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Anybody used "CK LAW OFFICE KANCELARIA ADWOKACKA" for passport services?

11 Nov 2014 #1
Hey Guys/Girls,

As the subject states has anybody used this firm before for passport services? Was just looking for some feedback.

Their website is: pl.cklawoffice/dlaczego-CK.html

Looker - | 1,043
11 Nov 2014 #2
I didn't use it, but one I can say that it is a big firm, with rather good reputation in Poland.
OP pawelaustralia
12 Nov 2014 #3
Hey Looker,

Awesome, thanks for your reply.
10 Sep 2015 #4
Hey guys/girls,

I just wanted to upate this post as i ended up using the above mentioned law office to obtain my confirmation of citizenship and birth certificates and just wanted to help anyone if they are in my position a few months ago.

The people who i dealt with, Piotr and Michal, are both professional and good communicators (swift replies and their English is great). I was luckily in Poland at the time of completion and could therefore pick them up personally and meet them.

I guess i had understandable worries that this may be some sort of scam (as i was dealing with people on the other side of the globe without meeting them or hearing about them) however its all legitimate.

Their prices are much better than any Australian office offering the same services and would recommend that you give them a go.

Looker - | 1,043
10 Sep 2015 #5
Thanks for this update Ryba - useful for the future.

Home / Law / Anybody used "CK LAW OFFICE KANCELARIA ADWOKACKA" for passport services?
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