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Helping Non Polish Student studying in Public School

phils_79 1 | 3
25 Sep 2022 #1
Hi Friends. I have 2 kids going to public school in poland, they can understand polish to an extent, we are looking what way can we help the kids to improve their history and other subjects, is there any Self Study books or online sites available, which can give them an idea how the questions are asked for the test/exam, so they are not confused or lost during the test, they are facing this challenge. they know the content, but get lost in the translation as Polish is not our 1st language. I hope someone will be able to help us to help the kids.
Lenka 4 | 3,181
25 Sep 2022 #2
Do you mean the end of school tests or the ones taken throughout the year?

It would also help if you told us how old they are.
Lyzko 41 | 8,871
25 Sep 2022 #3
An acquaintance of ours and a former teacher in Poznan, currently in Forest Hills where we used to live, told me that certain classes where she used to teach fourth grade did try to cater to non-native Polish pupils, although of course the class was conducted only in Polish!

This might either have changed (although Magda and I spoke only a few months ago on Zoom) or have been just an exceptional case, I honestly couldn't say for certain.
OP phils_79 1 | 3
25 Sep 2022 #4
I meant throughout the year. My eldest daughter is in 6th grade age 12 and my Son is in 3rd Grade 9 years old.

As a non Pole, we try our best and use Google Translate to help them with the words, but then when each word is used with another word, the meaning of the sentence changes and it kind of waste time in trying to figure out the meaning of the sentence or context.

We moved from Middleeast and there, the questions were given by the teachers and the answers to them would be in the textbook which the kids would read and learn, which would come in their mid-term tests, I remember we used to have a separate book which we could get from the library which would help us understand in simple language the lesson.
Lenka 4 | 3,181
25 Sep 2022 #5
Then I'm sorry to say there is nothing there. Teachers prepare their own tests. Only the end of year are standardised.
OP phils_79 1 | 3
26 Sep 2022 #6
Just need some kind of guidance, what kind/ type of questions can be expected
Lenka 4 | 3,181
26 Sep 2022 #7
Again, depends on teacher. One will prepare closed answer tests another will ask to ' describe the process of osmosis'.

Best option would be to talk directly to the teachers
Lyzko 41 | 8,871
26 Sep 2022 #8
Is there any hard and fast rule against allowing in certain extreme instances a translator in the classroom while the lesson is in progress?
Lenka 4 | 3,181
26 Sep 2022 #9
More like any unauthorised person.

I would wonder how a child can answer the question ( if it's an open one) if they don'tknow enough Polish to understand the question.

It all comes back to talk to the school, teachers etc. Might be an idea to find some other immigrantswith kids that may have some more info. Sadly I cannot help in any way.
gumishu 13 | 6,099
26 Sep 2022 #10
in the classroom while the lesson is in progress?

sure, if parents pay for it then why not

Just need some kind of guidance

I would actually be willing and ready to help your kids with school as I have plenty of time on my hands (of course if your children know at least basic English) - after I figure out if I can still use my skype account (haven't used it in years)
Lyzko 41 | 8,871
26 Sep 2022 #11
Makes sense, gumishu.
Atch 19 | 3,870
27 Sep 2022 #12
@ Phils 79, as an elementary school teacher (but in ireland) I'll give you some advice.

The issue here is really language support. Your kids need extra tuition in Polish, that's the bottom line and that's the only thing that will make a real difference. In theory, every foreign child has the right to additional Polish lessons as a foreign language (2 hours a week), as well as to compensatory classes in subjects with which they have difficulties because the curriculum from the previous school differs significantly from that of the school the child attends ( 1 hour a week). Now, in reality, getting that language support may not be so straightforward. You should already have been offered it. This is the thing with Poland. Everything looks great on paper but try accessing your rights etc and you'll often meet a blank face from officials. You have to be quite pushy in Poland so don't take no for an answer. The school has an obligation to help you with this.

As Lenka says, the first thing you need to do is talk to the teacher. If her English is not fluent enough, you need to bring somebody with you who speaks Polish. It sounds as if the school is inexperienced at dealing with international students and doesn't have any system in place but something will have to be done to facilitate your children. It would be better if you could arrange to meet the teacher and the school principal together. I would press to have your kids released from the tests for the time being if that's possible.

You could also consider accepting Gumishu's kind offer of help.

@Gumishu, you can just use Skype Online via your Microsoft account. Or you could create a new Skype account. They now have a facility where you can record your conversation so that would be great as the kids could look back over what they covered with you.
gumishu 13 | 6,099
27 Sep 2022 #13
you can just use Skype Online via your Microsoft account.

yeah, I figured it out, yesterday - thanks for reminding us, anyway
OP phils_79 1 | 3
28 Sep 2022 #14
Thank you everyone for your suggestions, I'll try with the school 1st and take it from there, grateful to all of you for your help and suggestions.
Novichok 4 | 7,109
28 Sep 2022 #15
This is insanity. Poles should make every effort to make foreigners who don't speak Polish and force the Polish taxpayers to pay for it feel as uncomfortable as possible and leave.

When your heart rate goes down to normal, ask yourself how many such foreigners would be too many. If you can't name that number, you are just another touchy-feely idiot.
cms neuf 2 | 2,069
28 Sep 2022 #16
Phils please ignore Novichok - a bitter Russian troll who knows nothing about Polish schools
Lyzko 41 | 8,871
28 Sep 2022 #17
AMEN, cms neuf!!
Novichok 4 | 7,109
28 Sep 2022 #18
How much does a foreign student like this one cost Polish taxpayers?
Lyzko 41 | 8,871
28 Sep 2022 #19
If Poland wishes for students from abroad to have the freedom to study, thereafter to work, in their country (or to return home), this ought to be THEIR choice, not ours.

After all, the US has sponsored uncounted numbers of foreign student to study and work, with full knowledge that the US-taxpayer will eventually have to foot the bill, right?

When I studied for a semester in Germany, I was being sponsored by Columbia University in cooperation with the West German government at the time. Having completed my matriculating coursework, I returned to the States.

I don't see a problem with Poland or any country sponsoring foreign student or pupils, so long as they eventually learn to speak the target language.
cms neuf 2 | 2,069
28 Sep 2022 #20
I don't know Rich, but I don't see why that is your concern, because you are not a Polish taxpayer

For sure it's a lot less than the cost of all of the governments handouts and electoral bribes.

Worry about your own taxes - they have been spent on gold shoes for Putin's mistress, plus helmets that don't fit, tanks that don't move and missiles that can can't fly in a straight line.
Lyzko 41 | 8,871
28 Sep 2022 #21
Right on.
pawian 204 | 21,118
28 Sep 2022 #22
How much cost

Amasing material girl you are. :):):)
Ziemowit 14 | 4,412
28 Sep 2022 #23
Right on.

But why do you always write 'amasing' rather than 'amazing'?
pawian 204 | 21,118
28 Sep 2022 #24

Amazing combined with amusing.
johnny reb 41 | 8,006
28 Sep 2022 #25
But why do you always write 'amasing' rather than 'amazing'?

Ha ha ha, thanks for pointing out that elementary school mistake, Ziemowit.
Thanks for helping a Non Polish Student studying in Polish Public School
pawian 204 | 21,118
28 Sep 2022 #26

:):):):):) Of course not. I already explained the character of the word here:
johnny reb 41 | 8,006
28 Sep 2022 #27
I already explained the character of the word here:

with a red face knowing you botched it. Simple :-)
jon357 72 | 21,192
28 Sep 2022 #28
Well enough known.
johnny reb 41 | 8,006
28 Sep 2022 #29
Very poor source, joun.
Meaningless in other words.
The Urban Dictionary combines "anyone can add information" with a dictionary.
It has currently recorded over four million words and phrases, mostly slang or slang usage.
Miloslaw 16 | 4,706
28 Sep 2022 #30
Well enough known.

I posted the fact that this is a Non British urban term mainly used on the internet.
And I still think it looks and sounds awful.
Like when people use the word SICK to mean good or great.
Just horrible.

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