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In search of Mówimy po polsku audio files

johnstol 1 | 1
5 Oct 2016 #1
I have the book Mówimy po polsku - Bisko and others, Warszawa 1966 and three quarters of the audio tracks that accompany the book, but I have lost lessons 8 to 13! Can anyone help? I can post a CD, or use a platform like Google Drive. I live in the UK.
Lyzko 37 | 8,700
5 Oct 2016 #2
I never used that book, but I'm here in the States. To be frank, that's a fairly old textbook and the language has changed quite a bit since then.

Guess though for bread-and-butter basics, such as grammar, it'd be allright. Slang and colloquialisms however, might get you more of a good laugh than an earnest respone these days:-)

Not knocking the book in itself, only the 60's are a long ways away.

I'd try bookbox,com for almost any language. The plethora of on-line material for Polish also is rather staggering!
OP johnstol 1 | 1
6 Oct 2016 #3
Thanks for your comments, Lyzko (Łyżko?) The recordings are quite dated, I admit - complete with crackle from the original 78 rpm discs - but I found the pace quite comfortable.

Don't knock the 60s, either - I was a young man at the time.

I'm still plodding on, trying to improve my grasp of the language of my ancestors, at the age of 70. On my first visit to Poland in 2002, I did find that the language of my ancestors, as picked up from my father, raised a few giggles - kartofle, pióro, pójdę do ustępu, itd!
Ziemowit 14 | 4,442
6 Oct 2016 #4
'Kartofle' is OK, but the name seems indeed to be replaced more and more often with 'ziemniaki' these days.
'Pióro' is OK, but you won't see it much in use these days. The thing which you use for that purpose is referred to as 'długopis' (most often) or 'cienkopis' (colloquially 'pisak').

'Pójdę do ustępu' is correct only if you mean going to a dry toilet which is situated outside the house (quite rare these days) by this.
Lyzko 37 | 8,700
6 Oct 2016 #5

Am a son of the 60's myself (.....come the next five years or so, soon to be IN my sixtiesLOL), but only wished to caution you as to the pretty crass changes in speech which have occurred since '66, in Polish as well:-))
18 Apr 2021 #6
I have that disc but need disc3 13 - 19 ok

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