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Donald Tusk's Government of Poland Continues to Oppress Poles

delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
21 Apr 2011 #151
Take for example his hint that commie Poland was subsidized by Soviet Russia.

So...where did the oil come from that fuelled many of Poland's heavy industries during that time?

Subsidies, my friend.
Crow 160 | 10,261
21 Apr 2011 #152

ps, ps, psss, hey, i care for Poland but don`t tall it to anyone
Seanus 15 | 19,706
22 Apr 2011 #153
Some have done well under Donald and some have done badly. The journalists must be a little bored with the lack of circus value that LK (RIP) presented with his constant flurry of vetoes. No thrust and parry now. BK is a man largely unspoken of. I think he needs a BJ scandal like Clinton had ;) ;)

Joking aside, Tusk is not an oppressor in the wider sense. I think he should have taken some action with regards to the 'aksyza' aspect of fuel. Dissuading people from using fuel is advantageous in one sense but he is showing that he is a victim to market forces. Measures can be taken on the domestic front to act as a palliative to international fuel games.

Also, he is said to be thinking about closing down the 'Rodzina na Swoim' program forthwith. Credit is a reality in Poland and abandoning such a program is a sign that he is sticking his fingers up at many modern, nuclear families. Not the way to go IMHO.
valpomike 11 | 197
19 Nov 2011 #154
Merged: What do you think of the replacements PM Donald Tusk made, and why?

Donald Tusk replaced more than half the cabinet, why, and is this for the good of Poland?
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,377
19 Nov 2011 #155
I think his choices are very rational when looked thorough the prism of party politics. Tusk has made it quite clear that he is not going to serve the full term, with this in mid he is turning his thoughts to who his successor is going to be, that is why he has promoted potential leadership hopefuls and given them the opportunity of proving themselves before the next leadership contest. He wants PO to have the widest possible choice of future leader.

That is why he has promoted the right's faction Jaroslaw Gowin, at the expense of Kwiatkowski(who was a very good minster, wom everyone expected to hold his portfolio) to the position of Justice Minister, Because he wants him to be tested(Justice is a difficult portfolio, and Gowin has no legal experience) and because Tusk is from the moderate faction and he want's him to potentially stumble so somebody from the moderate side can win the leadership.

He has promoted a number of potential moderate leadership hopefuls, whom he hopes one of them will eventually take over the leadership-Slawomir Nowak, Cichon, and Mucha. He also wants Sikorski to have a shot at the leadership , because he sees him as quite capable and that is why he has integrated him into the structures of the party.

He wants there to be a potential women PM, that is why he has promoted Kopacz to the position of speaker. He has also demoted Schetyna who up till now was his main leadership rival, because he didn't want him to have it too easy in contesting for the leadership, it's the same story with Grabarczyk-in the previous parliament he used to play them off against each other.

I think this is generally a good thing for Poland because they will have a genuine contest for the leadership, which a healthy democracy needs and which the current official opposition, because of its sheer incompetence, cannot provide.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
19 Nov 2011 #156
He substituted vodka and gin for rum and brandy?

Seriously, who really cares? PO are the party of blunder avoidance so what can we really say of their record?
contraption - | 6
19 Nov 2011 #157
As long as we have the same government, it doesn't matter even a bit. Everything will proceed according to agenda, as it used to. These cosmetic changes are probably the result of inside (party) agreements, and will provide media enough topics to talk about during the next few weeks, putting aside important stuff like necessity to reduce debt, reduce spending, cutting social expenses, cutting administration expenses or completely irrational policy of further tax increase.

Also, I don't agree that we live in a democracy, since democracy is not a political system (its just a method to choose your dictator). Our current political system would be most likely be Oligarchy (bunch of people controlling literally every aspect of our lives). I don't remember being given the right to vote on the Lisbon Treaty for example...
Seanus 15 | 19,706
19 Nov 2011 #158
VG post, contraption!
noreenb 7 | 557
19 Nov 2011 #159
Why? I don't know.
I just think the government won't last for a longer time because there aren't people who are educated enough to perform important roles.
Crow 160 | 10,261
17 May 2018 #160
One never know with pan brat Tusk. Sometimes he works for Poland, sometimes for Germany but, in any case for himself. These days in Bulgaria, in Sofia, he is seen in love with Serbian president Vucic.

pawian 197 | 19,827
8 Mar 2020 #161
The almost 300% rise of baby wares VAT, is a perfect continuation of German WW2 nazi policy of oppressing Polish population.

And after years, it is still in force. PiS government has done nothing to abolish it. Danke schón, Herr Kaczyński.

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