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Polish Swear Words

4 Jul 2007 #391
what does piefeh and fiuito mean i think that is how it is spelt cant find it in dictionary
5 Jul 2007 #392
what the heck does nitza jabda mean? my frineds say it and they wont tell em it drives me crazy
5 Jul 2007 #393
how do u spell Zihybitchsta (supposed to be mean f'ing awesome) thanks
13 Jul 2007 #395
Hmm...."Kurwa"'s a woman of a light morals :D
19 Jul 2007 #396
anyone know what caddish is?
22 Jul 2007 #397
i have a polish guy at work and i would like to know how tell him he is a fcuking dickhead or a prick can anyone help.
22 Jul 2007 #398
There are many people of Polish decent in the area of southeast Texas where I used to live and one of them told me that a word which sounded to me like "gwuvna" was polish for "****" and the term "yash vishi" meant "which way does it hang?". Any truth to that?
22 Jul 2007 #399
anyone know what caddish is?

A Jewish prayer, but it's spelled with a "k", and it's not swearing. ;)

what does piefeh and fiuito mean i think that is how it is spelt cant find it in dictionary

fiut = dick.

no idea what "piefeh" could be though.
osiol 55 | 3,921
25 Jul 2007 #400
What does the 'macz' mean in 'kurwa macz'? Is it 'macz' or 'mac'?

I once jokingly said 'krowa macz' and everyone seems to find this highly amusing.
sapphire 22 | 1,241
25 Jul 2007 #401
'kurwa macz'

not sure what it means alone.. but together they mean something like 'son of a *****', but a bit stronger I think. sorrry that was a female dog word.
3 Aug 2007 #402
Does "dupa" only translate to a*s or can it have a more mild meaning too (like butt)? Would "you bet your dupa I'm Polish" be considered vulgar or just funny?
Eurola 4 | 1,902
3 Aug 2007 #403
"you bet your dupa I'm Polish"

..I'd say, just funny.

It depends in what context you use the word, it can be funny or insulting.

Is it 'macz' or 'mac'?

It is mać. It's a archaic word for a mother, so no - it's not a good word all together.
10 Aug 2007 #404
To the person who wrote that polish people dont swear at much as americans do

if you hang around the younger children all they do is say after every word is kurwa or ja pierdole etc. Also with my parents my mother when shes telling a story all she does is swear but as soon as my brothers or i swear in front of her its the end of the world

so actually in poland its more common then it is for polish americans to swear in our native language

Quote Aug 3, 07, 21:59 . #444

Does "dupa" only translate to a*s

eurola is right you can say im going to kick your "dupa" or like a child would say i fell on my "dupa" not to be interpreted as ass just as like whoops i fell on my butt :]
blackadder 1 | 114
10 Aug 2007 #405
you Polish are so sweet people.
you just don't know how to swear.
i can show you how...

nobody wants a lesson???
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
10 Aug 2007 #406
nobody wants a lesson???

Go for it I know swear words in many languages but not in Croatian :)
blackadder 1 | 114
10 Aug 2007 #407
Dabogda te mama u chevapu prepoznala!
God give your mother to recognize you in a sausage!

this one's popular

gloop si ko tursky kooratz -this is english proununcation
- you are as stupid as
a Turkish dick

shoopchino! - you *******!

yebo ti kogn krwavim kurtzem sestru na maychinom grobu
- a horse with the bloody dick
fucks your sister on
the mothers grave

ultimate swear,only for neighbours...

i suppose this is family forum...
shoopcino means a90ssssshole

Jebem ti sve po spisku- I **** you everything by the list.then you read a list...longer-better.
11 Aug 2007 #408
i have to say im dating a polish guy, and i am around polish all the time...they say kurwa literally all the time!!!!
11 Aug 2007 #409
yes that is absolutly right!
My grandmother said that to me all the time.
osiol 55 | 3,921
11 Aug 2007 #410
Somebody was encouraging me to shout "Bartek świrus" or something like that (I'm guessing the spelling). I refused because Bartek is a friend, and I'm fairly sure this is something rude. We often swear at eachother for fun, but only if we know what we are saying.
12 Aug 2007 #411
i had a note sent to me that i think is rude ! can anyone translate please

pierdol sie prossze

i think that is it but writing unclear

glowa 1 | 291
12 Aug 2007 #412
go f... yourself, please
12 Aug 2007 #413
It is rude then. I should really call the police then. Thanks
slwkk 2 | 228
12 Aug 2007 #414
rather kick someone's ass... :)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
12 Aug 2007 #415
go f... yourself, please

At least they used please, which I would consider a rather polite way of telling someone to go f*ck themselves :)
12 Aug 2007 #416
maybe so but under british law saying that is common assault and wrting it down makes it actual assault which carries a higher punishment i think
slwkk 2 | 228
12 Aug 2007 #417
dude, calling the police because someone told you sth impolite? Sorry, but I have no words to say how does it sound... weird at least.

I'm just curious... question to the people who are reading this - how do you deal with similar things in your country? Poland - I would never though that someone can call the police in similar case. I don't wanna judge anyone, I'm really curious how it is in UK, USA and any other countries.
Daisy 3 | 1,224
12 Aug 2007 #418
I'm really curious how it is in UK

well last year when I was walking on the pavement a twat driving past mounted the pavement and ran into me, I called him lots of names and swore at him a lot ,and the policeman who drove me home after the accident said I was justified in swearing at him.

I have never known anyone get arrested just for swearing,
13 Aug 2007 #419
this phrase is very funny in Polish language

" mala jest twoja pala" means "his cock is very small :)
slwkk 2 | 228
13 Aug 2007 #420

your, not his (twoj/twoja/twoje - your)

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