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19 Apr 2018
Travel / Unlocked cell phone & SIM requirements for use in Poland / Europe [7]

Poland is in the EU like Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary. Therefore, you can buy a Polish SIM card and be able to roam between these countries as well as other EU countries without roaming charges:
This means you can use a single SIM phone instead of a dual SIM one. If you want a Polish number and a Czech, Austrian, or Hungarian number as well, then you can use a dual SIM card.

You need to show your passport or national ID before you can purchase a Polish SIM card. So, I doubt you can just purchase a SIM card online without having to show proof of identity. You do have many options to buy a SIM card when you arrive in Poland, so waiting for long lines is likely an exaggeration.

Regarding your phone, check the supported cellular frequencies in Poland here:
Then, find the technical specifications for your phone and see if your phone supports these frequencies. For GSM voice and text, if your US phone supports GSM, it will work in Poland. For 3G & 4G / LTE data, your US phone may not operate fully if it doesn't support all the Polish cellular provider frequencies. Also, your phone must be unlocked from a US service provider, so you can use it with Poland service providers. If your US service provider supports international roaming (like T-Mobile), then look into it as this may be a better short-term option rather than just buying a Poland SIM card.
17 Apr 2018
Love / What to expect at a bachelor party in Poland? [15]

Just to update my recent experience on this. The party was in Sopot. The touristy part of the city is a very nice area. I especially like its proximity to the beach and the pier. The best man rented an apartment near the tourist area, so 10 of us spent the night there. The first part of the event was an outing at a shooting range. This was followed by a stroll in the tourist area of Sopot for supplies and snacks. Then, we went back to the apartment for a strip show. The entertainer was "**** star" hot. After this appetizer, we went to a restaurant. This was followed with a club outing.

In my view, Polish bachelor parties are no different than USA ones. It's the same wild fun.
30 Mar 2018
Travel / Seeking recommendations for car travel from Gdansk' GDN airport to Poznan [5]

Thanks all! I found a site call that shows the petrol stops along the route. I had a hard time identifying these using Google Maps.

@cms neuf Thank you for the note about Torun! This was my original route with Google Maps. Luckily, ViaMichelin is preferring a route through Bydgoszcz.
29 Mar 2018
Travel / Seeking recommendations for car travel from Gdansk' GDN airport to Poznan [5]


We have an aggressive arrival schedule. Immediately after arriving at GDN (after a 9 hour flight) we will be driving to Poznan. I would like to get to Poznan by 4PM. At the same time, I want to add stops at every hour just to take a short break. Are there any places between Gdansk and Poznan that we can pull off easily without getting drastically directed off route (not more than 0.5 km from the route)? A place with restrooms and a store would be preferable.

16 Mar 2018
Love / What to expect at a bachelor party in Poland? [15]


Since the groom is from Gdansk, then I suspect that the bachelor's party will be in that vicinity. Since I will be the only non-Polish participant, then I think I will bring some grade A moonshine with me.

@cms neuf

I was going to propose something like this:
11 Mar 2018
Love / What to expect at a bachelor party in Poland? [15]

We're going to Poland for a wedding. The best man contacted me about a bachelor party for the groom. He said he was planning it and wanted to know if I wanted to join. Since I have not been to a Polish bachelor party, I wanted to get an idea on what to expect. What traditions are normally involved? Do I bring a gift? It seems like they are staying somewhere overnight. Do I offer to contribute money to the party?

8 Mar 2015
Real Estate / Any good websites to look for accommodation / rentals in Poland? [8]

[Moved from]: Where can I find vacation house rentals in Poland (TriCity area)?

Besides the major sites such as Homeaway, AirBNB, TripAdvisor, etc., where do you go looking for vacation houses to rent for a week? I'm looking for a big house that can accommodate a party of 20. I prefer the TriCity area, but anywhere within 1 hour of drive from the airport is good. Thanks!
28 Dec 2013
Travel / What to do in Zakopane for New Year? ( staying in a ski resort but unfortunately no snow ) [12]

Do you have a car?

If so, I suggest this place: . It is a short drive from Zakopane. We welcomed 2013 there. Plus, it is right next to a ski resort. I just checked their web cams, and they have snow. In the same area, you can also rent a snow mobile. This is my video from last year:
7 Dec 2013
Travel / Lake Narie near Kretowiny? [3]

We went this past August. Even when the sun was out, the lake was still cold. But it was only during the initial dip. After staying in the water for about 5 minutes, I warmed up a little and was able to tolerate the water. The sun really helped.

I think it's a very nice area if you want a nice relaxing time. However, unless the place you are renting comes with other amenities, then you are basically just stuck with the same routine - swim, boat, or watch the lake, eat, drink, and then sleep. Not a bad deal especially if you want to unwind.

Here is a video collage of my trip to the lake:

26 Aug 2013
Food / Any czernina fans on PF? [23]

I just had this for the first time in Olsztyn recently. I loved it! This is definitely giving flazcki a run for its money on my list.

  • Czarna Polewka
31 Jul 2013
Travel / Lake Narie near Kretowiny? [3]

Hi. We're thinking of going to Lake Narie near Kretowiny. What's the water temperature like around mid-August?

I went to a lake a few years back around the same vicinity during the month of July, and it was a bit chilly. I also went to the Baltic shores during that visit, and I remember the water being cold, as well.

5 Jan 2013
Travel / Best place to exchange money in Poland? [98]

Merged:Using kantor cash exchange, credit cards, etc. in Poland

I thought I'd post my experience here in case someone can benefit from it. This is about the cost associated with exchanging cash at a local kantor as well as using a credit card to pay for services in Poland.

Date: 12/24/2012
Description: Exchanged EURO cash to Złoty.
Kantor exchange rate: zł 4 for 1 EUR ideal rate: zł 4.0873670933 for 1 EUR

Date: 12/30/2012
Description: Used US-based Capital One MasterCard (credit card) to charge for services. Credit card does not have foreign transaction fees. The only charge is the conversion rate of foreign currency to USD.

Credit card exchange rate: zł 3.096 for 1 USD ideal rate: zł 3.081 for 1 USD

Date 12/30/2012
Description: Credit card transaction
Credit card exchange rate: zł 3.105 for 1 USD ideal rate: zł 3.0946 for 1 USD

It seemed that using my credit card proved better currency conversion-wise.
3 Jan 2013
Travel / Białka Tatrzanska lodging? [17]

Warszawski was very spot on. Even the local radio recommended the route above. I did see as much traffic on the 1st of January as well. Here are my notes for those interested in my experience:

January 2 2013
Start: 10:40am
Major traffic on 47 north to Krakow. Starting travel in Nowy Targ.

Time: 11:13am
On 47 above Czarna Dunajec river

Time: 11:43am
Chabowka town limits on 47 next to Galeria back to two lanes

Time: 11:50am
Detoured from 47 towards Rabja Zdroj and took 964 north towards Wieliczka. Finally convinced driver to stay off 47.

Time: 13:10
Entered A4 in Krakow. Overheard on local radio that traffic on 47 was backed up for 3.5 hours.

As for my experienced at Bialka Tatrzanska, I give it two thumbs up. I had fun. This is from a first time skier. More experienced skiers may have a different opinion. Traffic going into to the main ski resort (near Terma Bania) sucks after 10am. Luckily we were able to walk.

Terma Bania is an awesome experience especially outside in the heated water overlooking the ski slopes. Early morning is better (around 9 am) since the crowds were not that heavy on a Saturday. Around 7 pm the line to the Bania was long on a Sunday evening.
11 Dec 2012
Travel / Fireworks during the New Year (Sylwester) celebration in Poland? [7]

Thanks for the info! Are there requirements for buying fireworks? In the USA, I had to show an identification card as well as sign a form stating that the fireworks will be used for "farming" purposes (to scare the rodents away).

Milan is on my list someday, but maybe not for New Year's.
9 Dec 2012
Travel / Fireworks during the New Year (Sylwester) celebration in Poland? [7]

I've searched both Google and here. I'm not sure if I'm typing int he right keywords. In some European countries like Germany, I hear that people celebrate the New Year with a lot of fireworks. Everyone sets off fireworks from their place, and it seems like war has broken out. Is it the same thing in Poland?

I'll be spending my first Christmas and New Year in Poland, and if fireworks can be had and allowed during the New Year, then I would like to take part of it.
9 Dec 2012
Travel / Białka Tatrzanska lodging? [17]

Thanks again! By the way, can you tell me more about this Zakopianka?

I hate to be stuck in traffic especially since we have baby with us. If there are alternative routes, then this might be better.
9 Nov 2012
Travel / Białka Tatrzanska lodging? [17]

Thanks! When you say 30-60 mins in line, do you mean the ski slopes? Or is this the line for breakfast and dinner?
8 Nov 2012
Travel / Białka Tatrzanska lodging? [17]

We tentatively have reservations for U Dziedzica, ul. Środkowa 292, 34-405 Białka Tatrzanska from the last week of 26 December until 1 January. A friend wants to join us, but the lodging place doesn't have any more rooms I've checked Booking. for nearby lodging, but they all seemed sold out.

Are there any other places I can check for lodging? I'd like to find one with an open room that is nearby (walking distance or within 5 mins drive). Thanks!
3 Oct 2012
Travel / Ideas on what to do in the vicinity of Paslek, Poland this Christmas [8]

I'll be in Paslek this December to spend the holidays with the family. I've searched this forum as well as Trip Advisor, but could not find anything useful. The tri-city area will be on my list of places to visit, but I'm looking for additional ideas. The family was suggesting a trip to Zakopane, but I'm not a big fan of driving 10+ hours south for just a few days of skiing. I'm not sure if there are closer ski areas, but if there are, then that would be a possible option.

Anyway, if anyone has tips, I would greatly appreciate it. I want to be proactive with planning this time because the last time I was in the area, I pretty much just stayed in the house. Dziekuje!
29 May 2012
Law / Bringing overseas foreign workers into Poland? [2]

I met a business man on a trip. We were discussing about starting a business. The topic of bringing in overseas workers to Poland came up. The idea was to build up a business like a spa resort using overseas workers for some of the services and eventually integrate local employment as the business pick up.

The unknowns of our conversation include:

1. Laws regarding hiring temporary foreign workers
2. Tax implications
3. Restrictions of workers from certain countries
4. Requirements of foreign workers

These questions are geared towards someone specializing in law. But I do not know if there is a specific law discipline that covers this or if multiple ones are involved. If so, what type of lawyers should be consulted?

30 Jan 2011
Travel / Airline tickets from LOT... changing flights. [29]

I called up LOT today to ask some questions about airline tickets, and they told me all the information is on the website. The customer service representative probably just wanted to end the conversation quickly so she could have some kielbasa. Anyway, I could not find all the information on their website. Here are my questions:

1. If I get a refundable (or economy flex) ticket, how many times am I allowed to change my flight?

2. If on a refundable ticket, do I need to pay the difference between what I paid and the ticket price of the new date? If so, what if the new ticket price comes out cheaper than what I paid? Will I get a refund?

3. What's the latest notice I can give them to change my flight to a new date? Can I change my flight as late as 1 day before my current departure date?

4. If you change your flight, do you still have to pay additional taxes on the new ticket?

5. If I buy a non-refundable ticket (or economy saver), is there a cut off time period where I cannot change my flight anymore? I know that you can change your flight after you pay 100 EUR, but I wasn't sure if you can still change your flight 1 day before your current departure date.

.... and the reason I am asking is this. My mother-in-law will be coming to visit with us. However, we may want her to stay with us a little bit longer (a few extra months) just to help us when my wife starts her new job and school. I know that a B-2 tourist visa is allowed up to 6 months of stay, but the actual length of stay is determined by the customs officer. If we can get her to stay for up to 1 year, then she'd be able to help us with the household (i.e., cook and clean) while we adjust to a new schedule.