in Amsterdam. I was seriously impressed.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,016
22 Jul 2017 #62
I found some fantastic weed from a professional dealer through a fb group. IN Czech mind, not Poland.

So you're a narkomanka.... explains a lot!
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,872
22 Jul 2017 #63
so what, you sound like an angry alki tbh., at least I dont drink.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,016
22 Jul 2017 #64
I don't drink either and never said i do. You're a junkie which explains a lot. At least you can admit that. Ever thought of going to rehab?
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,016
22 Jul 2017 #66
tools believe in some imaginary division and grades among narcotics lol
jon357 72 | 21,334
22 Jul 2017 #67

I wonder why you think pot is a narcotic, especially when it doesn't have any narcotic effect. It's a very different plant.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,016
22 Jul 2017 #68
Only drug abuser could come out with crap like this lolo
jon357 72 | 21,334
22 Jul 2017 #69


Looks like someone's smoking jimson-weed
jon357 72 | 21,334
22 Jul 2017 #71
So why comment on the thread. The OP is asking for information, not your opinion.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
22 Jul 2017 #72
What's wrong with marijuana? Its less far harmful than alcohol. When's the last time you've heard of someone having serious health problems because they smoke weed? When's the last time someone had to call an ambulance because they smoked too much? When's the last time someone got into a fist fight or assaulted a girl because they were super stoned?

Worst thing that happens if you smoke too much is you'll be super lazy, tired, and fall asleep.

Also no one goes to rehab for weed... You don't develop a physical dependence to marijuana or even much of a mental one unlike hard drugs I.e cocaine meth, mdma, amphetamines etc. The worst thing that will happen if your a regular smoker and quit all of a sudden is you may be a bit more anxious than usual for a few days.

There are several geoups in Czech like heady tours which will hook you up with some good nug and take you on tours aroud Prague. Im sure there's other ones in smaller cities though too. Its great for first time visitors.

I have to say that Prague is by far my favorite European city that I've visited thus far. Its so pretty very clean the people are super friendly the girls are drop dead gorgeous and not stuck up or scammers like in the square in poland.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,016
22 Jul 2017 #73
So why comment on the thread. The OP is asking for information, not your opinion.

Why do you comment in every topic giving your leftist opinions nobody asks for?

Its less far harmful than alcohol.

Says who? You?

Worst thing that happens if you smoke too much is ... fall asleep.

While behind a wheel

Also no one goes to rehab for weed..


I have to say that Prague is by far my favorite European city that I've visited thus far.

Nobody cares


Capital P
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
22 Jul 2017 #74

Eh not exactly. Marijuana does have pain relieving attributes. But yes its nothing like the opium poppy and all its legal and illegal derivatives - codeine, morphine, opium, heroln, etc.

Many cancer patients and very sick people prefer marijuana over opiates (which are narcotics - marijuana is not) because it has far less side effects especially not giving a patient constipation and it boosts their appetite... Not to mention cbd which is wonderful in treating seizures.

Therrs so many wonderful uses for marijuana from industry - paper, rope, even people are experimenting with using it as a fuel, medical - relieves seizures far better than most medicines with far less side effects than like Xanax for example, appetite booster, pain reliever, glaucoma treatment, and its even helped people get off hard drugs, economic - brings in hundreds of millions in tax revenue in places like colorado, etc etc. Plus recreationally its far safer and less harmful than other drugs including alcohol. Id take a room full of laid back stoned people than a room full of drunks - one is crying, another is vomiting, a third is picking fights, a fourth is making unwanted advances.... Screw that

Its too bad there's still many people who have a 1950s reefer madness type of view on marijuana. The fact is though marijuana has been used for tons of different reasons for thousands of years. There have been ancient bronze age discovering of smoking devices with residue still left on them.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,872
22 Jul 2017 #75
Not to mention cbd which is wonderful in treating seizures.

yes i have been getting weed for my friend who suffers from epilepsy. Her 80 year old dad was keen for her to try it.
After we got really stoned together for the first time, she went from having one or two seizures a day, to none for 8 days.
She then tried the CBD oil but found it less effective.
When she went for the weekend with friends who might disapprove, she didnt smoke, and had a major seizure and broke bones in her foot.

After that I introduced her to a good weed dealer, and she is delighted with the effects it has for her.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,872
22 Jul 2017 #76
but back to pot for tourists in Poland.
The first time I visited we got stoned. That was in Zielona Gora...:) lovely friendly young people who were happy to help.
jon357 72 | 21,334
22 Jul 2017 #77
@Dirk diggler
Indeed, though a narcotic effect is numbness and stupor. You're thinking of an analgesic effect, i.e. pain relief which weed does have to a certain extent. It helps with joint pain and back pain, in my experience.

There are plenty of therapeutic uses of it. People with MS in particular find it valuable as do people with nausea and some eating disorders. it's also good preventative medicine, helping people avoid glaucoma.

The human brain has specific receptors for THC and CBD, meaning that not only can humans benefit from it, but we in fact should benefit from it. And it's certainly very pleasant to use.

People always remember their first time using it. Mine was in the back of a car on a Tuesday evening (I remember this because the Radio One chart show was always on a Tuesday). It was the week that "Like a Virgin" went to number 1.

A shame it's not more common in Poland really. There would certainly be fewer fights than with vodka and beer.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
22 Jul 2017 #78
Glad to hear... In poland its not hard to find good bud or hash (more of the old school stoners preference) but you gotta know people... At least from my experience... Its not like us cities where dealers stand 24 hours a day announcing their wares (they yell rocks blows weed) to passerbys. There are certain spots in polish cities though where guys stand selling bud and whatnot but i personally wouldn't recommend buying from a person off the street or in the gypsy areas. Open air is declining its not like it was 10 years ago at least in my experience.. Find some college students and youngsters and ask them to hook you up. Even if they don't smoke they most likely know at least 1 dealer and will hook you up if you toss them a few bucks.

Also the laws are strict so I would highly recommend smoking in doors and not in public. And definitely don't go for a blunt/bowl cruise..

Back in the day some people in rural areas would grow weed but they used it as feed not to smoke

Also the quantities by which bud is sold differs than in the U.S. i.e. 5 gram bahs.. No one knows what an 8th is lol
johnny reb 40 | 7,852
22 Jul 2017 #79
I tried it once and it made me horny.
jon357 72 | 21,334
22 Jul 2017 #80
If the poster who asked about Kraków is interested, there is a bit of town where you can sometimes find people selling on a summer evening, on the banks of the river, near the bridge. He should be very careful indeed, Kraków isn't Prague or Berlin.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
22 Jul 2017 #81
Yeah weed makes some people last longer. Theres a song by a group called lords of acid (electronica) about weed and one of the lyrics go 'marijuana in your brain... Takes more time to ejaculate' lol
johnny reb 40 | 7,852
23 Jul 2017 #82
but back to pot for tourists in Poland.

The younger crowd here in America is now smoking the wax made from the buds instead of the weed itself.
Easier to conceal, no odor and ten times as strong so you only need a pinch.
I'm afraid if I tried that stuff they would find me on the floor of the shower babbling Swahili with the water running.

The most notable cannabinoid is the phytocannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol, the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis.
In some of the medical marijuana used for such seizures the tetrahydrocannabinol, (THC) has been removed so you don't get the euphoria buzz.
There are at least 113 different cannabinoids isolated from cannabis, exhibiting varied effects.
Some of them do your bodies organs and brain cells no favors.
jon357 72 | 21,334
23 Jul 2017 #83
Some people make e-cigarette liquid from it. Gets you stoned but not busted.
Lyzko 40 | 8,758
23 Jul 2017 #84
My own feelings about marijuana are that, compared with cigarettes or conventional alcoholic beverages, pot over time distorts (often permanently) the users ability to think and reason, to make independent judgement! When someone on the street appears to be unsually chatty, while appearing normal, only to erratically yell, gesture wildly and stare etc.several seconds later, this can normally be attributed to some sort of illicit drugs aka "controlled substances".

Whether or not cannabis can actually '"treat" glaucoma among other conditions, remains to be seen:-)
23 Jul 2017 #85
If somebody wants score some **** in Krakow
johnny reb 40 | 7,852
23 Jul 2017 #86
People do grow, often outdoors in remote places

Poland doesn't really have the climate for it to be able to finish into quality buds.
Photosynthesis is what triggers the plant to flower meaning the daylight has to be less then 12 to 13 hours a day for that to occur with weed.

In Poland you will not get those days until September when the temperature is well below the ideal range for ganja.
Ideally the temperature has to be 78* to 82* which Poland is nowhere close to in September (and colder at nights which shocks the plant to become dormant)when photosynthesis takes place to trigger the plant to flower thus the plant doesn't have time to complete its flowering stage.

That's where that green chlorophyll taste comes from that gives you a headache. (Mean green)
Poland only has about 40% of it's days in the summer that have adequate sun intensity to grow a plant properly to make sugary coated buds that glisten which is about four weeks short in what it needs to grow da quality bud.
Light Within Darkness
23 Jul 2017 #87
Marijuana I Context With Under Spiritual, At Finest, Rather Aside Political Debate Gone Mad, Here In The United States. As This Opens Ajna [BINAH], And Primordial Crown. This Also Infiltrates Intellect Towards The Infinite Source, Or Your Higher Power Of Understanding With Ever Due Respect.

I Mean, Hey. What Ever Floats Your Boat, As Long As It Doesn't Rain On Your Parade.
jon357 72 | 21,334
23 Jul 2017 #88
finish into quality bud

I don't think they're doing the fancy super strong kinds, just the stuff that used to be around years ago before indoor growing took off. Mind you, with good seeds, kinds intended for outdoor growing in Northern Europe, the results are ok. My neighbour's twentysomethings grew some in a hidden away place close to Warsaw (they used northern lights seeds) and it was very acceptable indeed, in fact twenty years ago it would have been considered exceptional.
johnny reb 40 | 7,852
23 Jul 2017 #89
northern lights seeds

That is one of the easiest and most profitable strains that there is.
Was very popular here in the States thirty years ago also.
Today I think the Blue Dream and Gorilla Glue are the two most popular strains around here.
These kids have it down to a science in how to grow the crap in 90 days from start to finish.
I know the kid down the road a half mile away is growing Blue Dream and it stinks so bad I can smell skunk all the way down here day and night.

He has a medical card that allows him to grow legally so like everyone else he really doesn't hide it much anymore.
It use to be smuggled in from Jamaica, Mexico and Columbia but now that the laws have changed the money is staying in the U.S.A. verses going to foreign countries.

It will become legal in Poland once the Polish government figures out a way to tax it so they get the biggest piece of the pie from it.
Joker 4 | 2,590
23 Jul 2017 #90
Worst thing that happens if you smoke too much is you'll be super lazy, tired, and fall asleep.

About the worst thing that can happen is you order a pizza and fall asleep on the

No one knows what an 8th is lol

I got an 8ball of Monkeyballs/Trainwerck:)

You have to get a vaporizer dude, combustion isn't good for you lungs and vape hits taste much better..hehehe

and ur stash will last longer!

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