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How do you set up a company in Poland?

ct11 2 | 14
27 Mar 2008 #1
Hi I live and work in Poland - Jelenia Gora and am about to set up a business. Does anyone know how to do this....or the first steps???? Where do I go???? Thanks for your help
away guy 10 | 343
27 Mar 2008 #2
do u hold a polish passport ?
OP ct11 2 | 14
27 Mar 2008 #3
No am a UK wife is Polish, can probably set it up in her name, if ultimately necessary.
away guy 10 | 343
27 Mar 2008 #4
well then its impossible for you to open one here, but i had a usa friend open a company in poland but what he did he went to the uk to register it and somehow it worked its complicated but if u do it in uk and get it as a eu company there is a way
27 Mar 2008 #5
well then its impossible for you to open one here,

not true - I set up a Polish company and only had UK nationality at the time.

We got a lawyer to draw up the company articles + other necessary documents and then a notary to witness the signing of them. The lawyer then sent it all off to the court to register the company. We could have got a 'fast track' registration by paying an extra 2000zl to the Judge's secretary (which basically meant that our application was switched to the top of the his pile of paperwork), but declined. Big mistake. It took over 3 months for the whole thing to be set up as the judge kept questioning our documentation.

We also have a UK company with a branch office in Poland and the branch took almost as long to set up as a Polish company.
23 Apr 2008 #6
inkrakow== thanks a lot...even m planning to open up here..but not sure what to do.. i live in warsaw, i will have TRC in a month or so.... can you give me your email address or drop a message on chokshikunal@gmail
Mag - | 2
19 May 2008 #7
Hi ct11,

I'm Mag and live in Wroclaw. I'm Polish and I wonder to own business.
If you thought about business partner's cooperation let me know, then we can talk about more details. Maybe we can do something tougether. Wroclaw and Jelenia Gorait's not that far, it's the same area.

Best wishes
mash1969 - | 17
24 May 2008 #8
Hi I live and work in Poland

I know this post is being posted pretty late but in case this helps.

First step is to decide what you are setting up the company for? What acitivities and at what scale do you plan to do business? Accordingly you could setup a Proprietorship which costs a few hundred PLN called a dzwialnoszh Gorspodarcza. Alternatively you could setup a spolka zoo, which is a private limited company and has a startup capital of 50,000 PLN. Then there is also the SA. type of company which has a startup capital in Poland of 500,000 PLN.


scorpio 20 | 188
24 May 2008 #9
Please go to the 2 links listed below. They contain excellent information from "PAIZ" in English.

1) Polish Business Law
2) Which Business form to Choose?

Good luck!
24 May 2008 #10
well then its impossible for you to open one here,

Rubbish. I set up my company with no need to go to a lawyer or a notary. All it took was visiting four different offices and paying fees so small I've already forgotten how much they were.

First step is go to the gmina office and ask for permission to open a company. Then go to ZUS and GUS and tax offices to register. Then you're done.
7 Jun 2008 #11
Hello, can anyone suggest a link that details fees, taxes and requirements for setting up a business in Poland?
7 Jun 2008 #12
Let me guess, you're not from around here are you? Finding out all the hidden fees, taxes and requirements is all part of the 'fun' of operating here, so the authorities aren't about to spoil it by making the process transparent, or anyone involved in it accountable. Welcome to Poland!
melissa124 - | 1
23 Jun 2008 #13
hi i am an american working and studying in poland now.....i was looking to start an english school with my partner....i was wondering how to go about it because i do not have only a student visa there for a period of one year...any advice?
brian1712 - | 2
9 Jul 2008 #14
Hi I am thinking of setting up a property / construction company in Poland (I am from Ireland). Can anybody advise me on any pitfalls or problems I may encounter. For example if I was buying and selling porperty would I need a permit every time.
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
9 Jul 2008 #15
Hello brian1712 ,
I am from Ireland and have my own company.
There are different types of companies depending on what you want to do, some tax structuring wouldn't go astray before you set up a company, just keep in mind what you want to do in the future.

It would help if you asked much more specific questions.
Do you intend on subcontracting your work or employing people full time.
Taxes a high.
Which kinds of property and even where (rough Idea).
By a permit do you mean a real estate license? If so, the answer is yes.
You should be able to find lots of info and links to more info on this forum in the Polish property section, I would read everything with a pinch of salt, you know yourself.

Best of luck


I can not answer your question but teaching English goes under education so good lower taxes.
brian1712 - | 2
9 Jul 2008 #16
Thanks for the reply SeanBM(sorry for calling u Melissa, new to this). I am interested in purchasing porperty in poland ,refurbing with the aid of some local labour and then selling on , maybe renting. I'm prepared to commute to poland (I have a contact there) but is this type of business viable, I'm aware of the 10% resale tax if the property is sold within 5 years of purchase. Is this tax on the profits or on the whole sale price and are you aware of any other taxes. Any advise would be great,

Thanks Brian
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
10 Jul 2008 #17

Yes there is 19% capital gains tax (tax on the profits) if you sell within five years unless you write to the tax office and tell them you are going to use the money in another project within two years. I am just after doing this myself.

I would also recommend living here at least for the majority of the time and commuting to Ireland, decisions need to be made and arses need to be kicked some times and if you are not here, nobody else will do it (same applies everywhere).

I have found very good builders after meeting some of the worlds biggest dopes.
I recommend not going for the cheapest offer you get, there are a load of cowboys. Basically there is loads of construction work here in Poland and good builders simply do not have time they are so busy and this leaves times for cowboys. Book in advance a good builder and get references.

Please excuse if what I say is obvious, I am also new to this and I do not know what you know.
Where abouts in Poland are you looking, just out of curiosity?
Best of luck

Finding out all the hidden fees, taxes and requirements is all part of the 'fun' of operating here

Ha ha ha,
It is so funny because it is true.
I like it!
Welcome to Poland!.
VaFunkoolo 6 | 654
10 Jul 2008 #18
I'm prepared to commute to poland (I have a contact there) but is this type of business viable

I think this is becoming increasingly difficult to pull any worthwhile profit from. Ive been doing this in and around the 3M for some time and whilst there are still plenty of flats that could use a good refurb, what I have been seeing for some time now is very little variation in sale price between pre-refurb and post-refurb flats. No room to make a worthwhile profit. Not worth the effort.

And as SBM says, no shortage of cowboys who will muck the job up for you and strip away any pofit you might hoped to have made. And quality expectations will not be the same as back home.
19 Oct 2008 #19
Dear sir,
I,Ram Shah Indian Citizen,at present in Poland wants appointment to discuss about Investment in Poland.I am now in Wroclaw and my contact no. is 0509030500.Waiting for appointment.I am in Poland upto 23rd Oct.08.

Best regards.
Ram Shah
24 Oct 2008 #20
Hi there, we can set up a company for you and find you a business partner.

gatoly - | 1
4 Nov 2008 #21
Hi there,
We have a Bulgarian Company Ltd and we would like to open a company in Poland too. For the purpose we are looking for a polish national who could help us.

You can reach us at or gatoly@gmail
Thank you and best regards,

Anatoly Krastev
armada - | 4
26 Nov 2008 #22
Hi Brian

For last 3 years I've been buying property (and selling some) in Poland

If you're serious about it the best thing is to start an Sp.zo.o (the equivalent of a LTD. co. in Poland.) Means you can buy anything without permits.

I think SeanMB was confused into thinking that you wanted to set up an estate agency for which you need a licence, but to sell your own property no licence is needed.

Not sure if you've got very far since your last post (I've only just joined forum) but as you know the market has changed considerably in the last few months.

When I first went to Poland I immediately saw the opportunities, then prices escalated. The next 12 months present a huge buying opportunity. There is a lot of panic selling & hence bargains. My advise is to go for it now & reap the rewards in as little as 3 years.

If you want any advice on starting up let me know. My first company cost 12000PLN to set up (I was quoted £5000 from a company in Warsaw!!) my third company (SP.zo.o.) cost 4000PLN. Shows what some experience can achieve.

4 Jan 2009 #23
Hi Armada,
My name is Ricky Krzyzewski. I am a Canadian citizen who has been living and working in Warsaw for the past 8 years. I came here as a teacher (English of course :) but now the majority of my income comes from rental income.

I currently have 4 flats in the Warsaw (centre) area and am renting 3 of them out. I am doing it as an individual (not a company) and I am paying the 8.5% ryczaƂt income taxes. You seem to really know your stuff!

Right now I am looking for partners for a much bigger and more ambitious real estate project....people like yourself who seem to really know their stuff. Maybe we could help each other out. Feel free to conact me on my e-mail.
welshguyinpola 23 | 463
4 Jan 2009 #24
I have my own company in Poland:

And despite all the bull**** written on here, it is very easy to open a business here.
The Polish gvmt are offering a promotion at the moment as well. If you open a dzialnosc you only pay 250 zl a month Zus for a 2 yr period. After that it goes up to 800zl a month. This can be offset against ur taxes though as can expenses such as petrol, mobile phone etc.

I opened my business in a day, you need to start with a NIP and karta pobytu. Go to ur local Urzad mista and they will be able to help you
D_anderson 3 | 12
12 Jan 2009 #25
Hi there,

I heard it is easier for foreigner to set up a company in Poland now? Well, I cant find the latest information in here.

I am not from Europe, and would like to set up a Chinese Language School and Corporate training centre in Wroclaw, Poland. I have a polish business partner, do you know what form of company should i register? I heard Sp.Z.oo is complicated, someone even suggested i should go for a registered partnership.

Any advise?


kastanedowski 1 | 13
19 Apr 2009 #26
Is not easier,bureaucracy is even harder due to the EU.

If yo want something be done soon, cheap and help with accountancy, logistic and even warehouse you can contact me

20 Apr 2009 #27
hey! have you already set up your English school yet?I visited Poland this March and liked there. I'm a native of Chinese but also speak English fluently,currently live in the states. I hold a bachelor degree in criminology from the states. please contact; ztaylor371@gmail
3 Jun 2009 #28
Thread attached on merging:
help in setting up company in Poland

hi everyone. i need help for setting up company in Poland. if anyone is providing this service pls send me email thanks.
Sury 3 | 18
3 Jun 2009 #29
Hi i'm a uk national and i set up a company last year, i can take a while going to lots of different offices but you should not have any problems, if you need help email me at
29 Nov 2009 #30
hi every one im Ali recently im in ireland n doing kebab n fastfood i wan to smme business open in poland..i need some polish partner who undersand good english n polish or do u knw any angency who work in setup a business to forigen ppl..if there is so send me he website or phone no..on my ali_bombay@hotmail thanx or any help full idea i will be appriciated..thx

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