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Previous Poland's government corrupting the media.

Ironside 50 | 11,041
12 Feb 2021 #121
State controlled media does not generate any profits or taxes.

I'm not saying that companies should be controlled by a government. Except maybe for strategically vital industries - depends on a country and circumstances. No matter.

What we are talking about is some tax which may or may not be an attempt at bringing some TV stations under gov control. If that is a case it is:

a, a very dumb move
b, one that will end in a failure.
On the other hand as far as I know media market is overrun by foreign companies and a capital. I wouldn't mind if they would just scram.

I would say that it is an attempt on the part of the gov to look for some new ways of getting more revenue.

Third world country's control the media.

Dude is that even an argument? Who cares? By the way because media in first world countries are controlled by practically unaccountable oligarchs.
Not that much different from Russia.
I would say differences between first and third world countries are down to much more detailed and complex issues that who and how control the media.

Nowadays the most important one the Internet seems to be controlled by the lizard people..... it should be regulated by the law of a country to keep monopoly of corporations at bay.

if the public are influenced or swayed

Well people are more stupid that they are given a credit for, Also that is my opinion not a nonsense.
PolAmKrakow 1 | 787
12 Feb 2021 #122
Sure its an argument or a point. Poland under this government is sliding backward. No forward thinking or educated person could possibly support what is happening here. This "law" or "tax" that state owned media does not have to pay is designed to crush independent media and thus independent thought and perspective.

JK and the crew will do anything to keep people from learning and in turn coming up with new thoughts. They want a blindly following cult of Polish Catholics to waive the flag. This is not how democracy operates. It is not how society grows and how innovation is fostered. This is how countries fail, how they get left behind. If that doesn't concern people that really care about the country and not simply social and policy agenda, then not much will.
jon357 67 | 16,905
13 Feb 2021 #123
An excellent article about it here:

"Modern authoritarians inside the EU don't bother with censorship, they control and limit free speech through ownership and through economic means, like giving all the public advertising to the media they like and large subsidies to the public media, while punishing independent private media by tax extensions or special taxes"
Ironside 50 | 11,041
13 Feb 2021 #124
K and the crew will

They're only following a not so new European trend.

blindly following cult of Polish Catholics to waive the flag

wrong! They want voters to vote on them blindly all the time. They don't care what you are as long as you vote on them and don't ask questions.
pawian 176 | 15,325
3 Apr 2021 #125
the fantastically corrupt and crook PiS party to recreate the PRL with only state media.

Yes, we thought that those nightmares wouldn`t return but they did, with PIS` help. 32 years have passed since the fall of communism but rightards are still mentally rooted in that old system.

Poland under this government is sliding backward.

Yes, and it is so painful to watch this process.

Home / News / Previous Poland's government corrupting the media.
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