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Why are Muslims seen as a deterrent to Poland?

SigSauer 4 | 413
13 Nov 2017 #511
@Dirk diggler

All cultures are deserving of respect.............unless you are a white cis-normative christian male. In that case, shut the F up, bend over, and take your cultural enrichment.

It seems to really really chap the ass of a lot of western expats in here that Poland is a sovereign country charting its own path in contravention to prevailing social justice warrior progressive dogma. Unreal how disrespectful people can be regarding the wishes of the Polish constituency.
Ironside 49 | 10,165
13 Nov 2017 #512
I wasn't aware that you were a polish speaking, polish citizen.

Nah, he is talking about ole' US of A.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,597
13 Nov 2017 #513

The only country allowed to do that without any criticism in the western world is Israel. Israel even refuses to give citizenship to children of Filipino and other migrants on Israeli soil. Instead they wish to deport 1200 non Jewish children born in Israel because they wish to preserve their Jewish state.

Well poles have decided that we want to preserve our Catholic polish state. Once liberals drop their hypocrisy of accepting some cultures while hating Christian European culture we can all get along.

Also maf the answer is simple. Much like other European and Latino immigrants, we came to.the us make money. Europeans and Latinos have a much higher ambition amd desire to work hence why they tend to have a higher net worth than Americans born in the us especially blacks and some groups of whites
mafketis 22 | 7,759
13 Nov 2017 #514
I wasn't aware that you were a polish speaking, polish citizen

I speak Polish as an LS but I don't have citizenship (might apply someday maybe not)

I know lots of Polish people that are unhappy with some (or most) aspects of PiS rule, I haven't met a real live Pole who can stand JK or AM in years.

Winning elections does not give a party the right to crap all over the constitution and rule of law and does not exempt a government from criticism -that's PRL thinking.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,597
13 Nov 2017 #515
Winning elections does not give a party the right to crap all over the constitution and rule of law and does not exempt a government from criticism -that's PRL thinking.

They are fulfilling their electoral promises. Poles liked what PiS campaigned on and that's why they won. Also, they were sick of the scamming EU kowtowing PO - ESPECIALLY with the whole migrant issue which Poles overwhelmingly reject. If PO stood up to the EU and didn't kowtow to their demand to take in migrants they would've performed far better in the elections.

The way PiS is changing the courts isn't that dissimilar to how other courts in OECD nations are ran. The KODerasts are using lefty German media and Soros affiliated NGOs to portray the democratically elected government and country into a place like Iraq under Hussein which is the furthest from the truth. There is no danger to the rule of law. If you want to talk about problems with rule of law go to France which has been in a state of emergency for over 2 years thanks to the Muslim burden/cultural enrichment. Poland continues to have a respectable freedom index - higher than that of many other EU countries like Greece, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, etc and not too far away from France, UK, Austria, Italy, etc so please stop the exaggerations. We all know how much 5th column LBHs, zaKODowani traitors, and Soros & CO funded NGO's love to diminish Poland's standing and clout by exaggerating the facts. Reporters without borders (a lefty source) - still shows Poland is on par with countries like France, UK, Italy, etc.

know lots of Polish people that are unhappy with some (or most) aspects of PiS rule, I haven't met a real live Pole who can stand JK or AM in years.

I'm unhappy with certain things that PiS has done too - like their attempt to make abortions even more restrictive. Nonetheless, when citizens complain and rally due to some decision by PiS, they frequently change course - such as Duda's vetos. Nonetheless, they remain more than twice as popular, according to CBOS, as PO. Poles have gotten a taste of EU allied elites running property and investment scams, complaining that Poles don't make enough money and hence don't give the government enough tax revenue, on top of allowing a few thousand migrants to come in has caused them to lose the election.
Joker 1 | 1,399
16 Nov 2017 #516
Heres a map of terrorist attacks across Europe.

The more Muslims a country admits, the more terror attacks occur.

Notice none in Poland....

Ziemowit 13 | 3,770
16 Nov 2017 #517
Notice none in Poland....

I'm surprised to see several in Czechia.

I'm also surprised to see one in Belarus very close to the Polish border. Or it may be this large-scale logging in the ancient Białowieża forest which may be counted as a Muslim terrorist attack perhaps ...?
17 Nov 2017 #518

Cis not.. Anglo Saxon maybe.
17 Nov 2017 #519

Probably because of their expansionist nature.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,597
20 Nov 2017 #520
It appears Slovakia also has a nice fat goose egg. I wonder if said map which has been circulated in the media includes all terror attacks (i.e. rightwing, leftwing, civilians high jacking planes which was common in the Warsaw Pact countries, etc.) or strictly Islamic terror.
Gosc w Dom
20 Nov 2017 #521
Somewhat shameful but not surprising that Poles do not get along with Muslims. Poles, enthusiastic consumers of copious amounts of pork and alcohol, don't even want to bother to understand folks who "Just Say No" to these two things.
Lyzko 25 | 7,395
20 Nov 2017 #522
Agree in theory with your statement. In the liberal, kumbaya world of holding hands together, we should ideally all get along. Unfortunately, reality interferes on the most inopportune occasions, reminding each and every one of us, that cohabitation is a two-way street, always has been, always will be:-) If tea totling, non-pork consuming Muslims (Jews included!) wish for safe haven in a country such as Poland, France or Germany, then it really isn't the sole job of the host to adapt to the ways of the guest, but quite the opposite! Should Poles be required to accomodate Muslims by learning Arabic etc., or more to the point, shouldn't the foreign arrival make it their business to at least try learning the language of their adopted homeland? Certainly, particularly in non-melting pot societies like the ones I mentioned, a degree of emnity and resentment, sadly, is more than understandable, if not forgivable.

This is merely showing proper respect, in my opinion.
G (undercover)
20 Nov 2017 #523
Has a lot to do with reality. Support for PiS, Trump, Brexit, Le Pen, AfD correlates strongly with low levels of education and living away from big towns.

Of course it doesn't.

You don't know how people voted. There's simply no objective data on that due to the voting process being secret. I'm well aware that you can come up with a 1000 more similar "links" but it just shows the scale of manipulation. All these data are based on the results by area and then grouping areas by education of population.
Lyzko 25 | 7,395
20 Nov 2017 #524
Not so, G!

Typically, both in Germany as well as in France, the average Front Nationale resp. AfD supporter, is an ethnic male Frenchman or German from a working-class background and schooling up through high school who feels overwhelmed by multiculturalism.
G (undercover)
20 Nov 2017 #525
Perhaps... but AfD and the other thing are relatively small parties. I'm talking about Trump vs. Clinton, Brexit vote or in PL: PiS vs "democratic opposition". These are pretty much 50/50 things and the left/globalists are running huge manipulation campaign claiming that people supporting "wrong" side are... uneducated, poorer and generally "worse". Unfortunately it has some effect on dumber voters with inferiority complex, who think it would make them belong to that "better" group If they vote for puppets of globalists.

The only "proven" thing is that the left/globalists tend to have larger support in the capital cities. It's mainly related to the large concentration of "NGO activists", msm employees, "people of culture" and other similar (usually) parasites residing there + many univ kids, who are under influence of "celebrities" and other manipulations.
Lyzko 25 | 7,395
20 Nov 2017 #526
Dyed-in-the-wool globalists tend on the whole to be out-of-touch elitists, the sort of privileged, upper-middle class types whose kids backpack, globetrott all over the globe under the guise of feeling themselves "world citizens", not "tied down" to any one nationality (least of all their ownLOL), the types who might know Creole or Swahili etc. and will gently chastise a meat-and-potatoes fellow American for becoming frustrated that their local tailor, green grocer, shoemaker and so on, doesn't understand English because the American has been merrily chased out of that neigborhood by the aroma of cheap labor.

Just recently, I was at our local 7-eleven to buy some fruit. The counter man spoke almost no English, but Korean. Containing my frustration as any enlightened muliculturalist should, I tried slowly to explain that the price marked on the item was incorrect, while the gentleman refused to even try to understand me. Behind the line, a tallish, Caucasian woman of about twenty or so, pushes ahead and begins telling me to be patient, since the poor Korean seller (tax payer and citizen, no less) doesn't understand MY language. She then proceeds to translate into Korean what I said.

While grateful for the assistance, and at the risk of coming across like an Archie Bunker, I thanked the young lady, at the same time resenting that the present situation throughout the US is not seen for what it really is; A NATIONAL DISGRACE!!!
mafketis 22 | 7,759
21 Nov 2017 #527
ethnic male Frenchman or German from a working-class background and schooling up through high school who feels overwhelmed by multiculturalism

Or perhaps a person who simply thinks (based on experience and observation) that multiculturalism doesn't work and is upset that the elite (who have no direct contact with the consequences of multiculturalism) haven't figured that out or simply don't care that it doesn' work.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,597
21 Nov 2017 #528
Bye bye Merkel coalition. Red pills for all
cms 9 | 1,271
21 Nov 2017 #529
There is a lot of objective evidence. You merely need to show the correlation between votes for each candidate; and level of education in that district.

It could be a coincidence that Clinton managed to have the highest results in each of the 30 most educated voting districts in the US - but If that were to be a random chance then it would be a one in 1 trillion occurrence, literally - it would be .5 to the power of 30 slightly adjusted for the fact that Clinton got 2 percent more votes than Trump in the overall franchise.

It is obviously not just capital cities - check any college town in any Trump voting state - say Lawrence Kansas or Madison Wisconsin and you will see an island of blue in a sea of red.

There are similar results for Brexit - clever people generally don't want to make themselves a few thousand pounds poorer or have less opportunities.

I guess you should rather take your revolutionary mathematical and statistical theories to universities and tell them that their analyses are wrong.

I'm not expecting to persuade you by the way - you illustrate the trend quite well.
mafketis 22 | 7,759
21 Nov 2017 #530
clever people generally don't want to make themselves a few thousand pounds poorer or have less opportunities.

They also tend to not care what happens at street level to their less advantaged countrymen as long as they can keep those pounds and opportunities rolling in for themselves.
cms 9 | 1,271
21 Nov 2017 #531
Being educated is not the same as being privileged. It often means that you started at street level yourself and used the free education available so that you able to do a job that can not easily be replaced by a Pole or Romanian fresh off the boat.
Lyzko 25 | 7,395
21 Nov 2017 #532
Nowadays, that's undoubtedly true, though not in former times when education actually meant something.
G (undercover)
22 Nov 2017 #533
globalists tend on the whole to be out-of-touch elitists

Ly. I must say I'm impressed, you're making progress :)))

It could be a coincidence that Clinton managed to have the highest results in each of the 30 most educated voting districts in the US - but If that were to be a random chance then

It is obviously not just capital cities - check any college town

results for Brexit - clever people

1. What is the share of "30 most educated voting districts" in total ? Clinton might have better educated voters there and worse educated voters elsewhere. Just because Trump won in a district where population is on average slightly less educated, it doesn't have to mean "his" voters are less educated, people would have to add their PESEL or any other ID to their voting card in order to get the hard data and their quality would still be rather low as I doubt any country keep and regularly update a single database with edu level of each and every citizen.

Besides, you get all these charts where regions/districts are coloured into red/blue etc. and here comes tones of "analysis" why is it the way it is, then you look at the actual figures and it's friggin 49/51 in the red one and 51/49 in the blue one. Therefore regarding edu these are assumptions not facts as your kind is presenting it and the actual differences (in one way or another) are rather marginal.

2. Any college town ? "Clown degrees" have been reality in Poland since +20 years, in the west at least twice longer. Additionally typical student has less real life knowledge and experience than many 40 y.o. truck drivers. Regarding "professors" a lot of them teach philosophy, literature etc. even... gender studies - these people are lefties by default, who normal would make a career out of it ? Running a medium size farm is a more complicated (and potentially more profitable) task than vast majority of "white collar" jobs. So much for "clever people".

So to sum it up, all you have is: "quite likely formal edu level of Clinton voters is on average 2-3% higher than that of Trump voters" - the practical meaning of that info is basically NOTHING. Then based on that NOTHING goes a huge manipulation "Only morons and losers don't vote for liberals/globalists. If you aren't a moron/loser, you must vote for liberals/globalist, make yourself feel better and just do it". It's a trick used by globalists all over, be it US, PL, UK. Same with "supporting Putin". So Trump (who is much more "hawkish" on Russia than Obama was) is a Putin's puppet, even Kaczynski (!) is a Putin's puppet and Merkel is... his biggest opponent, when in fact Germany is financing Russian wars. That's your "logic", shameless propaganda.
cms 9 | 1,271
22 Nov 2017 #534
Well before you talk about clown degrees then maybe tell us what you studied - because it clearly was not maths or anything similar since you struggle with understanding correlations and probability.

Nothing wrong with literature and philosophy by the way- in my view it's one of the things that sets Western civilisation apart.

As fr farming then I know it's complicated as I have a farm. It's a lot more complicated if you vote to leave the EU and it's geneous subsidies LOL some of those British farmers will have plenty of time to think about their decision when they are driving night shifts for Uber.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,597
22 Nov 2017 #535
lol its the brits paying subsidies to polish, Romanian, etc. farmers - not the other way around. on top of it they have to deal with Spanish, Portuguese, etc using British fishing waters on top of reams upon reams of new laws that Brussels enforced upon England without democratically elected officials decided whether its good for the British people or not. the brits put in millions of euros a week into the EU which could have been better used for the NHS and to take care of its own citizens rather than to help broke ass Eastern Euro countries.

Hopefully the Brits get their balls back and actually end up leaving in 2019. The EU, esp the poorer Eastern States and the PIGS needed England's capital and economic development much more than the other way around.

Once the EU turned into this giant octopus of a political union and kept pushing harder and harder for a far left agenda throughout all of Europe, the more resistance it's received. Not only in PL but even in places like East Germany i.e. AfD's success, Denmark, Brexit, Le Pen's popularity, etc. Instead of compromising with people who want to preserve their nations' sovereignty, the EU instead fines bogus things and uses tired old lines of racist, xenophobe, threat to 'rule of law,' and other nonsense.

The eurocrats tell Poles that our democratically elected government is a threat to rule of law while France has been in a 2+ year state of emergency thanks to cultural enrichment by the Muslim and African burdens that arrived... Brussels is a joke and the sooner the far left from Germany/Brussels/etc realize that the EU will collapse without reform for the Euro, compromise with conservatives and real patriots who want their own democratically elected officials to determine what happens in their own country - whether its revamping the courts, cutting down trees, or refusing to be told who to take in and not take into their country along with facing the elephant in the room - namely migrants - this huge divide will continue.
cms 9 | 1,271
22 Nov 2017 #536
Wrong as usual - British farmers get over 3bn pounds of EU subsidy - higher than most East European countries and roughly the same as Poland.

About 80 percent would be bankrupt without them. British budget was today abd the UK govt will replace these until 2020 after which there is a big question mark. Extra costs of Brexit announced today are higher than the extra amount given to the NHS - so they can stick that on a bus if they want

Brexit - an idiotic idea, voted for by idiots
Lyzko 25 | 7,395
22 Nov 2017 #538
Brexit was a last ditch effort to withdraw Britain's support for Bruxelles, pure and simple!

England especially (while Scotland voted against Brexit, as you well know) has always wanted to remain ENGLAND, rather than Europe. When first in London as a student during the late 70's, I casually remarked to an older woman how much I was excited to be in Europe for the first time, at which point I was frostily corrected, :"But you're not in Europe, young man, you're in England!"

OwCr 3 | 15
22 Nov 2017 #539
@cms "Brexit - an idiotic idea, voted for by idiots"

Proud to be an "idiot" to you cms. :) At least I'm not a snowflake like fine examples here: ... they apparently are the "educated" you speak of. :P
cms 9 | 1,271
22 Nov 2017 #540
Bit of a strange link - a light hearted piece about dogs ? Not sure what this is supposed to prove and not even sure what city it is as people have weird accents - Canada or Australia ?

I did see that the lady has posted some other stuff questioning science so I can guess the rest.

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