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Why are Muslims seen as a deterrent to Poland?

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,597
22 Nov 2017 #541

Some of the women look straight up like ninjas

Also UK is a net payee into the eu, and a rather large one at that, not beneciciary like Poland. The eu basically redistributed the wealth of the west plundering the wealthy states cash for the poorer eu countries. Not to mention the flood of immigrants which severely undercut blue collar brits. First they let their amazing empire fall apart which due to all the independence movements is kind of understandAble but then they handed way too much control over their affairs to Brussels. That is why Brits esp those in northern England chose leave
SigSauer 4 | 413
23 Nov 2017 #542
I'm really trying to wrap my head around cheering on the destruction of a nations national identity in favor of appearing altruistic. These countries that people are coming from are all homogeneous societies and no one is asking them to destroy their own national identities with unfettered immigration. Somehow this becomes acceptable when we are talking about European countries or countries which were founded by people of European ancestry. No one is beating the war drum for Japan to accept hoards of economic migrants and to adapt their culture to their new guests, and in fact they take active measures to protect their national identity. There is a blatant double standard with one unchanging variable as to who is targeted for cultural enrichment.
Sparks11 - | 335
23 Nov 2017 #543
White guilt and/or the media portrays liberalism and globalization as the stuff of the highly educated and elite (who doesnt want to be smart and elite) this pulls in the educated folks because that's where they feel they belong. It's theoreticslly easier to control a heterogeneous nation, the people wont band together. This may not work out though.
SigSauer 4 | 413
23 Nov 2017 #544

We are celebrating Thanksgiving here on the base, because we are proud of our European ancestors, that they took a leap into the unknown, and that they conquered and built a country from nothing. 0 guilt here for something I had nothing to do with.
Crow 137 | 7,974
23 Nov 2017 #545
Why deterrent? Germans or Muslims, its all the same to Poles. Poles see deeper. They are wise.
G (undercover)
25 Nov 2017 #546
Well before you talk about clown degrees then maybe tell us what you studied - because it clearly was not maths or anything similar since you struggle with understanding correlations and probability.

LOL ! So as usual, when you can't prove your "point", you are going down to these childish bullshits. You are using terms which you simply don't understand. We're not talking about coin flipping here but about human choices with huge deviations across districts and damn load of "unknown". In order to extrapolate correlation into general population, you need to first measure the actual correlation between variabilities using a significant sample representing "observations" with structure resembling that of general population in regard to the residence, age etc.

The way you try to do, you could as well "prove" that blacks in America are rich because... those playing in NBA or working in Hollywood make big bucks. That would make as much "sense" as your "most educated voting districts". Clinton had big support among lefty "professors" but also in minority ghettos and the later were far more numerous.

Quite objective data on education of voters actually were collected, you can easily google them up, things like "49 percent of college graduates voted for Mrs. Clinton, 45 percent for Mr. Trump". So the actual diff isn't big and when one dig into it, it turns out that often these are call center kids vs their parents, who paid for the useless "degrees" of those snowflakes. So who's "more clever" here ?

It's nothing but shameless manipulation of desperate globalists losing their power and lemings like you just spread this nonsense thinking it makes them belong to the "better" part of the population.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,597
25 Nov 2017 #547
You're not going to explain things like standard deviations, outliers, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, etc. Besides, statistics can be easily manipulated to give a result the statistician wants esp through manipulating the sample/population they are testing.

Besides, city dwellers on average tend to have a higher level of formal education esp in the top 3 us cities by population size. A lot of republicans and conservatives who live in these cities (or left leaning states) like myself don't bother to vote because it's pretty much pointless unless you live in a swing state due to the way the electoral college is set up.

If presidential elections were won via popular vote both candidates would have campaigned differently. I'm not debating that trump was the Archie bunker blue collar silent majority candidate. However, you'd have an increased amount of educated city dwellers from places like NYC Chicago etc voting for trump if elections went by popular vote.
Crow 137 | 7,974
27 Nov 2017 #548
See, by the Martin Strid, Swedish politician, Muslims aren`t quite humans.

Just go google that. Its fresh concept. Essentially.
Crow 137 | 7,974
5 Dec 2017 #549
to add something on this.

On the other side, ancestors of that Strid, back in time declared that Slavs aren`t quite humans, so called pagan Slavs and later also Slavs in any case.

Ironically, ancestors of that Strid were Slavs (ie Sarmatians), before they were changed.

Now, go figure all that.
sandwich 1 | 4
5 Dec 2017 #550
I suspect it's not Muslims necessarily. Poland has been occupied by outsiders for most of the last 200 hundred years. They just want to be left alone.
OP johnny reb 20 | 4,494
13 Jun 2018 #551
[moved from]

Hopefully there won't be many Muslims amongst those invited to Poland.

There shouldn't be because Poland already has the Tatar Muslims.
The difference is that the Tatars have assimilated to Poland's culture while the immigrating opportunist invading Muslims have no intentions of assimilating to the Polish culture.

And about the first time any of these invaders of Poland's culture set up a "No Go Zone" demanding Sharia Law trump Poland's law.....ha.....hahahahaha.

The police would let the Hooligans handle that short lived problem.

(Posted in Random)
Ironside 49 | 10,165
14 Jun 2018 #552
The police would let the Hooligans handle that short lived problem.

I'm afraid you're wrong. The police would most likely act like anywhere else in Europe, i.e. go after the hooligans.

Hopefully National Democracy will gain some momentum and form a solid block in the parliament.
kaprys 2 | 2,113
14 Jun 2018 #553
There are also more Arab Muslims than Polish Tatars.
Rich Mazur 4 | 4,876
15 Jun 2018 #554
Poland should not to accept any foreigners unless (1) it would benefit Poland, and (2) the majority in Poland approve. Failure to get (2), makes (1) moot.
15 Jun 2018 #555
To be honest you can find a nice Muslim more easily than a friendly Czech, Russian or an Indian who doesn't lie or steal
OP johnny reb 20 | 4,494
15 Jun 2018 #556
The only difference could be that your Muslim bride have all her genitals cut out.
We know why you Muslim guys are all looking for foreign brides.
Stop mutilating your women and you won't have to leave your homeland to find what you are looking for.
LDeJongh - | 30
15 Jun 2018 #557
In Islam, migration is called Hijrah - a form of Jihad:

"O people, immigrate, holding on to Islam, for Hijra is to continue as long as jihad continues." - Hadith Kenz Ummaal 46260.

"I charge you with five of what Allah has charged me with: to assemble, to listen, to obey, to immigrate and to wage Jihad for the sake of Allah."

The two Hadiths are Hadith 2863 Kitab al Amthael by Tirmizi, Imam Ahmed Ibn Hanbelas Hadith number 17344.

It is seen under the Sharia as colonisation, spreading Islam into the land of the Kafir. The Polish are wise to resist and reject it.
Rich Mazur 4 | 4,876
15 Jun 2018 #558
The Polish would be even wiser to resist and reject all foreigners.
OP johnny reb 20 | 4,494
15 Jun 2018 #559
You mean keep Poland Polish without any "Cultural Enrichment" such as Sharia Law ?
Rich Mazur 4 | 4,876
15 Jun 2018 #560
I like 100% purity. Like vodka. I don't drink but that's the best analogy I can come up with at 8:07 in the morning.
OP johnny reb 20 | 4,494
15 Jun 2018 #561
Totally OFF - Topic again and it was 1:07 in the afternoon in Poland when you posted that.
Poland's culture is almost 100% Catholic and surely are not in favor of a "cultural enrichment" where foreigners would insist on establishing Sharia Law and no desire to acclimate like they have refused to do in other parts of the world.

Poland sees this as an extreme threat to not only their religious culture but also their low crime rate.
When Muslims invade any country the crime rate sky rockets.
Poland doesn't want the uncivilized that offer nothing to progress Poland's culture and that only cause needless headaches and huge expenses.
Obviously Sharia Law doesn't work so good or the millions of Muslims fleeing their countries wouldn't be happening.
What they are fleeing is what they are bringing with them.
Rich Mazur 4 | 4,876
15 Jun 2018 #562
Totally OFF - Topic again and it was 1:07 in the afternoon in Poland when you posted that.

Now I see the problem and it's not me.
Crow 137 | 7,974
21 Jul 2018 #563
Poles sow what muja maniacs in Bosnia and on Kosovo done to Serbians and now go convince them how is Islam progressive

Jak Polacy reagujÄ… na Islam? Eksperyment

Polish woman totally destroys Islam and its deception
paul02 - | 16
14 Aug 2018 #564
Polish are wise to reject "Muslim refugees". I have a lot of respect for that.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,597
14 Aug 2018 #565
Indeed. Now other European countries like austria and itsly are following this example set by Poland and Hungary already back in 2015. We already knew back then what a flood of unvetted people from Africa and middle East would do to a European country. We learned from our western neighbors that these migrants have shown to not benefit the country at all but cause tons and tons of problems. I am so proud that despite EUs threats to fine us 2 bil euro (which they've since given up on) and all sorts of other sh1t, poles remained strong and said bring it. Our government flat out told the eu - there is nothing they can do that would be worse than taking in a bunch of third world migrants. Thanks to our refusal and the nonstop calling of poles mean, racist, islamaphobe we e had ZERO terror attacks. And at the same time we took in 2 million ukranians. And no problems. Why? Because they're migrant from Europe, not middle East and Africa. The ukranians work, assimilate and are an asset to the country. They don't commit thousands of rapes and terror attack.

So it's not so much how many migrants you take in, but rather from WHERE the migrants come from. Europe migrants = no problem, big asset, Middle East and african migrants = tons of problems, big burden.

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