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British School of Warsaw in Wilanow

johnny reb 30 | 5,170
10 Feb 2018 #61
Not sure I quite grasp the logic here.

Would it help if I told you that school instructors are predominately Liberals.
And it is no secret that Liberals think they are always right and never wrong.
I have heard from my Polish friends that attend Universities in Poland that you never attempt to question an instructor if you want a good grade.
Casual Observer
10 Feb 2018 #62
It would help if you could back that up, rather than just expecting everyone to believe it.

And it is no secret that Liberals think they are always right and never wrong.

And have you ever heard Kaczynski ever admit that he was wrong about anything?! Ever? Arrogance is not restricted to liberals.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,456
10 Feb 2018 #63
Would it help if I told you that school instructors are predominately Liberals.

It makes sense. Liberals tend to have vocations in life, while conservatives only think about themselves. If it wasn't for liberal minded people, public society would collapse overnight.
johnny reb 30 | 5,170
10 Feb 2018 #64
Thank you delph as you seldom agree with me.

If it wasn't for liberal minded people, public society would collapse overnight.

Well actually it has taken about a half century because of liberal minded people and getting worse by the day.
Political Correctness, no morals, safe rooms, non gender, Snowflakes, men using women's bathrooms, some mothers having penis's...........
Society has already collapsed for the public delph because of the liberal minded people.
This is why the OP is leaving liberal minded U.K. and raising his kids in conservative Poland.
10 Feb 2018 #65
The yokel can leave the village, but the village will never leave the yokel. It is terrible that this direcor and some teachers at BSW work in education, work with children.
Lyzko 30 | 7,392
10 Feb 2018 #66
Liberalism was more "in" fashion than it has become, soon as folks out there realized that much (though admittedly not all) progressive liberalism actually required work:-) Then, they jumped whole hog on the conservative/Republican bandwagon and decided to trade in their conscience for peace of mindLOL

How can peace and happiness be built on others' misery? Answer: It can't!
13 Feb 2018 #67
One of you wrote a post "Incompetent people think they are awesome, exactly like at that school. More and more parents and teachers know it. It is time to change head of primary."

I am of the same opinion. You can't pour from an empty cup.
Neither competence, nor liberalism, nor conservatism.
Only incompetence, ignorance, arrogance and duplicity.
In other words, once a yokel, always a yokel.
jon357 67 | 16,654
13 Feb 2018 #68
vocations in life

A vocation in life is important. Hopefully a better vocation than this guy who's been posting weird stuff throughout this thread about a school.
L3anAlawood - | 14
22 Feb 2018 #69
what are you going to learn in sign birtish school, might as well go to india since they are very similar in almost everything
27 Feb 2018 #70
Referring to jon's last post. In that case a vocation is a wrong word, a much better is fanaticism.
BSW is a kindergarten with a terrible food, low culture, poor teaching and mainly incompetent and arrogant teachers from english and polish villages. They don't have a competence and an experience in teaching at good english primary schools, at all.

Head is a weird and arrogant guy. He hired a hopless girl without any qualifications and experience in teaching. She is unkind to children, they don't like her, parents and teachers either. Kids were happy because she was absent a few weeks, they prefer teacher who replaced her.

Principal, also arrogant guy, ignores parents' complaints, pretends that everything is oookay and this is a veeeery good school.
They are for India or other third world countries.


Response from the BPSW:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your response.
We disagree with your assessment.
We strongly suspect that the post is the work of a disgruntled former employee posing as a parent.
The school has excellent food and this is shown through surveys.
The school has a thorough and transparent recruitment process so that we appoint the best candidates.

Kindest Regards,

The British Primary School of Wilanow

30 Nov 2018 #71
Fascinating discussion unfortunately turned a little sour. We are planning our return from the UK for summer 2019 and looking for a sensible way forward for our boys to continue speaking English ideally also with British curriculum. We will however be based around Pruszkow area and I'm very concerned about the distance to the British School in Wilanow. I'm at the beginning of my search, but Vancouver School seem to be the closest on public transport from where we are. They don't seem to have the same depth of language usage and with both Canadian and Polish curriculums being taught - I'm not sure how would it work. Does anyone drive their kids for such a distance to school (45min) it feels like a crazy idea given rush hours, traffic etc.?

Thanks in advance for your help in this matter.
mdomin - | 1
11 Mar 2019 #72
No one will recommend this school, doesn't matter you live close or far. This is unfriendly place with weird, backward rules, low expectations for pupils, week arogant English teachers, poor teaching results and incompetent directors. This is the worst version of British primary school, or rather preschool.You only can find there arogance, low qualifications (including head of primary), very low culture and no professional ethics. This is place for desperates without any alternatives. I definitly don't recommend!
4 Nov 2020 #73
Hi all, It has been a while since the first post.....any recent reviews on the British school of Wilanow or the International European school? Cannot decide which one will be a better choice....

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