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25 Jul 2016
Law / Help regarding domestic situation regarding withholding of child's ID in Poland [4]

My girlfriend's sister is married, they are both Polish and have a daughter however the marriage is falling apart, they are basically living separately but are technically still married.

The gentleman in this story has taken his daughter (2 years old) with him to Poland under the rouse of visiting his family and has now decided he is staying and will not give his daughter to her mother or her Polish ID card.

What are the rights of her mother and what can she do if he will not release not only her but also the ID?

16 May 2012
Language / Ty ślepaku, what case is ślepak in and why? [15]

Yep, if you read around there is talk of this case being scrapped... in reality I hear it constantly!

(to be honest I'm all for the simplification of Polish!)
25 Apr 2012
Life / Scars of Communism on Polish culture. [55]

I am too patriotic
to start such a topic.

A bird shouldn`t spit into its nest
unless it is a vile, nasty pest.


Doest't have to be a negative... oh wait... they were communists after all ;p
25 Apr 2012
Life / Scars of Communism on Polish culture. [55]

The problem is that communism didn`t introduce any new entities in the Polish character. It only enhanced negative traits which had existed long before. It means that a new thread should be started.

I think you're the man to start one... I'll participate :)
25 Apr 2012
Life / Scars of Communism on Polish culture. [55]

I think the thing that sticks out to me the most in Poland which my friends have attributed to the communists is the amount of red tape involved in anything.

Everything is generally more difficult, most especially if you are not a native.
24 Apr 2012
Love / How to read the signals from this Polish Guy? [19]


Whatever you're thinking, you need to meet him first and be safe about it. You can't possibly know someone without spending real time with them first.
23 Apr 2012
Food / Name of this particular Polish sausage [18]

Merged: Sausages!


I was talking to my girlfriend who is a yorkshire pudding lover and telling her I'd make her toad in the hole... but then I remembered that Polish sausage and English sausage aren't exactly the same. Is there a type of sausage I could buy in Poland which would be good for this?

Thanks in advance!

p.s. here's toad in the hole for those who have no idea what I'm on about!



No sausage jokes! We've heard them all before! ;)
23 Apr 2012
Life / Polish word for 'queue' [18]

There is no such thing as a queue in Poland only trying to enable everybody to do whatever it is they are trying to do as quickly as possible without causing the process to slow down.

I love when a Pole pronounces the word queue for the first time :) quee ;)
23 Apr 2012
Life / Moving to Poland Part-Time (probably Katowice) [56]

1) suggestions for a good place to move to?

Kraków or Wrocław.

2) Good tips for learning Polish...websites, cd's etc.

Right here. There is a great thread about resources on this very site. One book is 301 Polish Verbs: 301-Polish-Verbs-Conjugated-Barrons which helps you really get a grasp of how verbs conjugate.

Also the Michael Thomas Polish Course on audiobook is very good Michel-Thomas-Method-Polish-Foundation

3) Any advice about buying a house / is the right time, where to get mortgage, what I could expect to pay?

Wouldn't have a clue, sorry!

to bridge the gap with her family...

Find out when the families name days are and observe woman's day with flowers for all of the girls.
23 Apr 2012
Life / Polish history as a school subject in western Europe [24]

Did you have anything about Poland or eastern europe in your history class during school?

A little but not much. So little I barely remember it.

The level of ignorance about Poland in the UK is generally high and most couldn't find it on a map without help or time.

I've been told that Poland is near the North Pole hence it's name and that it's constantly covered in snow.
22 Apr 2012
Language / Short Polish<->English translations [1040]


dyke /daik/ n
1. (embankment) grobla f, wał m ochronny
2. (ditch) rów m odwadniający
3. (bank of earth) nasyp m

ditch /dit/
n rów m
22 Apr 2012
Language / Foreigners speaking Polish - examples. [61]

John Porter speaking Polish

I was like: Wow, he's good I wonder how long he's been studying Polish...

I googled him and he has lived in Poland since 76'!
22 Apr 2012
Travel / Best place to exchange money in Poland? [98]

'Kup' means 'buy' (that's the column with the number of zloty you'd get per pound) 'Sprzedaż' means 'sell'

Wiem ale dziekuje!

If you happen to be walkng past that one you would have told me how to get to had I have been going to Warszawa then could you tell me the current rate of £/Zł? It would be a great help for me!
22 Apr 2012
Travel / Best place to exchange money in Poland? [98]

Going to Zielona Gora so Warszawa is a little too far ;)

(Note to mods: although I see the reason for you merging this thread it also just throws my post into the dead zone for most members as they feel they've already read it and don't bother to reply. Maybe in future if it could be left in the open for a day before it's merged that would be a better way to go about things. Especially with theis type of posts as invariably the best place to get money changed... changes! Thanks)
22 Apr 2012
Travel / Best place to exchange money in Poland? [98]

Merged: Best place to exchange money?


I need to change a lot of pounds into złoty (£350+) and have heard several opinions about where I should change the money. Some people say that I'd be better off just withdrawing it from cash machines in Poland whereas some say I should change it in the kantor in Poland.

I could also do it at the post office in England which I hear is quite reasonable.

Thanks for any help.