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Dodgy PRL-holdover judiciary finally reformed

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,666
19 Jul 2021 #361
There are many articles about Kremlin sponsoring of pro Russian

So what? Even if it were true what's the big deal? Foreign countries, NGOs, etc. sponsor political groups all the time - no different with PO or the left, especially from Soros and all the pro-EU groups. So it's okay for one group to take money from a certain country, person or group but not another? Hmmm....

Good for them though - the nationalists need to get all the funding they can to fight the good fight. Idc if it's the Taliban or North Korea that gives NOP/ONR/RN/etc. money
Sylvio 19 | 143
19 Jul 2021 #362
[quotePeople avoided going to court if they could because they knew they could not count on fair, punctual and effective handling of their cases.[/quote]Here, I agree totally. 3 years ago I was threatened to be shot, by a local "businessman", but decided not to press charges, on a hunch I was dealing with an old SB-ka, and thus could never come a winner, out of such a court case,

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