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British School of Warsaw in Wilanow

Lyzko 29 | 7,108
12 Dec 2016 #31
I take it then the instructors are all native English, or at the very least BILINGUAL-native speakers.
terri 1 | 1,665
13 Dec 2016 #32
The first thing that needs to be considered in employing native speakers, bilingual speakers and locals is the money. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. There is nothing more to say.
Lyzko 29 | 7,108
13 Dec 2016 #33
Thank you, terri! HOORAYY, we agree on that.

For this reason, Poland must do something to insure that it DOES pay her English teachers a decent to above decent salary to make certain that they get top quality native English speakers!!

From our lips to Duda's ear:-)
27 May 2017 #34
BSWW is a very poor school. Incompetent teachers and directors. Low level of teaching and culture. Arrogant principal.
jon357 66 | 16,190
27 May 2017 #35
I've heard the opposite. If you feel so negatively about it, why not give some concrete example and explain what your connection/experience with that school is.
27 May 2017 #36
I agree, Bsww is a very low quality primary school. Teachers don't care about timetable. Children don't have some classes at all. There is a mess generally and poor organization. Low level of teaching and culture. High level of ignorance and arrogance. I definitely don't recommend it.
jon357 66 | 16,190
27 May 2017 #37
Looks like the same person posting twice - and writing nonsense. Standards at The British School are very high and it has a good reputation.
Sparks11 - | 335
28 May 2017 #38
Perhaps this person is talking about a different "British School" the one which is part of Nordanglia Education is, perhaps, the best in Warsaw. From what I've heard it's better than the American school for Academic standards. If it isn't the "real" British school but some pop-up which tries to pass itself off as the real one then, sure, it could be all kinds of ******.
28 May 2017 #39
Why are you so upset? Everyone has the right to his opinion. High standards at The British School and a good reputation are a wish thinking until now. I wish a previous opinion was a nonsense. I'm glad that someone dared to write the truth about that school. On the other hand I'm not happy that it is a really poor school. It is very sad the school is a waste of children's time and parent's money.
14 Dec 2017 #40
Hi there all
Just reading through all these threads. We are possibly relocating in 2018 and I've just been looking at the British and the American schools of Warsaw. We are British but my children are currently in an American school - as its the only expat school in our country. Looking at both - easier transition for my daughter to go to the American school as she would arrive half way through IGCSE years.

Interested to hear what you say about the British school being really sporty? The website does not come across like that - are the sports really good? I have 2 incredibly sporty and competitive boys and I thought the facilities at the American school looked better? Is there swimming at BSW?

Also I'm struggling to find any mention of drama or dramatic arts at BSW - can this be? My daughter wants to do theatre arts at college so she really needs to have this at IB level. Thanks!
DominicB - | 2,709
14 Dec 2017 #41
Don't you think it's about time to get in direct touch with the admissions departments at these schools and ask them your questions? You could set up a Skype video call with them and get the answers straight from the horse's mouth.
14 Dec 2017 #42
I have got in touch with them directly - but I would also like to hear how it really is from parents.
23 Jan 2018 #43
Incompetent people think they are awesome. You can find only incompetence and carelessness at BSW.
jon357 66 | 16,190
24 Jan 2018 #44
There speaks a fired and disgruntled ex-employee..
24 Jan 2018 #45
For the price you pay, American School is better. The students that will accompany your children (highly spoiled kids living in a bubble) may not alwats be the best influences.

Most of the teachers are not paid very well, you can tell most of them would rather be teaching somewhere else where they would be compensated higher.
jon357 66 | 16,190
25 Jan 2018 #46
Most of the teachers are not paid very well,

Why did they fire you?
25 Jan 2018 #47
Are YOU employed at this school? Are you the online bot that defends the school? What's the deal here? Truly bizarre

Why do you assume everyone is a fired teacher?

I had two children aged 6 and 11 at TBS in 2011-13. Since 2013 they go to the American School in Konstancin and prefer it much more as they were used to the American system. The facilities are much larger and far more money is put, that's clearly reflected. The amount of Student Activities and extracurriculars is not comparable.

Next you'll accused me of working at this school?

The teachers are not paid well in comparison to what they would be making in most other EU countries, this applies to virtually all schools hiring English speaking natives in Poland. This reflects which people choose to work in Poland as teachers.

The turnover rate of teachers requesting transfers or simply leaving at TBS was high, teachers did not seem to stay long. Enrollment costs about the same but it is clear which school better in my opinion.
jon357 66 | 16,190
25 Jan 2018 #48
Next you'll accused me of working at this school?

It wouldn't surprise....
25 Jan 2018 #49
After reading your previous posts, it seems as if you are the most disliked troll on this forum.

And plenty of people have accused you of being an English teacher, so I'm not really surprised by your responses. In fact, you probably work at the British school, and this may be part of your job description. But anyone who has seen both facilities for their own eyes would know which the superior choice is.

Jon, perhaps if your qualifications were higher you wouldn't have to subject yourself to life as a poor teacher in a poor Eastern European nation. Or spending your time disagreeing with everyone and making bizarre accusations against multiple people on a dead forum. Seek help.
Ktos 17 | 456
25 Jan 2018 #50
He is a Jewish troll. Any topic about Jews and he jumps in defending any Jew he can, no matter what is true or a lie, it is all about defending a Jew for him - pathetic.

As for the British schools in Poland, who cares. I believe British should learn in Polish schools so that they would gain some healthy perspective on life instead of sheltering themselves from Polish society - that is how internal terrorism is born, and we don't need that in our country. Those Britons should be subjected to some assimilation into Polish society.
Atch 16 | 3,204
25 Jan 2018 #51
on a dead forum.

If the forum is so moribund why are you here??

it is all about defending a Jew for him

And for you, it's all about Russia.........

As for assimilation I agree up to a point. For children under the age of six, attending pre-school, then definitely local is the way to go. But as children get older, that becomes impractical. If an eleven year old is coming to Poland for two or three years, they can't have their academic education disrupted in that way. However, I think it would be a good thing if international schools had some program of mutual involvement and exchange between their students and local schools. People shouldn't live in a social bubble. Also kids at international schools should be obliged to do some kind of 'local' or community studies course, educating them about the country they are living in and they should be involved in community activities.
jon357 66 | 16,190
25 Jan 2018 #52
If the forum is so moribund why are you here??

When a 'guest poster' appears here solely to slag off or promote an organisation or business, do we really need to ask why?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
25 Jan 2018 #53
What's Roggers' issue with the British School, I wonder?
jon357 66 | 16,190
25 Jan 2018 #54
This sort of post is always suspicious. The British School in Warsaw is a respectable institution, run by Nord Anglia, a long-established chain of fee paying independent schools. It's properly (and thoroughly) inspected, and can recruit good teachers from Britain with UK Qualified Teacher Status.

Interesting that our 'guest poster' assumes that I work as a. a schoolteacher and b. in Eastern Europe. Neither are true.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
25 Jan 2018 #55
What proves him to be a typical troll (and most likely Roggers) is that he uses "Eastern Europe". No Polish person would use such a term to refer to Poland.
Ktos 17 | 456
26 Jan 2018 #56
Poland is geographically in Central Europe and culturally and politically between Central and Eastern Europe so term "Eastern Europe" is absolutely adequate to describe Poland. What many are forgetting is that we are Slavs who come from the East. We chase Western ideals but that is ridiculous, we are originally Eastern. Educate yourself a little, those Polish who deliberately avoid using "Eastern Europe" when referring to Poland are the ones who are ashamed of Polish roots.

And for you, it's all about Russia.........

I'm in a bath tub with one of my Russian girlfriends, she is washing my body right now, so I can not answer any differently than with big a YES! Other than that, you have made some better points about assimilation for the first time outside of Ireland, and I am not even trying to be nice to you, now that I'm all relaxed and being pumpered, you caught me (us) in a good moment, now I am visualising two women (but not together - sorry lesbians).
26 Jan 2018 #57
That's right, you can find only incompetence and arrogance at BSW. And I agree, incompetent people think they are awesome, exactly like at that school. More and more parents and teachers know it. It is time to change head of primary.
johnny reb 28 | 4,577
9 Feb 2018 #59
incompetent people think they are awesome

You just described 95% of liberal educational instructors in any civilized country at all levels.
Lyzko 29 | 7,108
9 Feb 2018 #60
Ergo, conservative instructors think they aren't? Not sure I quite grasp the logic here.

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