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'Lubię ten kobieta...' - Is this in proper grammar?

Witamy 1 | 1
22 Jan 2012 #1
Lubię ten kobieta ale ona nie lubi mnie
Could you explain why it is wrong if it is and could explain the use of noun cases in this sentence
gumishu 13 | 6,067
22 Jan 2012 #2

kobieta is female and as such it is never ten but ta - this woman - ta kobieta - now ta kobieta is the nominative case and objects are never in nominative - the case form is governed by a preposition that precedes the noun or if no preposition is present by the verb itself (the verb demands the object in a specific case) - 'lubieć' verb is a regular one in that that it demands the object in the accusative (direct objects are typically in accusative - but many important verbs require the object in different cases) - eventually "I like this woman" is "Lubię tę kobietę". (notice that in Polish the personal pronoun ("I" in this case) typically gets omitted - it's because the form of verb most often clearly shows if the doer is first, second or third person either in plural or singular)

The second part of the sentence is perfectly ok. - but you should take a note here that while "I like this woman" is "Lubię tę(tą in spoken languge mostly)", "I don't like this woman" is "Nie lubię tej kobiety" - the difference is the negation of verbs that require accusative case for the object always requires the genetive case.

now Ona mnie lubi. Ona mnie nie lubi. - the pronoun looks the same because 'mnie' is the form of both the accusative and genetive case. (it often happens that two or more case forms of various speech parts are the same - it sure adds to the confusion in Polish grammar for a foreigner)
Specjalista 3 | 43
22 Jan 2012 #3
This can help you. I've been learning the accusative case today.
gumishu 13 | 6,067
22 Jan 2012 #4
kobieta is female

more precisely and more to the point 'kobieta' is (not surprisingly) a female gender noun
Specjalista 3 | 43
22 Jan 2012 #5
Today I've been learning about virile gender, should I be horrible and tell him about it? (just kidding) ;)
gumishu 13 | 6,067
22 Jan 2012 #6
have a little bit of mercy and spare him for a time ;)
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
23 Jan 2012 #7
Lubię ten kobieta ale ona nie lubi mnie

to be more stealth for Poles ;) you can say:

Lubię ale ona nie lubi mnie.
Lubię a ona mnie nie.
Exx217 - | 9
22 May 2017 #8
Hi everybody

A nice article about tą vs tę

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