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Polish Swear Words

z_darius 14 | 3,968
27 Mar 2009 #931
Jezus Maria (Jesus Mary) -it,s not a swaering

depends how you pronounce it.
Some will say is as jezus ma ryja.
cjjc 29 | 408
27 Mar 2009 #932
Ty hultaju!

Ty ananasie!

Ty nicponiu!

Ty bałamucie!


Any chance of translations Rafał?
27 Mar 2009 #933
Ty hultaju!

Ty ananasie!

Ty nicponiu!

Ty bałamucie!


Any chance of translations Rafał?

Ty hultaju - You scamp!

Ty ananasie - you blighter!

Ty nicponiu - you good-for-nothing! You rogue!

Ty bałamucie - you flirt!

All of these 'swear words' are outdated and rather humorous :-]
cjjc 29 | 408
27 Mar 2009 #934
Excellent knowledge of English my friend! :)
27 Mar 2009 #935
Nah, I'm just skilled in swearing, LOL
28 Mar 2009 #936
lol i think so i a ladie and my wanna be bf is polish so there
10 Apr 2009 #938
My friends mum used to say 'hollera yasna' alot when stressed! lol Any ideas?
gumishu 13 | 6,099
11 Apr 2009 #939
it is spelled like this - cholera jasna

cholera is a serious contagious disease (bacterial if I remember correctl7y)
jasna is bright

it does not make much sense together

but is used quite often nethertheless

jasna/y is used in many Polish swear phrases as sort of augmentative

jasny gwint - bright screw thread
do jasnej Anielki - bright Angela :)
a niech cię jasny szlag/piorun trafi - let a bright hit/thunder hit you - this one make most sense as a phrase
12 Apr 2009 #940
omg kurwa is the first word all my friends wanted to learn lol its funny cuz everyone always wanna know the curse words first but my bf know nice lovey word like

Kocham Cie -I love you
Misiu - (pet name) bear
Kicius - Kitty
Dzidzius - Baby ( as is a kid)

this shit funny tho pozdrawiam wszystkich polakow tu =]
zegana - | 2
12 Apr 2009 #941
omg kurwa is the first word all my friends wanted to learn

All my friends allready know this one... Shame that just a few know some other more polite ones, but it is funny, I agree with that :)
12 Apr 2009 #942
frd 7 | 1,401
12 Apr 2009 #943
na pieska ; D
12 Apr 2009 #944
thanks !!!

how about

nice ass

also how do you say " you look lovely"
frd 7 | 1,401
12 Apr 2009 #945
nice ass - niezły tyłeczek / niezły tyłek, more vulgar - niezła dupa/dupka
you look lovely - wyglądasz ślicznie

although it's probably a wrong order, first you say she is lovely, then that she has a nice ass and then ask if she likes doggystyle ; ) not in the opposite direction
12 Apr 2009 #946
thanks a lot. Im well aware of the order :)
13 Apr 2009 #947
there is a word meand 'motherfucker' but not 'skurwysyn' this word is MATKOJEBCA :D teenage use this word :) adults doesn't use it... I think and i hope..
Seanus 15 | 19,706
13 Apr 2009 #948
Well, the following sounds like sth naughty in English but it's innocent in Polish.

Młoda foka is young seal in Polish but could you imagine De Niro trying to pronounce this? ;)
13 Apr 2009 #949
an what's naughty
about 'young seal' ?
Seanus 15 | 19,706
13 Apr 2009 #950
Think of how De Niro would say it, młoda foka ;)
22 Apr 2009 #951
You'd be suprised, I'm 100% polish and I usually say "kurwa" in almost every sentence when I speak polish with my friends. Oh and at polish parties [:
osiol 55 | 3,922
22 Apr 2009 #952
You'd be suprised

Kurwa I'm not suprised at all.
KielbasaK 1 | 5
29 Apr 2009 #953
Apr 29, 09, 04:22 - Thread attached on merging:
curse words? :)

anybody that can teach me some basic curse words in polish :)

marz - | 13
29 Apr 2009 #954
I've got a ton...but concerned for being banned on this
10 May 2009 #957
My busia says something that sounds like "romniboska" when she gets angry (her mother used to say it all the time too) but she won't tell anyone what it means. In earlier posts in this thread I found a couple other choice words she uses (my busia is so funny sometimes) and I think I may just be horribly ignorant about the spelling of this one. Can anyone help me out?

Piorko - | 9
10 May 2009 #958

maybe "rany boskie"
11 May 2009 #959
yeah man its

" Zesralem sie" I would put it as " Zesrawem she" or "ZesraLem"

hope that helps

Paulski ;)
14 May 2009 #960
hull - yet - ta :) sounds like one of them mexican names that come up on polish television ( u know them telenovelas)

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