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Motorcycle tour of Poland

celticbrooder - | 17
22 Apr 2010 #91
Sweet, right out of the movies (and Kiev is a perfect backdrop)... when you have a rough itinerary, give me a buzz... maybe we will meet at a crossroads somewhere between here and there (Poland's about the size of Arizona, can't be that difficult)... if it works, cool... if not, next time...
15 May 2010 #92
Hi, we are going there from Slovakia, I am looking for empty roads, interesting places, but I need to be in Warsaw, Lodz and Gdansk. Can you suggest the intinerary, starting in Dukla pass?

Calgary, AB
convex 20 | 3,978
8 Jul 2010 #93
Going to pick up a new to me CBR1000 today. Anyone in Wroclaw want to do a couple of laps at the track?
31 Jul 2010 #94
hi there,we are doing poland on the bikes next year,could you suggest any areas to see? is there a national park area? mountains ? .pauline.
wildrover 98 | 4,451
31 Jul 2010 #95
First you need a book called...ROUGH GUIDE TO POLAND , then a road map book called POLSKA ATLAS SAMOCHODOWY , which you will probably only get in a fuel station in Poland , and you are set up with all the info...

I myself am a Brit biker who has been living in Polska for five years , and i can confirm its a great place for touring on a bike , you won,t see any NO BIKERS signs over here , at any place...!

There is lots of national parks , i live in one myself , and its very pretty ..The mountains in Poland are in the south , the Zakopane area...If you go to Jelenia gora you can see the snow covered mountains in the distance....

If you need any info on biking in Poland you can email me at
KTMviking - | 1
19 Aug 2010 #96
Hi Wildrover, seem's like you are quite the patron saint for bikers travelling trough Poland:-) I'm heading out form Trondheim, Norway and plan to travel trough Poland to L'viv, if you are at home some day between the 29.08 and 03.09 (ca when I'll be in Poland) then I would love to stop by your farm.

regards Andy
wildrover 98 | 4,451
19 Aug 2010 #97
Yep...i will definatly be at home between those dates , although i don,t know what state i will be in on the 29th , as this is the day after our motorcycle clubs annual rally has ended..! for us , the organising club , its five days of hard work , hard drinking dancing and partying , sleeping does not get a look in..!

The rally is actually only three days , but we have quite a bit of work to do before it , and a lot to do afterwards to clean the place up...

I would be happy to have you stop by at my place . for as long as you want , and i can give you the rundown on the roads , cops and whatever in Ukraine...

I have not visited L,viv yet , but i stayed in Ternopil a while , and had nine wonderfull days in Kiev with my Russian girlfriend...its a great city...

I have sent you a personal message with my email and phone details on...
tall adam
25 Nov 2010 #98
Hey, I can see this thread has been quiet for some time but I'm a Brit biker who will be going to Poland on tour next spring.

Any advice will be gratefully received.
wildrover 98 | 4,451
25 Nov 2010 #99
Put your thermals on... might be a bit chilly at night in the springtime...but you will love the Polish countryside , the total lack of no bikers signs , and the welcome you will get at every place , no matter how posh it is....

The beer is cheap and nice , the women pretty , and many of the rural roads deserted , its great biking country.....

Watch out though...crazy buggers drive on the wrong side of the road...
13 Feb 2011 #100
Anything you look for in regard with touring Poland by motorbike, you may find at www,

Hope it would help
13 Feb 2011 #101
Hi there

We are a biker brotherhood from Denmark.
Every year we are going on a tour through different countries in Europe.
We call this tour Eurorun.

This year, we are planning to ride through Poland, and we would like to know if certain rules apply there, that we should be aware of.

We have vests on with centerpiece and MC.
Any rules here?

How is it to travel with tent and sleeping out in the open?

Thnx in advance
L&R Club Secretary
Melvern - | 5
13 Feb 2011 #102
Hi Apocalypse.
I dont have much info on the rules etc but you guys are welcome to stay over at our place on your turnaround.
Have a look at
13 Feb 2011 #103
Hi Melvern

Thnx! Really looks like a very special place there..., and also just like the right place for us to stay overnight!
Unfortunately we are not going so far south.
We will pass through northern Poland, and stop for a while in Szczecin...

Does anybody know facilities like those Melvin offers in or around Szczecin?

L&R Secretary

Hi there...

I have just created a new topic about our Eurorun 2011, but discovered this thread right after...

I have already had many of my questions answered by reading through the posts here, so that is just really nice... :o)

Now I'm actually looking forward to our tour this spring... Poland sounds like a good country for bikers! :o)

Hi Wildrover...

I would also be glad, if you would send me your e-mail adress...
Our tour is including Szczecin, not far from your place, and maybe you can tell us about facilities in that vicinity...?

L&R Puto
wildrover 98 | 4,451
13 Feb 2011 #104
Hi my friend... i have sent you a pm with my email address...

if there is anything i can help you with it will be my pleasure...
13 Feb 2011 #105
Thnx Wildrover. I've just send you an email....

Wow..., did my thread just get moved into this thread...?!
Thats really an efficiently moderated forum... ;o)
wildrover 98 | 4,451
13 Feb 2011 #106
They do a good job... and one of the mods is a biker himself....
15 Feb 2011 #107
Hi again Wildrover...

Did you receive the email I've sent you?

wildrover 98 | 4,451
15 Feb 2011 #108
Yeah..i got it...i will reply to it soon.... got my Jeep in bits today , so not had time for anything... but do not worry...i have not forgotton you...
16 Feb 2011 #109
I didn't realize they delivered Jeeps in bits..., but sounds like good entertainment... ;o)
wildrover 98 | 4,451
18 Feb 2011 #110
No , it was me that took it to bits....had some problem in the engine....Don,t ever buy a Jeep with an Italian VM engine..they are not good...
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387
15 Mar 2011 #111
[Moved from]: For the bikers among you. Wroclaw motorcycle show.

among the events there seems to be some sort of rally.
wildrover 98 | 4,451
15 Mar 2011 #112
Looks interesting...might tootle on down to that....

Hang on...havent these events already been and gone....?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387
26 Mar 2011 #113
Hang on...havent these events already been and gone....?

my bad. The show is on. it's next month.

but yes, the rally has been and gone.
wildrover 98 | 4,451
26 Mar 2011 #114

The show is on. it's next month.

I shall be down there for that then....
Milonguero - | 3
25 May 2011 #115
Hi all,

Just joined the forum. Planning a trip to Poland, probably in August: I’ll be coming from UK, my son from Estonia, meeting in Poland – both with Transalps, mine a 700, his an older 650. We normally don’t plan too much, just follow the road & make it up as we go. However, I presume that there are must see places, must ride roads, can’t miss areas/scenery. Suggestions welcome.

Also, we mostly camp – how secure are bikes in Poland (mine’s alarmed & we could take a chain). Is theft from bike baggage a big risk? Are camp sites common/ secure/ facilities? What about wild camping? Tolerated? Safe?

How tolerant are the police? We don’t go mad but do we have to be looking at our speedos rather than the road?

Thanks for any tips

Ray (Milonguero)
wildrover 98 | 4,451
26 May 2011 #116
Hi there , you will love it in Poland....

How safe are the bikes , well as safe as you make them , there are people in Poland who would be happy to steal your bike , just as they would in the UK if they got the chance.... and yes , they may take a fancy to your luggage if they think there may be something valuable in it....

There are plenty of places to camp in Poland , and if you are on a camp site your bikes and luggage will be much safer than if left in some place with not so many people about....

Wild camping in some places is not legal , but my experiance of it is....if you are not causing any damage , or setting fire to the forest with an out of control camp fire then the chances are that nobody will bother you...

There are people who patrol and take care of the forest , but they are very few in number , and you are not likely to bump into them unless somebody complains about you , not very likely...

A better idea may be to ask somebody with a small farm if you can camp on their land , this way , nobody can complain , and you may have access to water , or even get invited to a Polish can offer them a bit of cash for the camping , and your bikes will be much more secure on a farm...people do not usually wander onto people farms unless they live there...

How tolerent are the Police.... well i have been riding my Harley with illegal pipes on for over five years now , never had a problem , i have never been pulled for speeding here , but i got stopped about five times without my documents in my pocket , here you used to have to carry them on your person... Well , each time they pulled me they could have given me a hefty fine for not having them , they never fined me once.... Be polite to them , don,t give em a hard time , and you may well get off with a warning , unless you have done something really terrible...

If you see motorists coming the opposite way and flashing their lights at you , they are not just being friendly , they are telling you there is a radar trap ahead.....

Get yourself a book called.. ROUGH GUIDE TO POLAND , and when you cross into Poland get yourself a book called POLSKA ATLAS SAMOCHODOWY... with these two books you will have all the info you need to have a great tour of Poland....

safe riding.. have fun...

Oh , and you need your lights on all the time...its the law....for cars and bikes...
Milonguero - | 3
26 May 2011 #117
Thanks Wildrover

Info very useful. If we ask to stay on a farm land, what would be reasonable to offer as cash? Don't want to be mean but otoh we always end up spending more than our budget on holiday.

My son's coming from the North and me from the West. Thought we would meet up (what's a good starting point?) and then aim southward for the mountains. Estonia's pretty flat and he misses the fun of the hairpins. However, I'm sure there are some beautiful areas elsewhere, and towns/ historical sites. Anything we absolutely should not miss?

grubas 12 | 1,391
26 May 2011 #118
Stay out of Poland a$$holes,we don't need you here,your noisy bikes are ******* annoying and destroy natural enviroment.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
26 May 2011 #119
Many Poles like bikes too, grubas. Poland has countryside, you know!? ;)
Milonguero - | 3
26 May 2011 #120
And I find bikers much more considerate than many motorists. And they pollute less than SUVs etc

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