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Poland says no to flood of Immigrants

7 Oct 2023 #91
Chicago blacks want the migrants out!

Sure looks like they have more brains and balls than white woke idiots.
7 Oct 2023 #92
more brains

Hmmm......No, they don't have more brains. Ask the pathologist.
Cargo pants
7 Oct 2023 #93
No, they don't have more brains

Yes they do,or why would they benefit..
7 Oct 2023 #94
No, they don't have more brains.

More brains = more well-functioning brain cells.

There are two kinds of brain cells: logical and emotional. The latter is typically found in children, women, and white woke morons.

Are we OK now?
OP Joker
7 Oct 2023 #95
Sure looks like they have more brains and balls than white woke idiots.

It was white female democrats that elected the past 2 woke black Chicago Mayors as the city falls apart. They still say everything is racist but they control the entire city government. No wonder its F`ed up. Name one black politician that was any good??? Obama? LOLOL Hes Bidens puppet master!
7 Oct 2023 #96
Obongo started the destruction. He is still at it in his third term.
Watching Biden is so painful I wish they would let the real president from behind the curtain and into the open. Obongo at least lied more convincingly.
7 Oct 2023 #97
@Rich, "cheap labor" certainly does exist, so for the bazillionth time, quit playing the Devil's Advocate!
Or is your name Gregory and you're simply gaslighting again?
7 Oct 2023 #98
@Rich, "cheap labor" certainly does exist

No, idiot, it does not.

A family of four needs X in goods and services regardless of the source. What he does not earn because he is "cheap", he gets from the rest of us as (1) government welfare, (2) "free" education, (3) "free" health care, (4) private charity, (5) theft, and (6) prison.

Showing just one side of the ledger - his paycheck - is a neat trick. Just don't practice it on me, moron.
7 Oct 2023 #99
boom bomb a waya it's another swedish holiday. boom bomb oh look another apartment getting blown up another civilian woman getting killed. boom bomb away get ure hands up! boom boom bomb it's so hard to blame the swedish they just wished on themselves.
7 Oct 2023 #100
the swedish prime minister back when the swedes were sheeps, he knew all the gang warfare and all that sh*t. and he said swedes open your hearts! don't worry! in the meantime the refugee industry was making millions of placing every tom dick and ahmed in hotels? u know how much money is to be made from the refugee/migrant industry? it's not just the the hundreds of billions that are made to get them to europe. once there in europe lots of money to be made.. hotel accomodation, that's a pretty penny.

I want a piece of that, an empty hotel and you can fill that for a year, 100 pounds per room, per day. Now multiply that by 10 thousand fake refugees.
7 Oct 2023 #101
Now multiply that by 10 thousand fake refugees.

The only kind Europe and the US get...all fake under the UN rules.
7 Oct 2023 #102
YOu are right

Today, they get everything for free.

It's the same in Europe..... the backlash is coming sooner than most people seem to realise.

Its mostly blacks that sit around and sleep all day and dont want work. Leftist politicians support them with welfare so they can buy their vote.

That is only partly true in Europe,it's more Muslims here.

This migration crisis is a global problem and has to be stopped!
7 Oct 2023 #103
This migration crisis is a global problem

...of our own creation.

Gutlessness is the new white epidemic and a lot more dangerous than COVID-19. It's contagious and leads to paralysis.
Its main symptom - the fear of saying no.
8 Oct 2023 #104
@Rich, either you refuse to understand basic English or your brain's scrambled eggs!

Cheap labor means the import of low-wage Third World labor from certain Asian, Latin American, even formerly Communist nations such as Poland, Ukraine, and Romania, imported essential by figurative boatlift, in order underbid and therefore gradually phase out native born, North American, English-speaking college-educated Caucasians in order to reduce the overhead of having to provide healthcare, decent salaries or comfortable retirement benefits.

It's a pernicious plot and continues to occur in other highly industrialized nations, such as Sweden along with Germany. Incidentally, I DON'T concur with Trump that migrants are somehow "poisoning" the American culture. I do think though that it's odd how some still praise Trump as a business brain nonpareil when this same person spoke openly as president some years back of bringing in immigrants from Scotland or the Nordic countries instead of migrants from "@#$$-hole countries" in Africa or Latin America.

Were the US to follow his advice, the wages for those Northern Europeans would make America unaffordable for the average middle class citizens.

Therefore the US needs those migrants, thus perpetuating a vicious cycle which reinforced the inherent inconsistencies of capitalism as currently practiced in a post-New Deal United States.
8 Oct 2023 #105
Therefore the US needs those migrants,

How many?
OP Joker
8 Oct 2023 #106
real president from behind the curtain and into the open

Obozo already admitted it is him. The man behind the curtain.. Just wait, they will try and get his Bigfoot looking wife to replace Biden in 24.


This migration crisis is a global problem and has to be stopped!

Biden has let in over 7,000,000 invaders and many are terrorists. It all by design to destroy the country.

American citizens defending themselves will be the only defense against this invasion perpetrated by the marxist democrats.

8 Oct 2023 #107
American citizens defending themselves will be the only defense against this invasion

I would really like some open borders moron to explain why we - the gov or private citizens - should not shoot the invading scum.

I can do it legally at home - even if the scumbag is not pointing a gun in my face. His mere presence after breaking through the front door allows me to use lethal force without asking any questions.

As far as the last elections...of course, they were rigged. When a dead man who says nothing gets 15 million more votes than that scumbag from Kenya something sucks big time.
Cargo pants
8 Oct 2023 #109
"cheap labor" certainly does exist,

It doesnt Lyzko,Chesp labor dont exist but sure labor exists.When in business I had almost 70% illegals who never missed a day and didnt steal "MUCH'lol

All the immigrants they let in now are basically legal they have ss numbers and work permits.Go ask any gas station worker near you he is getting paid 15$ an hr cash for 12 to 15 hrs a day.With state min being 14 an hr even an illegal will not work for less then that and the legal one will have his taxes taken out on 40 hrs and the rest on cash.

If they had to let them in just fingerprint them and dont give them ss numbers or work permits,then 85% will be ok for the needed work force.

The labor dept knew it and when they came they always asked me who is the legal one so they can chek and never ever did they go to the kitchen,you can check in all the restaurants,bars gas stations by you.LOL even try TGIF,Applebees etc in the kitchen and they are big corporate restaurants.And dont tell me they do that for taxes lol how much more will they collect?lol just raise cpl of cents on property value taxes and more will be made.
9 Oct 2023 #110
@Cargo pants,
Either you're just splitting hairs or you, like Rich aka Novichok, don't understand English one hundred percent.
I've already explained that the expression "cheap labor" refers to the direct economic effects of runaway outsourcing, not confined to the US, by the way.

What's so bleedin' hard to grasp here, guys?
OP Joker
9 Oct 2023 #111
cheap labor" refers to the direct economic effects of runaway outsourcing,

Total BS!

This term has been around over a century before the outsourcing began. Hahahaha

As in earlier times, current American sweatshop workers tend to be immigrants (legal and undocumented) seeking economic opportunity and political freedom. Desperate for work and primarily women, these workers become easy prey for unscrupulous employers.

This country was founded on cheap labor, slavery existed in every one of the original 13 states at some time in its history, right?

Now, the Leftards want to give all of the invaders work permits and we all you will try and give them voting right next.
Cargo pants
9 Oct 2023 #112
give them voting right next

That is there agenda,fu.ckerssss......
10 Oct 2023 #113
Now, the Leftards want to give all of the invaders work permits

...or keep outsourcing American jobs to China and Mexico, according to our cheap labor idiot.

What he can't see from where he is is how outsourcing turned wealth-producing factories into rusty skeletons, followed by crime, addiction, broken families, low birth rates, depression, a drop in life expectancy, a reduced tax base, and an increase in welfare. Somehow those are never included in the definition of "cheap labor"
10 Oct 2023 #114
You're confusing apples and oranges, you two! If one looks up the term in a dictionary, one will immediately see both in print (not to mention in common parlance), the use of of a low-wage workforce abroad in less expensive societies in order to perform work normally performed by a native-born employee or employees, as well as the import of said low-wage work force in order to replace native-born workers who would be performing the same task, if solely to save the company money.

This is the up to date meaning of cheap labor.
Quit gaslighting, hair splitting, and continually playing the Devil's Advocate.
Cargo pants
10 Oct 2023 #115
This is the up to date meaning of cheap labor.

Who cares what up to date meaning is lol
Cheap labor means cheap labor as it says lol.
BTW we are coming to ya neighborhood to my trust lawyer jutro on Central Ave,I promise to take a pee there,hope you can sniff*it,lol BTW what is up to date meaning of that LOL.And yes I am a are you?
10 Oct 2023 #116
You're confusing apples and oranges, you two!

Hey, professor, did you read #113?

What in that post is incorrect?

This is the up to date meaning of cheap labor.

Nobody gives a fu*ck about definitions. It's about the people who can't make ends meet and have 400 bucks for emergencies. There is 65% of them in the US, a-hole...

Learn how to use hyphens, Mr. Definition...
Cargo pants
11 Oct 2023 #117

I am going to professors town now to take a pee.
11 Oct 2023 #118
Apparently, Rich, neither you nor your partner in dis-and misinformation give a f@#$% about facts either, much less truth!
11 Oct 2023 #119
Did you read #113? If not, get lost. If yes, what's not true in it?
12 Oct 2023 #120
I read the post and there is a degree of truth in it.
The US is by her nature ever so greedy and will indeed stop at nearly nothing in the pursuit of the Almighty Dollar!

If it means outsourcing good-paying US jobs to cheaper, Third World states, so be it, as long as the boss can syphon off more and more funds by depriving his or her employees of the benefits they rightfully deserve if only to support an inflated lifestyle.

In the States, one must almost prove hardship in order to derive even the meagerest pleasures from a hard-won salary. In other countries, especially those in Northern Europe, such pleasures are considered a given for the privilege of working for the respective company.

The latter though can foster laziness and smugness, I will admit. As with most things in life, it's a double-edged sword.

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