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Vincent Moderator  
19 Nov 2007
Off-Topic / An English Version of Gadu-Gadu? [105]

I`m wondering if its a coincidence or if it has spyware bundled in it?

Someone on here about a month ago, said they had a virus or spyware trouble with it.
Vincent Moderator  
14 Oct 2007
Language / Polish Lessons Units [189]

Thanks Janusz...these videos are much appreciated.
Vincent Moderator  
4 Oct 2007
Language / English-Polish tests [23]

Thanks for taking the time and pointing out these mistakes.
Vincent Moderator  
26 Sep 2007
Language / English-Polish tests [23]

Thanks guys. Glad that you are finding it useful.

I must admit, I'm finding it a bit addictive, but it is a good way to find out how sentences are constructed. I have just been learning polish for three months now and, my average correct words in the first 20 tests is only 5. I did manage to complete one and, have a few 8's and 10's. It's the different endings for words, that's seems to catch me out.

Still it is a good learning tool and, hopefully in another 3 months my average will be much better. I wonder how many words, you guys are getting correct?
Vincent Moderator  
24 Sep 2007
Language / English-Polish tests [23]

The following "tests" may be useful to any beginners learning Polish.

Also if there are any Polish people learning English, follow the link "back to languages" on the test page and, you can then, change the tests to Polish-English or most other European languages.