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Future of Polish-Ukrainian relations

23 Feb 2024 #541
Looks like a German.

Why? Don't you have ginger people in Russia?
OP Bobko
23 Feb 2024 #542
Very few.

They are mocked mercilessly.

Their life is living hell.
Bratwurst Boy
23 Feb 2024 #543

Tusk is a Kashubian name. Kashubia (or Kaszuby as it's known in Polish) is a region that lies in Northern Poland. It stretches from the region west of Gdansk (or the city of Gdynia to be more exact) to the Hel Peninsula and inland Pomerania.

On the other hand....Google honores today some polish scientist Casimir Funk with a that name sounds german!

23 Feb 2024 #544
Why would they lie about him, in the same way they lie about Putin?


Can you imagine the President of Mexico,

Why are your arguments so tragically stupid??? You must be ranked the lowest in the Kremlin troll factory hierarchy... :):)
Is Mexico at war with its powerful neighbour aka US??? No. So, why do you bring it up???

Besides, you forgot how Soviet Russians were fawning to and begging Western allies for help when Germany attacked the USSR in 1941. Without the Lend Lease Act, Soviet Russia would have fallen to Nazis.

Ginger Hooy as he is called in Poland.

Yes, by homo sovieticuses and other azholes. Thank you for revealing your nature. hahahaha
OP Bobko
23 Feb 2024 #545
You must be ranked the lowest in the Kremlin troll factory hierarchy..

Why else would I be on the PF detail?

I have a feeling my boss does not like me.

Every day, I come to work, and I do this... and I do that. But to tell you the truth, Pawian, I don't know what I'm doing here.

Even my boss - Ivan Demidovich - I suspect doesn't know what I do here. Simply, he feels a certain power over me, and this gives him satisfaction. But me? I don't know what will happen to me...

Some mornings I wake up, and I look at the mirror - and I see the same lack of initiative, same lack of imagination, same mediocrity - which I suspect Ivan Demidovich sees when I arrive at the office in the morning.
23 Feb 2024 #546
I don't know what will happen to me...

If you don`t show him some positive results of your Kremlin propaganda, then you will be in trouble. E.g, I know that you have to include in your monthly reports how many forum members you persuaded into accepting Kremlin agenda.

Don`t count on me in this case. You can list Kania and Ironside as your successes. Or Novi but he had been a rabid russophile before you came here.

Think of Polam who turned from a hawk into a dove on Ukrainian matters. He might be a product of your endeavours, too. Your boss won`t know, anyway.
23 Feb 2024 #547

Blond??? :)


Now when you are half bald and grey??

Are you talking about yourself?
My hair may be somewhat thinner than in my younger days but still going strong and nobody would call me bald no matter their imagination, as for grey there is some sliver on my sides and temples. Jealous much? lol!
23 Feb 2024 #548
Poland needs young people in power.

While Russia doesn`t coz Putin is just perfect. hahahahahaha


In your armpit maybe.
23 Feb 2024 #549
In your armpit maybe.

geez, you are effortlessly disgusting.
23 Feb 2024 #550

Only if you keep your armpits in a disgusting condition...........
24 Feb 2024 #551
What exactly did you think you did for Ukraine, in the last 9 months, to merit positive mentions?

Here you are:

Poland supported 1 million Ukrainian refugees who fled to our country.
We continued sending humanitarian and military help from our own production or supplies to Ukraine.
We allowed the transfer of Western aid to Ukraine through our border.

Last but not least - we supported Ukrainian cause in the world and strongly demanded more sanctions on Russia, pressing our allies to levy them asap.

Now compare it with an average country in the world and conclude if it was a lot or not. :):):) E.g, Canada.
Then, compare it with Hungary, openly hostile to Ukraine, and conclude if it was a lot or not. :):):)
24 Feb 2024 #552
- The issue of unblocking the border with Poland should be resolved by March 28, otherwise Ukraine may take retaliatory measures at border crossings , said on Friday the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal, who arrived at the Polish-Ukrainian border together with his ministers.

The head of the Ukrainian government also emphasized that the Ukrainian side was ready for talks, but "unfortunately, no meeting with Polish officials took place."

These words outraged former Minister of Education Przemysław Czarnek, who commented on them on social media.

as part of retaliatory measures, maybe you will reimburse us billions for educating hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian children in Polish schools? Or maybe you will reimburse us billions for military aid? ...we don't want it because we know that it is our human, Christian duty. Exactly the same as defending Polish, healthy, truly ecological agriculture, protecting Polish consumers against products harmful to health. Therefore, please abandon this insolent tone, because you are harming Ukraine and our relations.

Mr Grunwald
24 Feb 2024 #553
Don`t count on me in this case

He can count on me! The more Russian Federation spends rubles on this is less rubles spent on military equipment. Any slav patriot, Russian or not should gladly convince the authorities of Russia to fund this site! As much as possible! ;)

Bobko feel free to "write" any "reports" of having a Pro-Russian user named "Mr Grunwald" here.

Free Russia!
24 Feb 2024 #554
Free Russia!

From what? From Russia?
johnny reb
21 Apr 2024 #556
She did not like the form of protest by farmers who blocked the border with Ukraine and spilled grain on the railway tracks.

Polish farmers continue to block border crossings with Ukraine.
Over 1700 trucks are queued at only two points, according to Andrii Demchenko, a spokesperson for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.
21 Apr 2024 #557
From Novichok

Another Polish clown trying to be cute.
So far, the score is 5 to zero for clowns.

Clown (def.) - a moron who ran out of arguments but insists on having the last word, no matter how stupid.
21 Apr 2024 #558
Clown (def.) - a moron who ran out of arguments but insists on having the last word, no matter how stupid.

You are talking about yourself.

it is difficult to navigate this forum due to your spamming it.
21 Apr 2024 #559
Polish farmers continue to block border crossings with Ukraine.

Very unfortunate situation, indeed. Both sides have their points.
25 Apr 2024 #560
Polish FM said today that Poland has no territorial claims to Ukraine, as Russian propaganda asserts in order to put the two nations against each other.

The Kremlin will never succeed in doing so, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said while addressing the parliament, stating the priorities of Poland's foreign policy for 2024.

As the head of Polish diplomacy emphasized, Ukraine has the right to independently shape its future within the borders recognized by the international community.

He also added that Russians are lying about alleged Polish plans to annex part of Ukraine. Donbas is Ukrainian, Crimea is Ukrainian, Lviv, Volyn, ancient Eastern Galicia are also Ukrainian. Therefore, I repeat so that those in the Kremlin also hear this: Lviv is Ukraine,"Sikorski said in the Ukrainian language to the round of applause from other MPs.

20 Jun 2024 #561
German companies will get lion's share of Ukraine's rebuilding program. same Germans who were telling Ukrainians that their defeat was question of weeks

I also read that article in Onet. But remember - the guy who wrote it is a journalist and as such he has to attract attention to his work coz that`s what his employer gets profits from. The best way to attract attention in such media is by scaring or worrying their readers.

He claims Poland won`t take advantage of the rebuilding process in Ukraine and partly explains it - Polish companies are too small and have less financial assets to play the role of such heavy weight champions as companies from bigger and richer countries.

Poland was sending fuel, ammunition and tanks almost right away.

Well, to be honest, we sent the stuff which was spare and would soon be replaced by modern equipment. :):):)

We played it very badly.

No, we didn`t. Ukraine is also defending Poland and that`s what counts. I sneeze at rebuilding contracts as long as Russia loses. And there won`t be Russian defeat without Ukrainian heroic sacrifice.
20 Jun 2024 #562
we sent the stuff which was spare

Maybe the tanks, ifvs and some older equipment (Grads, Shilkas etc.) but we could use every single artillery shell that we sent and there were trains full of it rolling to Ukraine.

And there won`t be Russian defeat without Ukrainian heroic sacrifice.

Hmm... well, if you put it this way, I suppose.

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