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23 Dec 2017
News / EU triggers Article 7, could strip Poland of voting rights [91]

I used EUSSR. That means "we will get rid of the current EU".

No, because...


The EU commies can use different terms to fulfill their evil goals. Example: War in Syria is over yet they keep calling Syrians refugees. IMHO Syrians are now as "refugees" as Ukrainians but EU won't call Ukrainians ones coz it would mean that Poland accepted many times more refugees than quotas and still be opressing Poland to stop the Avalanche of nationalism and love for freedom and independence wich is against their vision of Europe becoming federation.
22 Dec 2017
News / EU triggers Article 7, could strip Poland of voting rights [91]

Love the EU lol. They do all things right to unite Poles against their opression. Nationalism grows partly thanks to Juncker and that other Belgian who looks like Hitler's kin.

Great to see that. We got rid of Germans, got rid of Soviets and we will get rid of EUSSR.

Wait. EU accuses Poland of being not democratic enough... and their solution is to remove said country's right to vote democratically.

Recently Denmark voted against UN and will stop allowing refugees into their country. Will the 7.1 directive get triggered in case of Denmark too? You bet it won't. The reason behind it is that EU commies clearly see that importance of Poland rises and that Poland is the leader of nationalism ( it is nothing bad regardless of how hard leftist media try to demonize that term) and is the real threat to their selfish interests. Denmark, Austria, Catalonia and soon more countries are just following our footsteps.
22 Dec 2017
Life / How do Polish people see homosexuality? [152]


Homosexualism in Poland

According to the latest CBOS poll 55% of Poles see homosexualism as something abnormal but also believes we should tolerate the affected. 24% of Poles believes that homosexualism is something abnormal and shouldn't be tolerated at all. 64% of Poles are against same sex marriages and 84% are strictly against same sex couples having right to adopt children.


If you suffer from homosexualism disease stay away from Poland. You're place is called Psychiatry Ward.

15 Dec 2017
Life / Popular Polish blog and chat sites [65]

So the future of conversation is talking to a script/machine? LOL. Only in the so called Weastern World lol
15 Dec 2017
USA, Canada / Poles and Americans, what do you think, are we friends or enemies? [187]

As a Pole i find Hamburgericans harmless dumb@sses. :) Quite hilarious they are. I find them.... entertaining...or amusing... like animals in a Zoo.

Actually it was a World Monkey Day yesterday or 2 days ago. Late Happy Holiday 'Muricans.
14 Dec 2017
News / EU confirms it will take action against Poland over court reforms [554]

@Dirk diggler
To leftards Democracy is when things happen the way THEY want. Thing is that if you support Democracy as a whole then you MUST also accept the will of majority even when it's against your own. If you don't then you're simply a hipocrite like the leftards in Poland.
13 Dec 2017
Life / What is the reason for POLISH jokes ? [486]

I have no probs with Polish jokes in America hehe. I find it hilarious that stupids try to make fun of anyone at all lol
12 Dec 2017
News / Beata Szydło - the best Polish politician, world's politicians could learn from her [80]

I'm sceptical about Morawiecki. Some say ... However, Morawiecki does not appear as politician who can debate well with Westerner ... He seems more of a bum licker (thats plainly rude and tells more about yourself than anybody else). PiS could have...

Bias and so many assumptions lol. Facts are: he's better educated and more experienced in finances/economics than any other Polish PM in like a decade. He can debate with foreign leaders in their own language.

This decision is not well thought of by PiS.

And another biased assumption.
12 Dec 2017
Life / Why do so many Polish strive to be accepted by the West? [57]

I fail to see...


In Europe (ya know... where i live) under EU being "Westerner" means to abandon everything your nation is proud of, change history to be politically correct, get rid of culture and tradition along with religion and become a bland, boring culturally gray state like France or Germany.

Now finally we have a great govt with great social by Beata Szydło and new PM that is eloquent, highly intelligent, highly educated, experienced (he was a president of one of big banks in Poland and lead it to great financial boom) is fluent in Russian, German and English. We can stay Polish and cooperate with both sides now for our own interest.
6 Dec 2017
UK, Ireland / Racist ex-priest Międlar tries to fly from Poland to U.K. again. [293]

The average iq in sub Sahara is below 65

That's a fact. If Leftards ruled the world you'd get jailed for stating a fact. Saying that Whites are less intelligent than Asians (which is a fact as well!) is completely ok for leftard lolol
27 Nov 2017
News / Goodbye Sunday Shopping in Poland - Hello Electoral Reform [246]

Yes, it was called communism

Look ppl lies again!!! it was in the late 1990s and 2000s when we had "niedziela handlowa". You just lie again either because you have no idea or was born later lol.

it was way after the fall if communism and there was no mass shopping on Saturdays you fool.
27 Nov 2017
News / Goodbye Sunday Shopping in Poland - Hello Electoral Reform [246]

Oh what a joyful start to the week. Next year we will gradually transition to a total ban on Sunday shopping.

I love the idea and strongly support it! Thankfully you can only adapt or gtfo :)

Closed stores still make a lot of Polish people nervous (notice the mass buying going on anytime stores will be closed for a single day....).

BULLS**T! We had sundays free of shopping before and what you wrote (lies as usually) never had place.