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Motorcycle tour of Poland

wildrover 98 | 4,451
26 May 2011 #121
If we ask to stay on a farm land, what would be reasonable to offer as cash?

Well , considering you would only pay about 5 quid for a two man tent on a proper campsite , you don,t need to be waving large amounts of cash at Mr Polish farmer for pitching a tent in his field , many would be happy to let you stay for free , the Poles are very friendly people , and having guests from another country would be something they would enjoy...

You would be welcome to stay at my farm for free , but if all goes to plan i will be in Russia in August , i am selling my farm to a friend and moving to Moscow , mind you , he is a friendly biker so you could probably stay here anyway...

Zachodniopomorskie , the bit where i live would be a good starting point to begin your travels , its quite pretty , and i could put you in touch with some local Polish bikers that speak English to give you advice on good biking roads , places to stay , and great places to visit...

If you are in this area then Malbork castle is a must see , if you are into steam trains then there is a great place a bit further south that has them running a regular service...There are loads of historic battlefields , bunkers and stuff here , lovely lakes , and lots of fun activities...

i could also put you in touch with an English speaking bike mechanic and auto electrician in this area ...just in case you have any problems...

As i have said before in this thread , there are not any no bikers signs anywhere in Poland....

If you get that ROUGH GUIDE TO POLAND book well in advance of your trip , you can check out whats good to see in Poland and plan your route from it....
sledz 23 | 2,250
26 May 2011 #122
Stay out of Poland a$$holes,we don't need you here,your noisy bikes are ******* annoying and destroy natural enviroment.

You just hate everyone and everything except yourself,,,right??
wildrover 98 | 4,451
26 May 2011 #123
Hey Grubas....we are looking for some land for our next biker party....

do you have any space for 400 plus bikers and a music stage....?
grubas 12 | 1,391
26 May 2011 #124
Many Poles like bikes too,

I don't know about that but I hate these biker fags because I can't stand this ******* noise they make.I understand some people may like motorcycles but then they should get themselves electric ones or go some remote desert and ride their bikes there instead of making other people suffer.Now,if that will make bikers feel better I hate hot rod douchebags too for the same reason.

Hey Grubas....we are looking for some land for our next biker party....

do you have any space for 400 plus bikers and a music stage....?

Yeah,I actually do.In Kalahari desert.Fags.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
26 May 2011 #125
Have you heard some cars here, grubas? Not a pretty sound :(

... a song for you, grubas ;) ;) ;) The first part, in particular

I like motorcycles and I feel that they are an integral part of culture. They also allow for freedom :) :)
wildrover 98 | 4,451
26 May 2011 #126
Which one of my Polish friends do you think are fags.....?

We are having a zlot on 22nd of June... you can come and tell them what you think of them....!

wildrover 98 | 4,451
26 May 2011 #127

Everyone welcome....even Grubas...but no sniffing motorcycle seats....
sirvice - | 3
26 Jun 2011 #128
hello everyone, I'm glad to see there are many passionate bikers in Poland :)
effective beginning July, Warsaw riders will be +1, with me relocating to work here for some time.. I took it as an opportunity to change my old bike (FZ6-S2 2008), that I rode for 3.5 years, and look for a new one - most probably it will be a BMW :)

btw - if there are any people here somehow connected with BMW Motorrad dealers in Warsaw, I'm very interested to get in touch with you.. getting a special discount would be a good start for starting a new moto-life in Poland :)

on a personal note - I'm Russian, 35 years. like riding a bike and scuba-diving.

see you soon,

wildrover 98 | 4,451
28 Jun 2011 #129
Where in Russia are you from....?

I am an English biker who has been living in Poland for five years...and i love biking here...

But soon i am leaving my quiet farm in Poland to move to the city of Moscow , so maybe i will be asking you some advice on biking in Russia...

I can,t offer you much advice on Warsaw , but i am sure somebody from that area can help you....

You will love it in Poland...
gumishu 11 | 5,335
28 Jun 2011 #130
paradoxically Poland does not offer much hairpining experience even in the mountains - the best thing I can think of is in Czech Republic close to the Polish border between Jesenik and Sumperk (in the Jeseniki mountains) - there is this mountain pass that the main road traverses and its a long stretch of hairpin turns (it easily takes more than half an hour by bus to cover)

(it easily takes more than half an hour by bus to cover)

or perhaps even a whole hour - can't remember that well
sirvice - | 3
7 Jul 2011 #131
Where in Russia are you from....? You will love it in Poland...

hi, I'm from Moscow. so, you're most welcome when you decide to make it to mother Russia - I will for sure help you with couple of advices, and one of them being - be careful to get carried away by Russia realities :) biking in Moscow is just mad, as well as dangerous.. car drivers sometimes just pretend not to see any bikers on the road, and you have literally to push your way through numerous traffic jams.. but that's part of the fun as well :)

I will be most probably getting myself a bmw in w-wa soon, so if you up for a biking trip in poland, just let me know, and we will figure out something..

cheers :)
16 Jun 2012 #132
Hi, I am a woman thinking of riding my motorbike through Poland this summer. I'm Swedish but living in England so I will travel from England, Germany, Poland etc. I will be camping and would just like to have some advice if it's safe for a woman to travel there? Do people speak English? Really all advice I can have about being a woman on a motorbike through Poland and camping would be great :-)
wildrover 98 | 4,451
16 Jun 2012 #133

I rode my Harley sportster from UK to my home in Poland , its a nice ride....

You won,t have any real problems being a lone woman riding through Poland , as long as you take the usual precautions any woman travelling alone would take....

As for camping , you can find some great camp sites along any of the main routes , if you buy a road map from any petrol station they will be marked on there...

You could have camped for free at my farm , but i am shortly selling it to a German friend and her Polish boyfriend , mind you , they are bikers too , so maybe you can fix something up with them....?

In the bigger towns you are quite likely to find many of the younger people speak English , or German , but in the smaller villages it is not so easy to find an English speaker....

Try contacting the Amazons motorcycle club in Poland , they are an all female biker club , and can give you better advice than i can about lady bikers travelling alone in Poland....

All i can say is that i have many female friends that ride in Poland , and none have been eaten by the natives yet....

Will you be here on the 27th...? there is a massive bike rally on near me...
beckski 12 | 1,617
17 Jun 2012 #134
there is a massive bike rally on near me...

Any Hells Angels ever show up there?
wildrover 98 | 4,451
17 Jun 2012 #135
At the big rally near me in Zlocieniec there will be a few Hells Angels i reckon.... they are running the show...!
Bikerjenko 2 | 28
2 Mar 2014 #136

Did you ever manage to tour Poland?
If you are interested I will be running a 10 day motorcycle tour of Southern Poland starting on June 23rd.
6 Jan 2015 #137
Merged: Roadtrip (by motorcycle) across Poland

Hello, Let me start with wishing you a Happy New Year to all :)

I am from Romania and I was thinking to go on a road-trip by motorcycle across Poland during april this year. Can you please tell me how it's like, maybe some advice/insight regards on the weather, people, social concerns, road traffic attitude towards bikers (foreigners for that matter). Mainly the target is to cover a tour starting from south to north then possibly have a tour along the coast (Szczecin - Koszalin - Slupsk - Gdansk).

What I have read so far is that the weather is mainly friendly during the second half of april and start of may. About the traffic, nothing out of the ordinary. About people and social attitude towards tourists/travelers/ I haven't found any conclusive information.

Therefore, I'm most grateful for any relevant details/heads-up that may help me on the way.
Thank you!

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