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Coal-Powered Poland Refuses to "Go Green". EU Ain't Happy.

jon357 64 | 14,382
15 Feb 2018  #121
shale fracking

The problem is the depths of the various reservoirs. When they're deep, there's not so many problems. When it's near the surface we see the problems that you describe.

Hopefully soon the Nuclear Energy stigma will soon vanish in Poland

There are plans (and have been for a while) as well as Uranium deposits however nuclear gets a bad press and everyone over a certain age remembers Chernobyl down the road. The country held its collective breath until the wind changed and Belarus got the fallout.
G (undercover)
15 Feb 2018  #122
Millions of Poles heat their homes with often low-quality coal

Many Poles literally burn garbage, that's the problem. But that has nothing to do with shutting down coal powered heat/power plants or shutting down the coal mines.
Chemikiem 5 | 1,565
15 Feb 2018  #123
.the government should be ashamed that it just hasn't bothered to do anything about it

I don't think they are that interested in doing anything about it. PiS promised to rescue the coal mining industry and protect jobs when they were elected in 2015, despite the mines running at huge losses due to the falling price of coal worldwide. Szydło, even though she is no longer PM, is a coal miners daughter, so I think it's quite obvious where her loyalties lay at the time. Even though the mines have been bailed out, they really need to address this issue because the other problem is that the Silesian mines are very deep and the cost of extracting coal is very expensive.

Personally I don't think much will change in the near future. Poland has a love affair with coal and I think any government is going to think twice about abandoning the industry with the loss of jobs that will ensue, and that's presuming there is a viable and cost effective alternative available. If I remember rightly, this government also introduced restrictive new rules/laws regarding where wind farms could be built, effectively putting the kibosh on the developing wind industry.
Dougpol1 27 | 2,633
8 Oct 2018  #124

Did anyone bother to tell the Polish government......?

...........To conform and stop doing what they're doing - with their insane support for coal and their total indifference to the indefensible domestic burning of coal for heating homes? (mods please merge to existing thread...)

Other countries banned coal fired heating decades ago. When is the EU going to enforce a ban Europe wide? At least this is one thing the UK and the EU agree about, but Poland keeps right on its' merry way, damaging our planet and killing it's own citizens.
Miloslaw 6 | 1,714
8 Oct 2018  #125
What is the point when China and India ignore this?
Dougpol1 27 | 2,633
9 Oct 2018  #126
So you haven't read the Guardian article then? Australia is complaining that their industry only account to 1 percent of global carbon emissions, so are also idiotically committing to coal to 2050 But 1 percent of a hell of a lot is a hell of a lot. There is no logic in saying that the 1 percent doesn't matter.

The report states a theory that we have ten years to do something radical to avoid a tipping point. Our childrens' lives........
Shocking really.
Rich Mazur 5 | 3,274
9 Oct 2018  #127
The report states a theory that we have ten years to do something radical to avoid a tipping point. Our childrens' lives........

BS. They said the same thing 30 years ago and nobody is held accountable for those lies which, btw, also included Miami being under water by 2020. Well, 30 years later, Miami is fine. I know because I called the Miami Port Authority recently to check if the ocean level has gone up in the last 30 years. Nope. Not even an inch.

My theory is that the global warmers want more money, more control, or both. So, now they are looking for a new batch of useful idiots.

Home / News / Coal-Powered Poland Refuses to "Go Green". EU Ain't Happy.
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