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1 Mar 2013
Language / Polish slang phrases - most popular. [606]

Do you know what it means?? =)

I was wrong, in this context (You good boy/girl proposco zatstraniez) I think it’s (po prostu zasraniec) which means; (po prostu = simply) ( zasraniec = a rug rat), so whatever the first part is - of which I'm not too sure about, the second is definitely (zasraniec). Of course that’s not a literal translation but that’s the expression Americans use when they talk about toddlers and that’s exactly what zasraniec is in this case. In case it is my first thought after all than (no prosze, zasraniec = look, a rug rat).
28 Feb 2013
Language / Polish slang phrases - most popular. [606]

proposco zatstraniez

Don't know what the first word is but the second one is (zasraniec) :)

I think the phrase is (no prosze, zasraniec)
29 Jan 2013
News / Poland is the source of horsemeat in burgers? [169]

the customer has a right to get exactly what they have paid for. Meaning, if they're buying beef burgers, they expect beef burgers. Not petfood.

Damn right, Silvercrest plant in Ballybay made the beef patties tainted with horse meat so who cares who the supplier of raw material is.
27 Jan 2013
News / Poland is the source of horsemeat in burgers? [169]

Besides, if their suppliers in Poland lie and cheat about something as basic as what animal it is, what else are they lying and cheating about?

Are you sure about that? As far as I understand, ABP food group is in retail and manufacturing of meets for human consumption as well as in pet food production business, so how exactly does the supplier of any given meet product meant to be used in one or the other sector of ABP food group business be blamed for that debacle? After all it’s the ABP food group that produces the final product and it’s their call as to which market any particular meet is eventually sold on. It is they who dice, mince and manufacture the products for convenience food and ready meal producers, so if 20% of horse meet delivered by the supplier to them meant to be used in pet food products ends up in ground beef sold in supermarkets for human consumption that’s not really the suppliers fault, now is it? So who exactly is doing all the lying and cheating here? Polish supplier or Irish-British manufacturer?

Papers report that the Silvercrest plant in Ballybay made the final product. Don’t they have inspectors in place to test the meet delivered to them? If the meet was not for the product line they ordered it for and indeed some dishonest Polish supplier tried to cheat them they should have stopped the order right there and then instead of processing the meet and putting it on the British market.
25 Jan 2013
Language / Dupa - what a beautiful Polish word [103]

Uneducated, immoral, unintelligent Poles say that word. It is considered vulgar.

Is it really vulgar?

Dupa used with a suitable preposition is the answer to a rhetorical questions that begins with; How, Where, Where to, Where from. Answer: Do dupy, w dupie, z dupu. For example, How was it? Where were you? 'Where you’re from?' same as stating none of your damn business in English, rude perhaps but far from being vulgar. (Zabrał się do czegoś od dupy strony) simply means that the approach is inappropriate, hence the wrong end “as in “ass end” dupa here functions as a synonym. (Dupa) is sometimes also used when making a comparison, a lot of stuff is worthless thus (do dupy warte) serves as a universal benchmark for consumer goods or service performed. You can also protect your own or someone elses ass, saying (Chronę własną dupe) or its direct English translation (I covered my own ass) once again confirms that sometimes it’s necessary to state the obvious and the translation you pick be it “I covered my own ass” or “I protected myself” is up to you depending on how much of a prude you are.

It all depends on your perspective and if you know all definitions of the word in question. There’s more to a language we choose to use to convey the massage then meets the eye. Not having a grasp on the foreign language and the subtle differance in meaning it can represent when translating it to your own language instead of using a direct translation makes all the diffrance in the world and only makes you think of it as immoral or vulgar. FFS man, don’t be afraid to engage in verbal intercourse once in a while, my bad I said intercourse. LOL

Żyć czy rzyć? - oto jest pytanie!

For those who are less sensitive about the language used and with a sense of humor.

Wiersz o Dupie:

Dupa ludzkość raju pozbawiła,
Dupa Adama do jabłka skusiła,
Dupa płodzi, Dupa rodzi,
Dupa nigdy nie zaszkodzi,
Dupa największą kopalnią pieniędzy,
Dupa kur.. wyprowadza z nędzy,
Dupa nęci, Dupa swędzi,
Dupa też wspaniale pierdzi,
Z tego powstał taki morał:
Człowiek się rodzi z Dupy wychodzi,
Człowiek się żeni na Dupę wchodzi,
Człowiek umiera na Dupie leży,
Wszystko od DUPY na świecie zależy!!
9 Jan 2013
Genealogy / Polish looks? [1472]

If a certain set of features can be attributed to a particular European country then here's an interesting site for all experts on this forum.
Composites of pictures of males and females to come up with an average look for a given country. Personally I don't see it but who knows maybe some of you do.

Edit: Someone beat me to it though this one is only for Europe.
9 Jan 2013
UK, Ireland / Polish city that's moved to Britain [120]

That isn't fashion dearie. It's just a chav.

Really? What do you call this then?

Honestly don't tell me you never seen Martin Parr photos of Brits on holiday? Didn't know chavs took those though the fashion sens is somewhat familiar, enough said.
9 Jan 2013
UK, Ireland / Polish city that's moved to Britain [120]

She looks Polish though.

Does she? Let's assume she is, she must have simply change style to bland into environment I suppose. Clever girl.
8 Jan 2013
UK, Ireland / Polish city that's moved to Britain [120]

the language is a bit of a giveaway with Polish people......and a particular fashion look ....

Yes we all know about British fashion. Very stylish.

British look
6 Jan 2013
History / Life in communist Poland - personal relations [409]

Money did not matter much.

Don't really know what to quite make of this; are you serious or being sarcastic? While it is true that a few of the high ranking officials do take the advantage of their position to get things for free from the state no matter what system they happen to work for, even if it's capitalist system where their position allows them to live on a taxpayer dime. For the rest of us cash is king, hard work, credit and layaway programs a necessary burden to put up with in order to achieve certain standard of living even during the time of communism. Nothing is free in life, no matter what system you happen to live under, do you honestly think that state give you housing, cars, TV's, appliances for free?

You make it sound surreal and utopian like as if it was seen from the perspective of the privileged elites who believed in the system and were lucky enough to be given all of those things, as if. I'm afraid that the reality was quite different and the money itself meant a great deal back then, without it one would simply stagnate and never be able to batter themselves. For instance even in the 70's (the so called boom) without resorting to bribery and black market for all sorts of consumer goods were only cash is acceptable form of payment, one would never be able to improve his standard of living, build a house, etc. Cash was king, the building materials in short supply, so whatever you bought from private enterprise like bricks, lumber, cinder blocks etc., (I know hard to believe but they did exist) you supplemented the rest through bribes and through the contacts you had at state run supplier where you bought stuff from under the counter so to speak and paid cash, not to mention the bribes you had to pay to bypass government bureaucracy to get the building permit, water, electric gas telephone line on your property. In cities some flats were also bought by people. Often the building project took well over 5 years and one had to borrow heavily to do this, not from the state run banking system mind you but family, friends, neighbors.

The cars, TV's, appliances were not free either, those were out of reach for most people on the salary they had and they bought those items on installments or layaway programs. Cars, if you were lucky enough to work abroad or had family members residing there were often bought for cash in hard currency to be picked up at home skipping the waiting list all together, hard currency costumers had that privilege for a simple reason, hard currency was in short supply and was needed by the state to pay off the interest on the loans Gierek made to achieve this short lived prosperity but it's the easement of restrictions, human inventive nature as well as black market and great deal of corruption in the government circles that allowed for all this prosperity to flourish for a short while. Stores like Pewex flourished paddling their goods for hard currency were dollar was the king. People often crossed the border to buy items not available on domestic market where they were much cheaper too, either for themselves or resale on the black market to pay off the debts they incurred building their house. You did everything you could think of to pay those debts off.

One does wonder indeed how such system could collapse; life is hard enough as it is without government interference in their daily life, imposed restriction and freedom of movement don't help either. Reality of life differed greatly from the utopian picture of life under communism some of you paint here.
24 Sep 2012
Language / Foreigners speaking Polish - examples. [61]

The only way to do this correctly is to have a laugh with the two behind the counter otherwise he can't but appear silly

Cool, at the end of the video the expression on his face is priceless. He's so proud of himself a genuine sense of accomplishment.

In my opinion the only way to this correctly is to try, no matter how badly you might sound to others. When the girl behind the counter tried speaking english he didn't even flinch but insisted on the conversation to be carried on in polish, more power to him. The only way to learn is to practice what you have learned thus far, nothing wrong with that, I think he did OK. I'm sure the shop attendants found this situation a bit amusing afterwards and might have cracked a few jokes after he left the shop, but he did catch them off guard.

Even the Old Blue Eyes himself sang in Polish, at the end of this clip you'll hear him having a go at Polish.
21 Sep 2012
News / Children licking cream off a Polish priest's legs "inappropriate" says NGO [116]

In the U.S. Children are taught that this type of behavior is wrong.

Despite that fact they still participate in hazing and other initiation rituals once they reach college level or even in adulthood, so I guess that either you’re not doing a good job at educating them LOL, or the need to belonging is stronger than a little humiliation they might experience while being an initiate and perceive the ritual as innocent horseplay regardless of what any outsider may or may not think of it. Keep in mind that most of it is innocent in nature though not always perceived like that by the outsiders.

How long has this tradition been going on for?

For as long as mankind has been around and started to form distinct groups that set them apart from other groups, we all like to be a part of something special. Whatever the organization, the nationality, the religion or anything else you can think of, the ritual of becoming a full pledge member of and being associated with that organization is and will always be with us in whatever shape or form.

It's actually extremely rare and has been so for centuries.

Not in orthodox community. Even the NY city tried to pass a law against it for health reasons and for decades now but each time unsuccessful in their endeavor as obviously some influential element is stopping this effort. Despite numerous case studies present by the health department in support of such a law there’s a large enough element blocking it despite your claim to the contrary. As for people trying to paint it as something that it obviously is not how is it any different then what this thread itself is trying to achieve?

Denizens of the internet sometimes like to trot it out though, for reasons of their own.

This thread being is a perfect example of such trolling.
17 Sep 2012
History / Polish military uniforms [49]

Still works a treat but the 12 volt batteries are hard to find :)

Cool, I thought you have somehow rigged it to work with modern set of batteries. Keeping it original, very cool.

Hard to explain,always had an interest in that period in history,was involved in recreated honour guards etc for memorial events in the UK and western europe for years and always had an interest in Polish forces ,

Interesting, perhaps my memory is failing me but growing up on this side of the Iron Curtain I never heard of reenactors participation or anyone actually sporting polish uniform beside the veterans and scouts in those days, the newspaper articles of that time neglected to mention that. The pictures that accompanied those articles usually depicted local Polonia, few of the veterans that is or scouts participating in those memorial events but not reenactors themselves, in any case it would be nice if you shared a story or two with us that would complement the pictures you post, perhaps we will all learn something new.
17 Sep 2012
UK, Ireland / Unemployed Poles in Ireland : a crash course in milking the system [323]

a very sad story indeed. If I was a Pole, I'd take care of that SOB just to show the locals that not all Poles are criminals (we all know you're not but those of you who are, are seriously messing up your reputation).

LOL. Do you have any principals you live by? Here you are calling on Poles to form a lynch mob against an individual yet in Free Libya thread you condemn mob rule as barbaric. As an American you don’t seem to be calling for the filmmaker to be lynched by his own people simply because his action caused another American to die but rather you defend his action and condemn the foreigners for taking the matter into their own hands.
17 Sep 2012
UK, Ireland / British - Stupidest nation in Europe [127]

exact replica of the **** holes they ran away from

How do you know? Ever been to any of these places?

also best pray that the door is soon closed.

No worries mate, when the EU collapses this door will be slam shut
16 Sep 2012
History / Polish military uniforms [49]

I remember that torch; my grandparents’ still had few of them around in a good working order when I was a kid. The potato masher is a nice touch to complete the look but I’m still partial to the Strzelec Podhalański uniform.

25 Aug 2012
Language / Przyczółkowa - Pronunciation question [11]

Firstly the pronunciation suggestion is fine.

Fine? How’s so? It’s an approximation at best.

Secondly, I notice you don't offer any alternative.

Why should I? To confuse the poor soul even more? There’s no way to do this phonetically in English, not make it sound silly in the process that is. Best way is to listen to a native and repeat it; otherwise you will always mispronounce words. As some have already suggested, if you don’t have the native to pronounce it for you, use an online synthesizer program, a lot closer than your approximate suggestion. Hat off for trying though.

PS. This was not a dig at you so there’s no need to be anal about it, simply pointing out the obvious fault in trying to do so. FFS man if you’re such a purist in regards to English language then the least you can do is to be consistent. Stop trying to do the impossible and stop being a butcher in regards to Polish.
25 Aug 2012
USA, Canada / Animosity against second and third generation poles ? [26]

What is the problerm?

You asked!

We will bring an enormous amount of resources including education and money.

Do you really need tips on how to be even more patronizing and condescending than you already are? You still wonder why?
PS. That wealth you speak of is on par with your education, as someone pointed out both just a figment of your imagination. My advice, join the Peace Corps and stop trolling.
20 Aug 2012
UK, Ireland / Fertile Polish Women in the UK [87]

Is it the British air?

Perhaps you have a shoe fetish and you find Shiny Black Galoshes irresistible. :) It's not the air, it's the damn British weather.
20 Aug 2012
UK, Ireland / Hitler gagdets in Britain and Poland? [24]

they weren't exactly team workers

Yet they managed to assemble a hell of a team to accomplish their objective. They didn't do all that by themselves you know. Ribbentrop-Molotov pact comes to mind, team players or not? I'm really torn on this issue, help me out here please! Enlighten me.

PS We're kinda getting off topic here. I'd rather discuss Hitlers' gadgets (now that would be interesting) although a tea-shirt I would classify as memorabilia myself even if it's portrayed as a joke. There are nutters out there who do take it seriously.
20 Aug 2012
UK, Ireland / Hitler gagdets in Britain and Poland? [24]

I wouldn't be so sure, reincarnated to do his bidding, even the devil is not foolish enough to waste good talent.
19 Aug 2012
Life / Polish people and racism. [943]

Poles are becoming racists?

Says who! A person who picks racial slur for blacks as his nick? Dropping an e at the end is not fooling anyone. LOL you have to do better than that.