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Looking for Polish Spelling of Last Name

dkiefer 1 | 3
29 Jan 2009 #1
My Great- Granfather's last name was Nerswig. I am looking for the Polish spelling/translation of it. He was born in the US, however his parents were not. Upon coming to the US they changed the spelling of there last name to a english one. Any help would be great!!!! Both of his parents were born in the US
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
29 Jan 2009 #2
Couldn't find aynthign even close: Nieświerk, Nieświk, Nieszwierg...
Looks Germanic or Yiddish. Were yoru ancestors ethnic Poles?
OP dkiefer 1 | 3
29 Jan 2009 #3
Yes, they were from Poland, that was my errot. I belive it is Neutashavetz. Ofcourse I have spelled the all wrong. When they came to the US the chaned it because it was to hard to spell and say. And I have been told that the translation was Nerswig.
Davey 13 | 388
29 Jan 2009 #4
I can't really tell but the ending of the name looks like it would be -siewicz
OP dkiefer 1 | 3
29 Jan 2009 #5
Thanks.... I am trying to do a family tree for my grandmother for her 75 birthday and evvery i turn i come up at a dead end road. I have the names of my great great grandparents on my grandma side and i am coming to dead ends there. I never know it would be this hard to look up your family history.... and ofcourse since i only speak english. going to any of the polish websites is out of the question. I would be happy with the meaning of some of the last names i have found..... thanks again!!!
8 Jul 2016 #6
Merged: Spelling of a last name ..... Spearchek

Hi there,

I live in Ontario and am working on my genealogy. I'm looking to add a couple of people to my family tree but the spelling of the Polish last name is incorrect. It sounds like "Spearchek" but I'm pretty certain that isn't the correct spelling. In fact, I should also confirm the spelling of the first name "Tanak" too! :)

If you are able to figure out what first/last name those could sound like and the spelling of them, I would be most appreciative.

Thanks in advance!

kpc21 1 | 763
8 Jul 2016 #7
It's definitely not the proper spelling, if you wrote it phonetically in English, because we don't have "ea" in Polish and "ch" is pronounced totally different than in English (it's pronounced like in Loch Ness).

It would be written Sperczek, but there is no such last name in Polish, Google doesn't find anything.

Maybe someone will have an idea about possible Polish surname that sounds similarly.

"Tanak" also isn't a Polish name, even though in Polish it would be read almost same as in English. Google says that Tanakh (pronounced Tanach with ch like in Loch Ness) is a Jewish name of a part of the Bible. Maybe it's not a Polish, but a Jewish name.
5 Nov 2017 #8
kaprys 3 | 2,266
5 Nov 2017 #9
Are you sure it's Polish and not Czech Plavaček?
How about Sperczak?
8 Jul 2018 #10
how to spell berkowitz
pawian 218 | 22,823
7 Mar 2020 #11
Berkowicz. So simple. Anything else?
26 Feb 2021 #12
I'm looking for the correct spelling of the last name:
'Yungtuzski.' ( This is as close as I can remember to the correct spelling. ) I'd like to find my friend from grade school.
pawian 218 | 22,823
5 Apr 2021 #13

The closest which comes to mind is Jankowski. Pronounced Yankofski. I had a class friend - Grzegorz Jankowski. We went different ways after elementary school.

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