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Polish fences - complete anthology

mafketis 36 | 10,864
23 Sep 2023 #61
Ethnic Albanian from Macedonia IIRC....
OP pawian 222 | 23,768
11 Feb 2024 #62
A popular type of fence is the one against wild animals.
This one was erected between two provinces to contain the ASF disease - African Swine Fever. Experts said the 40 km long fence is impractical coz wild boars will always find a way to go where they want.

OP pawian 222 | 23,768
11 Feb 2024 #63
Another big and long fence at the eastern border was erected to keep off migrants sent to Poland by autocratic regimes - Belarussian and Russian. They sell visas to migrants from poor countries like the ones in the Middle East Iraq and transport them to the Polish border in order to destabilise political and economic situation in the EU. Polish authorities and society refuses to participate in this dirty game, except some mad leftists who dream of keeping the borders fully open. Hence, the fence.

The fence is manned with Border guard or Army personnel and equipped with cameras and movement detectors. The only problem is it is located in thick forest so it has an impact on animal migration routes.

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