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Got National Visa Students Visa for Oct intake at Mumbai Consulate of Poland. Details described

31 Jul 2018  #31
For reapply is possible for student visa
31 Jul 2018  #32
It's called "appeal" for the refusal to visa decision be reversed
Rossss - | 1    
2 Aug 2018  #33
Got National Visa for Students at Consulate General of Republic of Poland in Mumbai

I booked my appointment on third week of June at 10'O clock Monday morning and got slot for July third week.

I prepared documents such as:

1.Cover letter with describing my motivation for studying at the University in Poland, and my financial ability

2.University condition acceptance letter and final acceptance letter for Bachelors study

3.HSC apostille

4.My bank account statement with Rs. 14lakhs balance and bank balance certificate

5.Father bank account statement with Rs. 40lakhs balance and bank balance certificate

6.One way confirm flight ticket

7.Travel medical insurance for 1 year as per date mentioned in application form

8.Father pay slip

9.Affidavit of support from father in Rs.100 stamp paper

10.1'st semester fee receipt

And on the day of interview:

The consular finding a mistake in the application form, asked me:

1.I think your consultancy filled wrong address of the university you have applied to. Didn't you think to check the form once?

I felt really bad knowing the mistake through the consular.

2.Why did you choose this course? What prospects do you have after your completion?

I mentioned about the prospects and my desire to return India and serve here.

Just two questions on the interview. And, to my surprise seeing the visa stamped on my passport now, I realize. The very next day to my interview the visa got stamped.

It was a good experience with Consulate General of Republic of Poland in Mumbai.

Poland National visa students

  • Poland National visa students
3 Aug 2018  #34
If I won't to appeal than what to do ? Will appeal means I am again decesion of consulate will they entertain@Nandha
3 Aug 2018  #35
If you want to appeal, you have to pay again Consular fee + Visa commission fee amounting total of Rs. 5100 at ADCB and bring them the pay slips

Then you make appeal letter with explanation to justify your reason for refusal of visa to be reversed
5 Aug 2018  #36
Is it good to 're appeal against visa decesion or 're apply for student visa is good? Can I get date as my college start on 1 Oct 18

Pl advise
5 Aug 2018  #37
It doesn't seem logical to book appointment again. As you have already been interviewed and all your documents are all gone through once. It seem only logical to appeal with providing justification to the points, they mentioned as reasons for your refusal to visa.

And if you could detail the following information, I could then judge better your situation and help you..

1. Which university did you apply? What course did you choose?
2. Did you make Consular understand that your intention is to return India and work here during interview?
3. Did you show Financial Certificate?
6 Aug 2018  #38
(1)BBA WARSAW Management University (WSM)
(2)Yes I clearly mentioned it
7 Aug 2018  #39
Engineering courses opted at Public University in Poland face no rejection. Along with documents correctly submitted to Consulate as shared by two people here in this thread.
9 Aug 2018  #40
does i need to appostile affidave of sponsership??? and can show loan on FD Of around 8 lakhs.
OP raaaz 1 | 13    
10 Aug 2018  #41
Need not appostille on Affidavit of Support.
Yes, loan amount on 8lakhs for Master Studies will be fine.
5 Sep 2018  #42
Is any one get poland student visa after refusal of visa ?
Umar5314 1 | 8    
16 Sep 2018  #43
can i attach a sponsor letter from my uncle ( he is in Germany with valid job contract) for bearing expenses of my studies in Poland..

is that possible...?
mbsp 1 | 3    
1 day ago  #44

Regarding correct time to book appointment

Hello all, I want to book appointment for Poland National visa in month of January 2019. Should I start booking now or in December ? Please suggest me.
Gauraog - | 8    
1 day ago  #45
Have you received work permit? I would suggest start trying for appointment from now.

Also, I PM you. please check.

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