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Polish girls attitudes towards sex.

29 Apr 2007 #121
I do not understand.Why do you want to be posessive with girls?If you want macho behaviour go to Mexico.There sb may give you a punch if you just speak or look at his girlfriend.How many girls do these guys actually have?Are the girls happy?Or the boys?Or there is constant conflict,aggresion and no sex?

Why everybody is after slavic girls?
Maxxx Payne 1 | 196
29 Apr 2007 #122
Why everybody is after slavic girls?

They have better morals compared to Finnish (not to mention Swedish!!!) women. I guess women's lib in Finland/sweden means acceptance of narcistic and mean behavior.

Somehow the German men are horny after Swedish/Finnish women. I guess they have matching mindsets and morals...
29 Apr 2007 #123
And because of this good soul,not spoiled they make good wives.

Are you not drunken something like that?

How can a girl make a good wife, if she sleeps with others?
29 Apr 2007 #124
I will write an example since it is difficult to understand.
Where do many americans travel to find hot,sexy,passionate approachble girls?
To Eastern Europe.
Where do many americans travel to find a caring,good,nice,affectionate wife?
To Eastern Europe.
To exactly the same teritorries.
There is a reason for that.I tried to explain the dynamics but is difficult for westerners to understand slavs anyway.
29 Apr 2007 #125
I do not describe my culture.I try to describe girls' mentality in slavic countries through the eyes of a westerner.They will never describe themselves like that but they will give some hints if you speak with them.I just o not uderstand people who manage to get a very good looking girl because she cheated her boyfriend and then complain that she cheated them.You cannot change slavic girls.Either you accept them or not.
dourbest741 2 | 29
30 Apr 2007 #126
Ok. This is awesome thanks for the eyeopener. Ok my experience in romania, (from what I hear its the only latin european country in eastern europe) the women are so posessive that if you even look at another girl it could mean BIG TROUBLE with her and she understands likewise. If you cheat you break the deal. Relationship over. We will all accept that better propositions will happen and some may choose to leave...fine.

So I just wanted to solidify that Slavic countries, its ok to sleep with other people and come back home to your wife or husband as long as they do not know?
ArturSzastak 3 | 593
30 Apr 2007 #127
So I just wanted to solidify that Slavic countries, its ok to sleep with other people and come back home to your wife or husband as long as they do not know?

Thats not OK is wrong with you?
dourbest741 2 | 29
30 Apr 2007 #128
Thanks for the correction. I just wanted to get the quoted argument straightened out:


Quoting: southern
And because of this good soul,not spoiled they make good wives.

Are you not drunken something like that?

How can a girl make a good wife, if she sleeps with others?"
1 May 2007 #129
Romania is not a slavic country.There is balkan mentality influenced by Turks.Girls are more accesible than serbian girls but still not as polish or russian or czech girls.

If you have a polsih girlfriend,she will raise concern that you cheat her.In fact if you are handsome she will be sure you cheat her.But she will try to win you through her behaviour,culture,openess.There are not so many lies like in balkans,no gypsy behaviour.
FISZ 24 | 2,116
1 May 2007 #130
And what makes you a expert on Polish women? I'm good looking and my GF doesn't accuse me of cheating. I would think that depends on the
1 May 2007 #131
I am not expert.I compare them to other women.These are all tendencies,it depends on what you have in mind.We can say everyone is differnt,all the people are the same,end of conversation.Then there is nothing to talk about.
FISZ 24 | 2,116
1 May 2007 #132
I am not expert.I compare them to other women.

So you date women in Poland as well as women from other countries and compare? You get around :)
I just can't see how you can say this about Polish women in general. Some habits may be different due to cultural reasons/upbringing, but to say stuff like this isn't justified.
1 May 2007 #133
O.K. I speak from my experience.I generalize.I have no statistic research results of how many girls do this or that.If anyone does this kind of research and is allowed to publish,keep the forum informed.
FISZ 24 | 2,116
1 May 2007 #134
As long as everyone knows its from your own experience :) Everyone attracts different types of people. Som here may take you literally...or even offensively. Remember, there are PL women that come to this site.
1 May 2007 #135
PL women probably have read what is written and did not react.This means sth,or not?
1 May 2007 #136
well, no.
It just looks like you have a lot of experiance or you would like to have a lot of experiance are a pimp.
angel eyes 1 | 131
1 May 2007 #137
This means sth,or not?

Yes It means they would'nt give you the time of day or waste their time replying!!!!!
((((rolling eyes in disbelief))))
1 May 2007 #138
I have some experience.I do not blame polish girls.Either way you will never admit.
dourbest741 2 | 29
1 May 2007 #139
Its all interesting really. I guess in general a person can conform to the cultural stereotypes or they can act as an individual. When your experience is with a woman who conforms then I guess you can speak of the stereotype but not every single individual. Its interesting on how Poland's culture has come onto now. I mean the country of mini kingdoms turned into a country then part of the eastern bloc then now the buffer between the west and the east. I always allow myself to be corrected as I am still learning about Poland itself.

And southern I checked and you are right in part. Romania is ethnically latin. A small percent are gypsy while the rest of the population is ethnically descendant upon the actual ancient romans (all can be argues since the european wars since its fall) and the minority are hungarians and germans. I did get a feel that when europeans here of romania they instantly think gypsies which has probably been well marketed over the decades.

So in summation I think its still to be scene how Polish women will be. Probably the true test for the rest of eastern europe as they are in constant growth and assimilation with neighboring countries like Germany, Spain and Italy places where economies are self sustaining and their influencing cultures as well. I love france but will not mention their economy as of yet. Sorry I ran off the subject a little!!
1 May 2007 #140
Romania is balkan.Romanian girls have mentality similar to serbian and bulgarian girls.
Slavic wolrld is totally different.In slavic countries where there was turkish occupation like in Serbia,Bulgaria the mentality of girls is largely influenced by strong morals.These people are very proud.

Czech,Slovakia,a part of Poland and West Ukraine were under austrohungarian occupation.Their mentality is totally different(more organized,cultured,open etc).
Ukraine,Belarus which were under russian influence have different mentality(more cheating,more slavic soul,cunning etc).
So there is an average,typical slavic mentality in all girls but the way it appears differs depending on country wether it was under austrian,ottoman or russian influence.

Poland was influenced by germans who occupied west Poland,North-west and North-east as well,austrians who occupied southeast poland and Russians who occupied central,east teritorries of Poland.As a result you meet in polish girls features of german culture(obedient,ethics),of russian culture(drink,dance,romance,freedom) and austrian culture(polite,cultured,tolerant) depending on the place.However polish girls look alike because there was not much mix with nationalities like germans(germans did not want),austrians(far) and russiansnot wanted in Poland,national pride).Girls are 95% slavic and look phantastic although mostly alike(contrast to czech diversity resulting of heavy german-slavic mix).

I think polish girls are ideal for a long term relationship and for short relationship because they do not ask for money,they are honest,open and not cunning like ukrainian girls,not gold diggers like many russian girls and not totally unstable like czech girls.

So they combine eastern hospitality and warmness with western culture,that's why they are so popular.No comparison to german or british girls in terms of appearance and everything.

Problem is they complain a lot and may leave you soon.
For attitude towards sex I already wrote.PL girls disagree.Probably they think it is right if they meet the right person.So if they meet the right person that is what follows.
Hueg - | 320
1 May 2007 #141
and austrian culture(polite,cultured,tolerant

Where is my ROFL smiley?

<actually choking here>

Still laughing.

<re-reads quote>

Oh I can't breathe

Even their leader was one. Austrian I mean, or was it Nazi. I forget :rolleyes: Put your fire extinguishers away people, nothing to see here. :)
8 May 2007 #142
polish girls who travel abroad get a lot of attention because they look a lot better than average local women

What a load of bull****!!!!!
Whre did you get that from?!!!
sparrow 2 | 243
8 May 2007 #143
Welcome to the world of Southern.
8 May 2007 #145
Many girls like to be spanked.Sometimes guys cannot do it and girls are disappointed.
szarlotka 8 | 2,208
8 May 2007 #146
Hey come on admit it... You're Doctor Phil aren't you. <smiley here>
8 May 2007 #147
I am not doctor Phil.I just need a motiv to spank.If a girl uses bad words and makes me angry is possible.Otherwise it is very feministic.
sparrow 2 | 243
10 May 2007 #148
Is it true that all Polish girls have conservative moods today?
labrat - | 1
8 Sep 2007 #149
Actualy stats have proven that women cheat more then men
mostley do to the fact that women have no problem finding sex when ever they want it
this is commen knoledge.
osiol 55 | 3,921
8 Sep 2007 #150
If one gender cheats more than the other, is that due to

a) there being an unequal balance of males to females, or
b) one gender is more likely to have a smaller number of cheats having a larger number of simultaneous relationships?

Otherwise, the numbers can't add up.

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