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Dziadzia / Babcia - help me with spelling/pronunciation

EricWojo - | 2    
30 Aug 2016  #31

Babcia and Dziadzia are both correct. Dziadzia is how a small child would say the more formal word (Dziadek) for Grandpa. It can also sometimes be used by adults in a more endearing way. Babciu and Dziadziu could be used when speaking to or addressing the grand parents directly by a child. Babci and Dziadzi or Dziadka are possessive nouns. Like Babci's cooking. Or were going to Grandma's. Jedziemy do babci. Obviously in Polish you wouldn't use the apostrophe s.

30 Aug 2016  #32

And something similar - Dzidzia (I guess it's a "small child / baby" - could be easily confused with Dziadzia ;)
gjene 12 | 189    
31 Aug 2016  #33

As for the word/term babcia, when I was growing up I used the term babu for my grandmother and (d)ja(d)ju for my grandfather. That is what I can remember was used before they died many a year ago. I guess the pronunciation will depend on where the grandparents grew up or their parents.
5 Nov 2016  #34

My grandparents came from Poland and spoke very little English. I think they came to the US shortly after they were married sometime before the 1st world war. My grandmother was still in her teens then. I grew up calling my grandmother Botchie & my grandfather Joju (the older grandchildren called him Papa) I know those aren't the correct spellings but that's how we pronounced the words. I think my grandparents were from a very rural area in Poland. Does anyone know the correct spellings for those words & if there's an area in Poland where the words would have been pronounced that way?
Looker - | 940    
5 Nov 2016  #35


It looks to me like dziadziu in Polish which means grandpa - diminutive from the dziadek word. And the pronunciation 'joju' seems ok.
7 Nov 2016  #36

Thank you. There was also a 'game' my grandfather & I would sometimes play. Every night he would sit in front of his tv & watch the news. I don't know how much of it he understood as he didn't know much English. Occasionally he'd point to the newscaster on the screen & say he's a bum, he's a (sounds like) 'pee-ock'. I was about 5 then. I'd say "no he's not" then my grandfather would say to me you're a pee-ock & I'd say no, you are. Then he'd tousle my hair or tickle me & we'd both giggle. It was always just a playful game but to this day I don't know what that word means. My mother thought it might be a slang term for a drunk, but she's not sure. Does anyone know the word?
Looker - | 940    
7 Nov 2016  #37


It's most likely 'pijak' in Polish, which means Drunkard, so your mother was right.
Ziemowit 8 | 2,500    
7 Nov 2016  #38

Or "pijok" as many country people would say.
18 Dec 2016  #39

I call my Grandmkther Babchi.Pernouced :Ba-Chi.and my Grandfather, Dziaziua.Pernouced:Jgogh-u.Or. At least that's how i think it's spelled in speaking.
Wulkan - | 3,163    
18 Dec 2016  #40


is it Chinese?
7 Jan 2017  #41

It's Baci (like Italian "ci') and Jodjew[....

...gosh how i miss them so. I can still remember his funeral, 23 years later pregnant with second great great grandbabyall i can remember is the vultures swarming on her wil and safety deposit box before the coroner was called. She'd had spit at playing pinochle. Shame.
7 Jun 2017  #42

Baci Polish for Grandmother in my family. Dziadzi Polish for Grandfather in my family.
Polonius3 1,020 | 12,550    
7 Jun 2017  #43

Not "Babci"

Babci, cioci, busia, dziadzia are part of a PolAm patois or jargon which is strongly engrained in the culture of descendants of the old (late 19th/early 20th century) Polonia. It is primariyl used by those who speak little if any Polish and communicate exlcusively in English.

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