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7 Jun 2015
Life / Important: A Good Medical Center with English speaking doctors in Krakow [50]

Medicover provide English speaking doctors. I do not know what kind of insurance you referred to, but if you are not covered with Medicover (through your employer for example) you would have to pay them but it will not be too much.

You may want to look into getting cover with them permanently as they will ask you if you require an English speaking doctor when you call to make an appointment.

I am covered with them too and quite happy about their service. If they will not have a doctor available today themselves, they will find one for you with one of their partners.
6 Jun 2015
News / PKP buys Alstrom Pendolino trains for € 665 million [60]


I may be mistaken but the CKM only makes up a stretch of about 300 kilometers of track, no?

I find that a tiny bit too little to justify investment in foreign trains if a local company is capable of delivering trains that would be sufficient for the majority of the current network. Specially when thinking about that progress on upgrading the existing tracks or building new tracks is going rather slow.

Thanks for the link to the Fyra story. No, I was not aware. Interesting though that Belgium did not deem them safe to travel on Belgian railtracks yet they are ok for Italian standards? Did I understand that correctly?
6 Jun 2015
Life / Poland Soccer League (Ekstraklasa) Discussions [13]

Widzew Lodz said their farewell to 1st Liga football with a 1:1 at Olimpia Grudziądz today. Although technically relegated to Liga 2, Widzew may not get a license and will drop to Liga 3 where they would join LKS Lodz and Polonia Warsaw.

What is going in Polish football? New Stadia in Gdansk and Krakow stay almost empty, traditional clubs drop like flies.......


Also GKS Belchatow (not a traditional club) got relegated from the Ekstraklasa. Not a good outlook for football in the Lodz region for next season.
6 Jun 2015
News / PKP buys Alstrom Pendolino trains for € 665 million [60]

Good point @ teargas, but from what I understand the Pendolino also only travels at 160 km/h. Poland does not have the infrastructure for high speed trains yet so it seems a bit pointless to buy trains that could in theory travel at 250 km/h but are restricted to 160 km/h.

With regards to the infrastructure it will take at least another 10 years for Poland to have a track network that would justify the purchase of high speed trains. When I first walked over a bridge at the construction site of the tracks leading from the "new" station in Lodz - Lodz Fabryczna, literally nothing has changed. 1 1/2/ years later, when I walk over that bridge today and look down, it looks the same. You see trucks going in and out of the site but nothing ever changes.

By the time Poland will have a proper infrastructure for high speed trains, the new Pendolino trains will be outdated. This time could have been spend working with PESA to develop a train that could potentially reach 250 km/h or faster in normal service.
6 Jun 2015
News / PKP buys Alstrom Pendolino trains for € 665 million [60]

Personally I'd have said that 60 trains capable of 180km/hr would have been a far better investment but I can see why PKP went for the headline grabbing option instead.

Specially now that PESA, an actual Polish company, has successfully tested their "ED161 Dart" train with speeds of up to 200 km/h . PKP ordered 20 of those and the first trains will go into service in December.

So far PESA has been known in Poland for it's "PESA Swing trams" which run in most larger Polish cities.

One has to wonder whether or not PKP knew about the PESA plans at the time of signing the contract with Alstom. Surely, a high speed train is not something you just start building. It takes of years of planning too.
4 Jun 2015
Language / Why is the Polish language so difficult? [246]

I tend to always think in German FIRST:-)

And yet you can not get it right. After I have blocked you, you keep sending me emails through this forum. Your last explanation via email of "Gestohlen bleiben" did not make any sense in the context you were trying to say it.

If you actually think in German, you must live in a very confused world.

Everybody please get back to the topic about Polish language
3 Jun 2015
News / Kukiz and Petru - newly emerging political stage in Poland [55]

that life is going to get a lot more difficult for them when PiS wins.

In what way would life for EU citizens become more difficult?

Poland is what it is and does need the E.U.

I assume you wanted to say "does not need" but seeing how you just fail at everything you try to tell us here, I guess you missed the small word "not".

Well johnny, do you know the country Moldova? Let me help you because I know you Americans don't get too much of geographical education. Moldova is not a region of France or the capital of Spain, Moldova is a country next to Romania and Ukraine. Some people call it the "Somalia of Europe".

Without the EU, Poland might be just as advanced as Moldova is today. As a foreigner living in Poland I can not see anything wrong with Poland having joined the European Union. And, seeing that I am from Berlin and know Poland very well since I was of very young age due it's close proximity to Berlin, I can only see major improvements since Poland has joined the EU.

Do you have any examples or would you be able to elaborate as to why you believe Poland would be better off without the EU? I assume that it would be difficult for you seeing that you have never been here, never will be and in general just repeat things you read on some blogs. But please try.

The Polish people knows what has worked best in the past

As far as I know the Polish people tried to get rid of "what worked in the past". There were even mass protests etc. Something your favourite Oprah may not pick on a daily basis but yes, Poles are not too fond of the past........

Pawel Kukiz who is very popular with the younger Poles

Did you read that on the conspiracy theory blogs you usually quote from? How would you know what young Poles want if you have never been here?
30 May 2015
Feedback / Any chance of a sports category on PF [29]

Nobody cares, really.


Jamaica & Brazil

True. It is the wrong forum to discuss that game.

Would you care how I spent my summer vacation after each fishing expedition I went on ?

You are missing the point. I am not going to write about how I spend my time in a lazy chair trolling online forums (as you spend your holidays), I am going to write about how i travelled to the games, what I have seen on the way, how much I paid for my train tickets etc. etc. etc.

All things that you would never experience, do or see.

None of which has anything to do with the Polish people or Poland.

Of course, your holidays in Kentucky or your football game Jamaica vs. Brazil have nothing to do with Poland. My experience of travelling to all Ekstraklasa stadia to watch a game there will however be related to Poland.
30 May 2015
Feedback / Any chance of a sports category on PF [29]

You may want to point out where I have been insulting you.

The fact that I do not consider Baseball or American Football as a sport insults you?

Like I said, commenting on something you clearly know nothing about.

Why don't you leave talking sports to the men while you continue to believe that the Baseball World Champions are actually "World" Champions?
30 May 2015
Feedback / Any chance of a sports category on PF [29]

I only re enforced

I don't think that's your job. I have asked a specific question to which I did not get a specific answer.

Your inability to comprehend European football and it's supporters and your need to constantly comment on something your clearly know nothing about is not my problem.

@ Admin, at the beginning of the new football season I am going to embark on a "doing the lot" journey. I try to complete the Ekstraklasa grounds in 3 months ( having watched a game at all Stadia ) and would like to share my experience here after each weekend (travel, things I have seen, impressions of the game etc. ) but I don't like to call a football game an "Event".

Would it be too much hassle to create a sports section?
30 May 2015
Feedback / Any chance of a sports category on PF [29]

Seeing that you will never witness a football game in Europe, you hardly the right person to answer.

I understand that in the U.S. you look at things like American Football, Baseball and all your other ridiculous "sports" as events. But here in Europe, for real supporters, it is a bit more than that.

Something you would never understand though seeing that the only sport you like is trolling online forums.
29 May 2015
Life / Looking for my old car in Poland (is it registered?) [16]

As the former "Ossies" used to say, "Bleibt dein Wagen noch gestohlen, such' ihn wieder mal in Polen!"

Nobody in Germany says or said that because it does not make any sense in German.


- Maybe you could contact the person you have sold the car to in Germany to see if they have the contact details of the person they sold the car on to?
23 May 2015
Work / Advice on Teaching English in Poland [709]

Berlitz in Lodz are always looking for "teachers". That said, you may want to wait until July or August before applying. The season is about the finish.
21 May 2015
Work / Got a Job Offer in Poland but a 3 month Visa and Probation Period concerns me [15]

Quite interesting how our resident experts keep talking around the actual question and keep coming back to the salary topic. I think it has been established that the OP will be able to live on the offered 1500 USD per month.

The question now is whether or not the OP has to get the work permit himself without the assistance of the employer. No, that is impossible! Why? Because the work permit is issued only for this particularly company. You can not just apply for a work permit yourself and then get a visa.

So yes, it is the employer's responsibility to sort this out for you @ Blade

What kind of company is it? How big? Do they employ many foreigners?

I ask because the one thing I would find worrying is that they tell you to just simply get a work permit yourself and come to Poland. That indicates that their HR / Recruitment is either not up to date or just simply useless. Not a very good start.
16 May 2015
News / Presidential elections and debates 2015 Poland [472]

It's the expats in Poland that are the know-alls and try to tell Poles how to live and what to think.

:) :) Since when do expats have a say about how Poles should vote and live?

What expats did was to perhaps assist in build up the economy in Poland. You became a part of EU and experienced economic growth due to the fact that multinationals came to Poland. With that expats came and those expats told you how they would like their company to be run in Poland. If you don't like those expats to be in your country, don't expect any EU sponsoring and just go back to living like you did before 2004.

Don't like it? Tough........
16 May 2015
Study / German v.s. Russian, language usefulness in Poland? [54]

You assume wrong then.

Of course I assume wrong Wulkan. While most Poles would probably agree that they would understand at least the context of a Russian conversation, there is always a few who have to make a big deal out of it and claim that they don't understand anything.

Ok, you have the stage. Dance on it!
16 May 2015
Study / German v.s. Russian, language usefulness in Poland? [54]

samochód = maszyna

The word for car in Russian is avtomobil not maszyna. Maszyna is more like a slang word everyone uses to refer to a car but the correct word would be avtomobil.

for Polish people who never learned Russian the language is hardly comprehensible

I disagree, while the Polish language is not as close to Russian as most people might think, if you speak Russian you can understand the general context of a conversation between two Poles speaking Polish. I would assume it is the same the other way around.

That said, Ukrainian would be a lot closer to Polish than Russian is.
11 May 2015
Feedback / Any chance of a sports category on PF [29]

Any of You, foreigners, interrested in Speedway?

Yes, I have been to the last "game" of Orzel Lodz against Rzeszow last season which was fairly exciting so i have decided to visit a few more this season. Next will be Orzel vs. Lokomotiv Daugavpils.

Aren't most discussions about Polish sports revolved around hooligans?

I don't think so. There are plenty of sports in Poland that don't involve hooligans but good atmosphere. Take Volleyball or Speedway as an example.

I would have liked to share my groundhopping stories here. They could not be classed as "news" and I would prefer not to see them in the "Event" section.

Also, there have been questions from others about Stadia, how to get there, where to go before the game and how to buy tickets, from other people on here. A sports secition could be a good addition to the forum in my opinion.

I am not sure @ Admin. Was this a yes or a no?

I would also like to post my impressions from the Europa League final but again I would prefer not to call a football game an "event" . Any chance of a sports category?
9 May 2015
Feedback / Any chance of a sports category on PF [29]

As I would like to share my experiences at football games in Poland, it would be nice to have a Sports category on this forum.

There is a category "Events" but anyone who enjoys a good football game with Kielbasa, Piwo and some small talk with the person next to you while the game is on, knows that "Event" would not be the right word.

Is there a possibility of having a "Sports" category added?
8 May 2015
Law / Regarding Entering Poland - residency and travelling to other Schengen countries [18]

but Straż Miejska are not legally authorized

Well, you will find that Straż Miejska are not authorized to do a lot of things they would like to do. In Lodz they usually patrol the streets in a mix of Straż Miejska and Police. I welcome the idea of Straż Miejska but unfortunately they are usually the ones that could not make it as a police officer and have issues with the fact that they are only Straż Miejska and not police. That often leads to them overstretching their authority or at least they try to.
8 May 2015
UK, Ireland / Polish plane almost kills off UKIP leader Nigel Farage in 2010. [24]

"British prefer immigration to nationalism"

You are mixing things up. Voting pro-SNP does not mean voting against immigration. You need to do your research better.

The SNP has nothing to do with the BNP which essentially have two different goals. Just because it says "Nationalist" in their names, doesn't mean they have similar goals. If anything, the SNP is very well aware that in order for Scotland to flourish, they need immigration. Something the BNP would never admit for Britain as a whole.
8 May 2015
Law / Regarding Entering Poland - residency and travelling to other Schengen countries [18]

City guard are not permitted by law to question the legality of your status

No, but they can call the police for assistance. Also, most bigger cities in Poland have offices of the "straż graniczna" . In Krakow they even patrol the streets. If the Straż Miejska believes that something may not be right, they are able to call for assistance from the Police or Border Guards fairly quickly.

In general, if you have received a positive decision on your status in Czech Republic you would receive a letter. It is not your residence permit but the confirmation that the decision is positive. That letter should be sufficient for your travel. That said, you may be confronted by an ignorant policeman / woman who would not accept it due to their own lack of knowledge. The worst thing that could happen to you is that you are being handed over to the Czech police at the border as they have to "deport" you back to the country you have entered Poland from, if you can prove your travel route.
8 May 2015
Work / What website do you use to seek multinational job opportunities in Poland? [7]

Text removed

@ Italian, try toplangugejobs. Plenty of good jobs in Poland advertised there. And please don't let DominicB convince you with his posts about how any job below senior management is not worth your time.........

DominicB is not the subject of this thread
7 May 2015
Life / Concerns of a Swede who is about to go to Poland for work [53]

Believe me such a job in Poland won't be very impressive on a cv ;)

Do you have any experience in a position in which you have to evaluate C.V.'s? Are you saying that a 5500 zlotych job in Poland for a 22 year old is below average (nevermind the abroad experience) ?

To move to Poland to make a lousy 7,000 ZL brutto whereas in Western Europe, it is the minium wages does not make sense careerwise ;).

To move to Poland for a "lousy" 7000 zlotych was not on the table. It was 5500 zlotych plus the experience money can not buy for a young man. Your nonsense was only about money, not about the fact that his C.V. would be evaluated on his experience abroad plus his education.

You talk like someone who does / produces. That's fine. Don't give advice on what his experience will be worth on his C.V. because that appears to be above your salary grade.