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77. rocznica powstania w getcie warszawskim

Alien - | 56
21 Jul 2021 #361
Faktem jest ze faszysci we Wloszech lub Niemczech przed wojna i w jej trakcie zwalczali kosciol
Oathbreaker 1 | 217
21 Jul 2021 #362
Bo chcieli aby państwo miało władzę totalną, nawet nad kościołem katolickim. Dlatego każdy megaloman jest w konflikcie z kościołem katolickim.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 10,891
21 Jul 2021 #363
You have to be a churchist to believe that.....should I post the old pics with holy men making the Hitler Salute? Or smiling at Hitler? Or being in friendly talks with him?
Oathbreaker 1 | 217
21 Jul 2021 #364
@Bratwurst Boy
Do I need to remind you that the Vatican in no way submitted itself to Nazi Germany? Just cause there was a deal reached about the appointment of bishops, doesn't mean that the German state controlled the Vatican. Just like PRL didn't control the Vatican either when it decided which priest was allowed to become bishop.

You are mixing the church administration within a country mostly composed by the clergy with the church (Catholic community).

Priests aren't the only members of the church

I checked the dictionary for the word "churchist" I actually go to mass. That description refers to those who criticize those who don't go, and makes up excuses as to why one himself doesn't (a hypocrite)
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 10,891
21 Jul 2021 #365
I apologize for not posting in polish! I shouldn't have posted here...
Ziemowit 13 | 4,395
21 Jul 2021 #366
The fact that it is forbidden to write in English in the Polish threads and to write in Polish in the main thread is the most anachronic rule on the PF. This rule should be applied as a general indication only. For godness sake, mods, we do live in the era of Google Translate and not in the 19th century !

Recently I have been given an O warning for replying in Chinese to a poster who opened a thread in Chinese, so I was then really wondering what was wrong with that that I deserved an O warning?

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