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Motorcycle tour of Poland

Cosmos 1 | 7
13 May 2009 #61
Get life insurance.
10 Jun 2009 #62
we do have motorcycles for 80 eur a day like cb aprlia etc.... harley costs 120 EUR !!!
smoovead - | 2
19 Jun 2009 #63
Hi Wildrover,
I have just joined this forum after reading your very helpful thread about riding in Poland. I am travelling from the UK all the way to the border town of Bartoszyce to pick up my woman who is coming to meet me from Kaliningrad. We currently have no fixed plans about where we will ride to but I am always keen to meet with expat bikers when I travel and share a beer or two. I think I will be passing close to where you are and any help with a B&B and the chance to sample the local beer would be gratefully recieved. I am leaving the UK on July 3rd so I will probably be somewhere around your area on the 5th or 6th. I've broken too many bones in my time so camping is not my 1st choice anymore.............

If you are able to help me out that would be great, even if you just point me in the right direction to a B&B I would appreciate it.

cheers mate
wildrover 98 | 4,451
19 Jun 2009 #64
around your area on the 5th or 6th

I would be glad to help out my friend , and could certainly find you a comfortable place to rest your head...

There are a few decent places around the town of Polczyn zrdoj which is close to me , so i can check them out and let you know prices and contact details...

I might be able to find you a place here in my home , ie , not camping , but it depends on the dates.. I have a film crew decending on me around the 8th of july , so will have a house full , and on the 11th of july there is a biker barbecue here at the farm which is going to be part of the film they are making...

You must tell me all about getting a visa for your Russian lady , as i will have to go through this process for a Ukrainian friend who wants to visit me , she thinks that she needs to be invited to Poland by some official body in order to get a visa....

Anyways , good luck with your trip , i have sent you a personal message on the forum with my email address on if you need to ask anything... safe riding...
smoovead - | 2
19 Jun 2009 #65
Hi & thank you for yoyu quick response and kind offer of help. I have to say I never spoke with a would be biker film star before...........

i've checked my email and got your message so thanks again. I will email you a bit later with what details I know about of the Visa mullarky.

I will sort out the exact dates of my trip over the next week and let you know soon. I am very grateful for your kindness, I have travelled on 4 continents on a bike and the willingness for fellow bikers to help never ceases to amaze me....

good man, I look forward to sharing a beer with you soon :)
wildrover 98 | 4,451
20 Jun 2009 #66
Ha..not sure i am quite a star yet , but i do have a contract , and i get paid for the filming , so i guess i can say i am a professional actor.... The people doing the filming suggested i should go to acting school , but i doubt i will take it that far....

I guess the reason bikers tend to help each other out so much is due to the feeling that we have to take care of our own , but i have to say on my travels i have been shown kindness by all manner of people , not only bikers...

I will be more than happy to have a beer or three with you should you pass this way....
OP Oldy
5 Jul 2009 #67
It's nice to see me thread still alive. I have not done it yet:(
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
5 Jul 2009 #68
It's nice to see me thread still alive.

Yeah, there seems to be quite a need for it, as it appears many people enjoy biking.

I find this site motorbike travel site Horizons unlimited very good.
damo_whu1 - | 1
10 Aug 2009 #69
Hello all. Am new to this forum.

Wildrover, did you manage to start your tour company?
GregKelly 1 | 15
11 Aug 2009 #70
Wildrover, you have to be a fan of GUY MARTIN who wins his races in scarbourgh.
And do you remember the LEGEND : DJ ( David Jefferies #1)
18 Oct 2009 #71
www/bikers-tours/com polish tour operator
swayingmantis - | 2
19 Oct 2009 #72
I rode my bike yamaha fazer 1000 from the uk to krakow, two things i would say.....

1.)personally wish i had a more trallie sort of bike bmw gs/ktm/africa twin sort of thing to soak up some of those rough roads.

2.)and secondly i used a tom tom rider gps to help me along the way, but they seem to be doing so many road works and building new roads my gps kept trying to send me through building works.

but its a lovely country and sure you will love every minute
MATransalp - | 1
6 Dec 2009 #73
Hello wildrover. I have joined this forum, only to be able to contact you. But I can't do that before I have posted atleast 3 messages in the forums. So would you please contact me. It's about touring in Poland - summer 2010.

Mikkel - Denmark
wildrover 98 | 4,451
7 Dec 2009 #74
I have sent you a pm with my email adress...i would be glad to help you if i can..
harley rider
23 Dec 2009 #75 they organize tours in Poland Slovakia , Hungary etc .
celticbrooder - | 17
15 Mar 2010 #76
FWIW... American (52), living in Wroclaw for a few years now, been riding for decades... (North & Central America, Continental Europe), bought an '83 BMW R80RT in driveable condition via (Polish E-bay) from a used bike dealer/importer in Rzeszow (Rzeszów) about 4 years ago for 6000zl (exchange rate was about 3.50-4.00 to 1 USD - now it's about 2.80 :( ... the dealer took care of most of the paperwork - inspection, etc. registered in a Polish friend's name at the time as I was an Alien ;) Insurance - "Ubezpieczenia Samochodowego" - (liability only) is about 166zl/yr. (PZU - the biggest in Poland, or Alliance, etc.)- the bike is insured, not the driver and is based on engine displacement; insurance is good for the EU... you need to ask for a green International Motor Insurance Card - "Międzynarodowa Karta Ubezpieczenia Samochodowego" - for places like Ukraine.

Some notes, particularly for non-EU (i.e. "Aliens")
Brought my '91 BMW R100GS Paris-Dakar over last November ('09) - for Ukrainian highways... and beyond :-0 - from Chicago to Warsaw - Polish company in Chi-town "PolAmer" cost about $750, including crating. Submitted the original, clean title to customs for "permission" to "export"... the whole process, from riding it to PolAmer in Chicago and picking it up at PolAmer in Warsaw took about 5 weeks (by ship) - they FedEx'd the title back to me in Poland - and cost less than $900 and as good as no confusion. Brought it in as a "Tourist", had to run into the city, to the main PZU office to buy the insurance (at this time, branch offices aren't familiar with how to do it)... insurance can only be purchased monthly - currently 11zl/month. Tourist import papers are only good for 6 months, have a Polish translation of your title at all times, particularly if you are non-EU... they get "curious" when you're driving around with a Wisconsin license plate ;)

Drivers are agressive, you should be too, drunks aren't any worse here than Wisconsin farmboys in pickups, splitting lanes is basically mandatory - cage drives look at you wierd if you don't - in Wroclaw traffic ("katastofal"), it's like Moses parting the Red Sea... standing traffic will actually inch over to let you by... prety cool.... even if it's the only "plus". I see alot of crotch-rocket drivers here... typically doing extended wheelies down one of the six-lane main drags... right past the police station... haven't figured that one out yet.

Follow the mountains along the southern Polish border - west to east - turn right (south) into Slovakia and right again, into Czech Republik, stop in Prague, then head north to Gdansk and you probably won't be disappointed. I've heard Masura is pretty cool... you need a shotgun for the mosquitos ;)

That's about it for now, not sure if I'll monitor this forum much... if I get an e-mail, I'll pop back in... feel free to drop me a line... or drop by... cześć, na razie

BTW... my wife is Polish and speaks Ukrainian/Russian fluently
convex 20 | 3,978
15 Mar 2010 #77
I'm in Wroclaw planning on doing PL-ZA down the west coast this fall, possibly next spring on a F650GS....any interest?
convex 20 | 3,978
15 Mar 2010 #79
souf 'efrica :)
celticbrooder - | 17
15 Mar 2010 #80
oh yeah, one more thing; I'm fluent in German and can manage to get myself pretty well-fed... and really plowed... in Spanish ;)

souf 'efrica :)

ah (duh)... interested, always... might be a bit of a stretch this year... wife needs to see Amerika and I'm planning on abusing myself and the GS in Ukraine if there's anything left... but, ya never know...
convex 20 | 3,978
15 Mar 2010 #81
How about a trip to Abkahzia in the spring? I need a vacation, have friends down there, it's beautiful.
celticbrooder - | 17
30 Mar 2010 #82
Just to throw another one out there... kind of a long-shot;
trying to re-locate a biker bar hidden in the mountains in southern Poland... met a Polish rider on the side of the highway a couple of years ago... he spoke very little english and spoke no Polish... we played "fighter pilot" through some great twisties for a while then he led me to this place... it was pretty quiet inside a the time and **** weather outside so the owner just had us park the bikes inside the bar... pretty big place... relatively new.

would really like to find the place again (and the roads around there).
I'm guessing the area would be somewhere... if you drew an arc on a map from, roughly, Karpacz to Wałbrzych to... Zabkowice Sląskie(?)... it took about 1.5 to 2 hours to get back to Wrocław afterward... nuts, should have paid more attention... there was also a small, tree-canopied road that followed a creek in the foothills for quite a while... stopped-off at the home of a a retired Wrocław professor that had moved to a little chata on the "river" there... she made fresh goat cheese on thursdays...

thought I'd give it a shot...
g'nite y'all
wildrover 98 | 4,451
30 Mar 2010 #83
I will get some of my Polish biker friends to put a notice on the biker forums in Polish...somebody out here is going to know this bar for sure....

It sounds like a great place...would not mind checking it out myself...
22 Apr 2010 #84
I am a Norwegian biker who are planning a tour from Gdansk to Riga. Are there anybody out there who have simular experiences from this part of Europe?
time means 5 | 1,310
22 Apr 2010 #85
Wildrover (post above yours) is the man to ask. If you register you can send him a personal message.
lukaszpoznanski 10 | 39
22 Apr 2010 #86
Just seeing a touring thread here gets my blood flowing a little faster. Just before moving to Kraków a month ago from Vancouver, I sold my bike - a 2005 Kawasaki 636 - with the intention of buying an older Ducati here in Europe. A friend I used to ride with moved to Greece around the same time, opting instead to ship his brand-new 1098S with him. Although I still haven't replaced my bike, I'm hoping to soon. Just seeing my leathers collecting dust here makes me anxious. I'm planning some endurance tours this summer - send me a PM if you fancy some good company and reckon you can keep up. I like long days in the saddle - last summer I did several 1000 km days - fun!

Here's a picture of my friend and I from a couple months ago:

Oh, and if anyone sees a good deal on a first-gen 748 or 996, please let me know. :)
22 Apr 2010 #87

I was told that you was the wright person to answer my question?

"I am a Norwegian biker who are planning a tour from Gdansk to Riga. Are there anybody out there who have simular experiences from this part of Europe?"

Can you help me?

wildrover 98 | 4,451
22 Apr 2010 #88
Can you help me?

Happy to help you if i can my friend...... I am an English biker who has been living in Poland for five years.. I have ridden around most of Poland , and also the Baltic states , and i have visited Ukraine on my Harley....

I have visited Riga , but i went there in a 4 x 4 Landrover....

If there are any questions you want to ask , just ask...if i don,t know the answers , i probably know someone who does.......

If you send me a private message with your email address i will give you mine....

At this moment i am planning a trip to Kiev in Ukraine , but i am not going by bike , the roads are terrible . i am driving by Jeep....
celticbrooder - | 17
22 Apr 2010 #89
At this moment i am planning a trip to Kiev in Ukraine , but i am not going by bike , the roads are terrible . i am driving by Jeep....

hey! when you headin' out?
wildrover 98 | 4,451
22 Apr 2010 #90
I am meeting my lovely Russian lady at Kiev rail station on 1st of may....we have nine whole days together....cant wait...!

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