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Opening a Polish Bank Account by a foreigner in Poland. Recommendations.

29 Oct 2015 #271
31 Oct 2015 #272
I opened my account yesterday at Citibank at Galeria Mokotow.

It took a lot of time (2 hours) and a lot of questions since they needed to screen my profile to check if i am not related to money laundering, but at the end it was ok.

Everyone there speak english, what made it easier.
kpc21 1 | 763
31 Oct 2015 #273
Opening an account in mostly online banks, like mBank, is much faster. You fill in a form on their website, a courier comes to your home with a contract, you sign it and that's all. In their points in the city it's the same, also quite fast.

In mBank they do not have an English interface though.
11 Feb 2016 #274
I recommend Alior bank. They have many branches around Warsaw. They speak decent English.
4 Jun 2016 #275
Dear Folks,
I am a non-EU citizen and living in Poland with my wife. My TR permit is under process and I am a National visa holder. I am a free lancer and I provide service to UK company and this on since I was in my nation. I do not have any bank a/c yet in Poland. I withdraw money here from my country bank a/c (by ATM). I spoke with Millennium bank and they can open my bank a/c on the basis of my passport. Now my question is, what are the rules here for tax an how will it be applicable on me? After getting TR permit, what is the legal way to work in Poland as free lancer for foreign company and receiving funds/wages into Polish Bank a/c from overseas? What and how tax will applicable on me here?

Best Regards.
23 Jul 2016 #276
Hi to everyone! In nearest future planning to open bank account for my company in ING bank. Company is registrated in EU.
What kind of documents should I prepare beside my passport?
How fast the account can be active?
Should I need some address in Poland?
What's daily available turnover?
Thanks in advance
Gaucho 2 | 49
25 Jul 2016 #277
what is the legal way to work in Poland as free lancer for foreign company and receiving funds/wages into Polish Bank a/c from overseas?

I'm in your same position. You have to open your own company, pay taxes here in Poland (unless there's some kind of treaty with your home country that you want to use) of about ~500zl for social security plus 19% of your benefits as income tax.

Your company should be put into the EU VAT system (my accountant did this, not sure how to do it) and then you can invoice the UK company.

With your company set up you need to establish a bank account for your firm that you'll use to pay taxes in PLN, and then you can open another one in GBP to get payments from UK.

If you need more details just contact me through pm.
FreeLancerPL_Uk - | 1
16 Aug 2016 #278
Hi Gaucho, I am unable to send you PM. Just created account here. Kindly send me PM and give me your email address if you do not mind.
17 Oct 2016 #279
I have an account with Getin Noble Bank. As I don't live in Poland I've been told I can't use an Internet account. How can I get regular statements from them
4 Jan 2017 #280
Good morning, If any of you need comprehensive assistance in opening a bank account in Poland (for private individuals and businesses) I invite you to contact the law firm Thompson & Stein. Christopher
blank s
5 Jan 2017 #281
assistance by a lawfirm to open a bank account???? are you serious?must be for real dumb ones who would pay a law firm to open a freakin bank account .
18 Feb 2017 #282
Check which bank in Poland is associated with banks in your country, some of them belong to the same group. /en/polish-bank-account/
alexraven - | 1
2 May 2017 #283

Which bank is the best in Poland?

Hello guys. Can you recommend a bank in Poland which has:

1) Friendly to non-residents
2) Has good interest rates on deposits
3) Has powerful online banking in English (this is actually not a mandatory cause I can read Polish)
4) Supports accounts / cards in USD
5) Issues credit / debit cards that are accepted worldwide

I think most of the banks will meet these requirements, but which are the best? My bank in Ukraine is good, but recently it banned some countries randomly (such as Lebanon) from sending SWIFT transfers and I can't receive payments from some of my clients.
MarkC 6 | 20
10 May 2017 #284

1) In my experience, It's the individuals in each bank who decide whether or not to be friendly or helpful. I have been to several branches of different banks, some fantastic, others useless.

2) Best doing an online search, these differ depending on the account and whatever the bank is offering upon sign up.
3) PKOBP, BZWBK, and Millennium bank all offer very good online banking services in English (I can't name anymore because I don't have experiences with others).

4) Again, all banks above that I have experience with. I also different currency accounts, and in all honesty, PKOBP and BZWBK always have the best exchange rates too, in regards to banks anyhow. You'll get better exchange rates with something like walutomat online.

5) I think all banks issue cards accepted worldwide, the difference is the fee. Some offer free transactions, some charge an arm and a leg.
Pole2015 1 | 9
26 May 2017 #285
Going thru all the past post, I still don't see if there is any bank in Poland who will open an account for a Polish citizen with PESEL but who does not reside or have an address in Poland.

I would appreciate if someone can confirm this or post a Bank that will open an account in such situation.
Tripaloski 3 | 8
18 Oct 2017 #286

What's a bank that allow a foreigner to create an account and to receive USD?

I'm looking for a bank that allows me to create an account easily using only my passport maybe? And the 2nd important thing is that I might need to receive money in US$ from a company that I've worked with.
Ziutek 9 | 160
19 Oct 2017 #287
According to the table on this page, only Deutsche Bank

Any bank will accept dollars, but they'll give you a poor exchange rate. It would be best to use a company such as Transfer.
lonpol 7 | 69
11 Apr 2018 #288
Bank Pekao has been a good experience so far. Goto a big branch in Warsaw where they speak English. Just takes a couple of hours due to forms etc that need to be filled. From my research they have a pretty good credit rating. Dont keep your money with western banks with low credit ratings.
22 Jul 2018 #289
If you want an polish bank account for non polish non resident of Poland then Millenium bank is quick and easy. Most other banks in Poland will insist on a PESEL number and polish address.

I simply walked into a branch at Millenium with only my passport. 30mins later my account was active. I requested my card be delivered to the branch instead of my UK address. They advised it would take 5 days but mine arrived the following day! The Gentleman I dealt with spoke English and was very helpful. He filled in all the boxes and needed to ask only 3 questions.

1- Permanent address of your country of residence. They did not ask for proof however I provided my driving licence.
2-PESEL number use your birth date ie 1974-06-14
3- 10 digit I'D number. I used the 10digits of my passport number in the bottom left of the page ie 4789625648STERL UK passport number is only 9 digits!

Ask for a 360 konto and savings account. Very small fees apply if you don't meet conditions per month and payments into account. The online app is very good!
terri 1 | 1,664
22 Jul 2018 #290
I have had an account with Alior for well over 10 years. I am a non-resident non-Polish person. Just hand your passport over. You may need a correspondence address in Poland, but that's all.

For a normal current account, money in, money out, I pay 8 pln per month. They also do all my direct debits from the account to pay for accounts such as gas and electricity for my apartment in Krakow.
aditya755 - | 8
28 Jul 2018 #291
Can any one suggest bank for salary account in Lodz ?
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,028
28 Jul 2018 #292
I can tell you as a non EU citizen it was impossible for me to open a Polish account until I purchased a company with existing accounts. EU citizens should have no problem.
argen - | 33
24 Oct 2018 #293
I have a lot of experiance with the banks and in my opinion the simplest way is to open a bank account in Millenium Bank S.A. It can seem like advertisament but we provide legal services for expats and have the best experiance with this bank. In last two weeks we open 3 private bank account for the citizens of Iran and have't any problems. All of the live and studied in Poland.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
24 Oct 2018 #294
Millenium Bank S.A.

MoOli 9 | 480
25 Oct 2018 #295
PKO bank,Allior Bank,Citibank,Ing Bank,M bank and Mullenium bank,I had no problems opening accounts when I was not a citizen.I only have 1 credit card from Citibank and a debit card from Mullenium bank and none charges me anything except these 2 banks.If I don't use 1000Pln in a month, these two banks waive there fee too and all banks are insured for 100k euros or equivalent in Pln per account.To open account all ask for Passport as a foreign account or national ID/resident card to open a resident account.
civileng1975 - | 2
25 Mar 2019 #296

i am not EU resident but i have a company in Poland , I am still did not open a bank account yet for my company

so what will be the best bank shall i open a bank account , there
perkujki 4 | 26
12 Feb 2020 #297
Millenium, very easy to open even as a non resident alien, I think originally I did need to provide an address in country though that was some years ago
Einstein 6 | 53
21 May 2020 #298
Not as easy if you are a US citizen. There is a lot of extra paperwork for the new FACTA laws.
Ahmed1993 1 | 1
10 May 2022 #299

Which bank is good for create account for foreigner in poland..?

I want to create a account.. i am new in which bank is good for create acount? low cost,good service....
and what the monthly charge yearly charge?

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