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Helping Non Polish Student studying in Public School

jon357 74 | 22,394
28 Sep 2022 #31

I don't like that one much and there are words teenagers use that I can only guess at.

Amasing always looked wrong until Pawian started using it here, especially its PF variant, amaSSing. I suspect àmasing came from second language users. It's a common mistake.

To the OP, there's a group for parents in Warsaw who are in a similar situation. They used to have a listing in the back of the Warsaw Insider and probably still do if it's still going and if they are

Otherwise it's recommend any of the exist Facebook groups for Poland. There will be people there in near identical situations which there aren't here.
Novichok 4 | 8,184
28 Sep 2022 #32
I don't know Rich,

Actually, you know more than I do. Like where I live.

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