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7 Apr 2016
UK, Ireland / Why English do not like Polish? [417]

Because for years the English have had the chance to blame their laziness, stupidity and irresponsibility on the obviously-different people coming into Britain.

6 years later and the Polish are the backbone that can change Europe

Why do Polish Not like the English?

That is the question:)

I can help with ideas???
7 Apr 2016
Life / Swearing in front of children - is it normal in Polish society? [26]

I'm talking about repeated use of "****" kurwa" and other such words in most sentences over an extended period. I

This kind of talk is common place in the Polish communities of Chicago.
Its nothing new, maybe the PC police tell you what you want to hear, but you know, come on now:)
7 Apr 2016
Life / Do Polish People steal a lot? [330]

I don't think Polish people generally steal a lot... I think it's more opportunistic theft

Cant beat that with a stick!!

Case closed, Thank you very much:)
23 Aug 2015
USA, Canada / Taste of Polonia - Chicago, IL [40]

Merged: Taste of Polonia 2015 - Chicago, Ilinois

Does anybody here remember this?

Its that time of year again Boys and Girls!

Its a great party if you can make it!!!

Never mind the stories you hear about Chicago, you won't get (ok waiting for pictures ;)
23 Aug 2015
UK, Ireland / Why English do not like Polish? [417]

This is to Sledz........ Like I said before, I have just come back from Poland and it seems to me that you have not looked closely at your own country,

My country is 6000 miles away from Poland, what are whining about?

there weren't very many smiles there, people were very rude to us

Judging from your posts, it doesn't surprise me.

If you do not like us then do not come to Britain.

I never said I was going there?

so you should criticize your own country.

I do on a regular basis!

you know nothing about.

ou are only mouthing off by heresay s

I must have learned from you!
6 Jul 2015
UK, Ireland / Why English do not like Polish? [417]

mostly I am seeing American arrogance here tbh.

Oh, Im very sorry we hurt your feelings Mr. Guest,,,, here this should help:):)

6 Jul 2015
UK, Ireland / Why English do not like Polish? [417]

Science, metric rules.

I agree, it would make sense for us to switch to the metric system. All cars and machinery are metric except a Harley.
The US tried to make the switch some years ago but it never came to fruition, don't know why? Its definitely less confusing.

Not to mention all the extra tools we have to buy:(

And Poles in Britain and Brits in Poland is a good thing that works very, very well -

Are there many Brits that live in Poland now, compared to Poles in England?
I heard that Polands economy has been getting better, so Im guessing less people would want to leave.

Poland is a beautiful county ...Wasz kraj jest piekny!
6 Jul 2015
UK, Ireland / Why English do not like Polish? [417]

Poles are just ignorant when they set their mind to it.

Being stubborn to new ideas or refusing to learn how to things the correct way, thats true. I had to fire a few guys for not wanting to listen or do things my (correct) way. Like refusing to use an American tape measure, we use inches over here not metric.

Thats few and far between most Poles are easy going and like to laugh and have a good time. In America anyway, maybe they become happy after they arrive from depressing Europe?
6 Jul 2015
UK, Ireland / Why English do not like Polish? [417]

Brits are a miserable people, they don't even like themselves!
My Father used to say "misery loves company"
Now, that they have the internet as a platform they can try to make the rest of the world just as miserable.
It won't work on Americans, were the first to make fun of ourselves and for the most part don't really give 2 thoughts about them.

The only contact I have with Brits is this forum, which is mostly the dregs of their society lashing out against Polish people that are members of the EU as well. This elitist nation should have stayed by itself, isolated and miserable.
5 Jul 2015
Off-Topic / WB's body building and general fitness thread [97]

Sledz me old mucker, how the devil are you?

Im doing ok, Thanks!
I took some of your old advice and married a Polish girl. They're great aren't they?

Dude, you are getting huge! Can you get into contests, make money doing this?
3 Jul 2015
Off-Topic / WB's body building and general fitness thread [97]

Hows the steroid fueled temper doing tonight? Is you head getting ready to explode?

Thanks for the cheap entertainment! lol

I have some music so you can jam out in your tighty whities.........
17 May 2015
Language / Is the term 'Polak' derogatory?? [231]

Why would you think "the Germans" made up U.S. Polish jokes (in English!) and why?

The Nazi`s made up Polish jokes along with the Jewish ones. Sure some were made up here , but strictly an American thing, not true!

I hear Poles using the word Polock all the time, depending on its context it could be derogatory or not.

The other poster who made the accusation of Americans using it as the N word ( being racist) is insulting and dead wrong!

I could say something like why aren't there any Black people at the Polish bars and Festivals in Chicago?
17 May 2015
Language / Is the term 'Polak' derogatory?? [231]

but America has turned it into the equivalent of the 'N-Word' to African Americans.

What a load of Garbage! Everything gets blamed on America on this forum!

I would say the Germans made up those Polish Jokes, but to link it to the "N" word in America is just ignorant!!
10 May 2015
Polonia / MOVING MY STUFF TO MOSCOW and a Harley motorcycle ...any ideas? [58]

I reply with the words of the Motorcycle club i will be joining in Russia....its not perfect English , but i am sure its clear....


There was a thread about them being turned away at the Polish border, perhaps it was too controversial for a Polish forum?
This forum is like Hillary Clintons email server,,,lol

It always makes me laugh when the tough guy Euro Bikers all have to have American made Motorcycles!

Go Harley!! Take their $$$$$

Why don't the buy BMW or Kawasaki they're a lot cheaper and easier to get?
10 May 2015
Law / Cheated $21009 by a Polish man - what shall i do? [15]

Before once asked to pay back,ask me to kiss ass.

You should had an attorney call him right after that!

Then threaten him with legal action, that would get him thinking. Nobody likes their finances being looked into....

Or just do it the Chicago way, put a hit out on him, have his legs broken:)
28 Mar 2013
Law / The right to own guns: would you support such legislation in Poland? [1651]

Once again, legal gun owners have the lowest crime rate. You and other liberals continue to be immune to facts It is a curious phenomena

So true, I`ve legally owned guns for close to 30 years now, without any incidents.

I've previously given you the facts about minority-on-minority gun murders in Chicago. It didn't seem to register.

I live in Chicagoland area as well and never had to pull out a gun yet.
Although, I choose not to go to the minority drug infested areas to hang out with gangbangers.

I just wish the US could get rid of the black/white thing or the creeping anti Latino thing,

It happens to be a fact, despite what you see on your T.V. set.
The Chicago gun violence is 90% black on black, this rarely happens in white neighborhoods.
28 Mar 2013
Law / The right to own guns: would you support such legislation in Poland? [1651]

A person that wants guns banned calls for a war??

The states is too far gone with regards to gun laws or gun control.

If you are from Poland, why do you care about American gun laws or how we choose to live?
I dont see how its any of your business!
21 Mar 2013
History / For what the Germans owe Poland one trillion U.S. dollars? [299]

You are talking to the wrong guy, sledz. I agree with you 100% - this whole thread is a bad joke.

Sorry, my comment wasn't directed at you.
I tried to separate it with the ............. line.

Let's leave emotion at the door and discus these terms of settlement you refer to, okay?

Thats cool, Ill be quiet and let the people that live in Poland worry about it.
Its still seems silly complaining about stuff that happened almost a century ago.

Its sounds like the same thing as reparations for slavery.

I want 100 millions for good stolen by Germans in Poland and stolen again by American army.
I'm reasonable dude.

Check is in the
20 Mar 2013
USA, Canada / Polish-American Musicians [45]

Just watched 1968 Doors concert on television

And what about the Polish Prince??:)
20 Mar 2013
History / For what the Germans owe Poland one trillion U.S. dollars? [299]

"In 2004 the Polish and German governments declared the issue settled."

And in 2013 it was reopened on Polish Forums,,ROTFL!
This dispute has been settled by YOUR government 10 years ago, isn't it about time you stop moaning and whining about WWII???

Over the years Ive seen some stupid threads on this forum, but this takes the cake!

You dont deserve anything and are not going to get anything, case closed.

Its called War,,,too bad for the people that had to live through it:(
Why should somebody`s grandchildren get one penny from Germany is laughable.

I want one trillion $ from the Japanese for bombing Pearl Harbor,,,,lol
17 Jan 2013
Travel / BIGGEST MOSQUE IN POLAND! - Gdansk [42]

Will the Polish be strong enough to say Nooooooo!
The Muslims will start riots like they do in London and France when they reach a certain percentage of the general population.

Its all part of their plan for world domination!


Most Poles that Ive encountered are racists, Ive surprised someone hasnt bulldozed that mosque down yet!
6 Dec 2012
USA, Canada / What US National Parks are worth visiting most? [11]

lay off, sledz.

I was just joking around:)
I love all of Florida!!

all of them if you like nature.

If youre into camping then you will have a better time!

I want to cross off Yellowstone because of the huge crowds, otherwise its probably up there with the Grand Canyon and Valley of Fire:)
6 Dec 2012
USA, Canada / What US National Parks are worth visiting most? [11]

Miami - Calle Ocho and SOBE Art Deco district

When did that become a National Park?
I used to live in Miami, maybe you meant The Everglades National Park?
You can go on cool air boat ride in the swamps and chase

New York - two extremes: Manhattan and Montauk beaches

I`d blow NYC off and head up to Lake Placid National Park, Upstate N.Y. in the Adirondack Mtns.
Its really beautiful and away from the scummy city, unbelievable what a few hundred miles can do:)

Pacific Coast Hwy

Colorado, Rockies, etc
Grand Canyon, Sedona

All nice places mentioned above

Yellowstone Nat. Pk
Joshua Tree Nat. PK
The Great Smokey Mountains Nat.Pk
Crater Lake Nat.Pk in Oregon is one of my favorites!

Zetigrek, Ive been to all the parks mentioned above and they all are good.
There are many more that I havent been too or cant think of now.

Niagara Falls, US/Canada, good for a one day trip!
Starved Rock, IL,,, now Im getting into State Parks lol
6 Dec 2012
News / Are Poles good enough for USA (to go there without a visa)? [288]

They need to let in more Poles and less Jews. Why should the Jews get better treatment?

How about we don't let anyone else in, seal off the borders and deport all Illegals?

All that money we could save by stop giving free handouts to criminals that break our laws!
6 Nov 2012
Travel / Which countries (of the world) is a Polish drivers licence valid? [15]

Polish D.L. is fine in USA along with your passport and current visa.

International D.L. not excepted in all states in USA

A Chicago cop told me its like having a license from
Thats a signal that they might be and usually are Illegal.
28 Aug 2012
USA, Canada / Where could I go in Pittsburgh that has a high population of Polish-Americans? [39]

Chicago is that it's VERY cold in the winter and very HOT in the summer

Pittsburgh isn't exactly a tropical paradise either. We have almost the same climate except for Lake Michigan that produces its own snow during the winter.

In the summer we have a nice cool breeze that comes from the lake,,,sometimes:)

I have friends in Pittsburgh and been there several times, its not a bad place, but boring!!

It seems like every house has a Steeler Helmet as well, thats all they really have for entertainment unless you like to drink a lot.