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Proper way to format a Polish mailing address when sending to Poland?

30 Jun 2016 #1
What is the proper address format when sending mail to Poland, specifically from the United States?

My Polish mother gave the address that is formatted as follows:

xx-xxx [City Name]
ul. [Street name] [Street number]

But looking online, I see many places saying it is:

ul. [Street name] [Street number]
xx-xxx [City Name]

Does it matter which way you write it? Or is my mother's way the way people in Poland address things, but internationally it's better to write it the other way? Does it matter which way I write it? I just don't want the mail to get lost.

kpc21 1 | 763
30 Jun 2016 #2
[First name] [Family name]
ul. [Street name] [House number] m. [Apartment number]
[Postal code] [City/town name]

Of course you add "m. [Apartment number]" only if there is more than one apartment in the house. The address may also look different in case of villages - if the village has no own post office and belongs to a post office from another village or town, or if the village has no street names.

You should always write the address in such a way, as it is written in the target country. It's the post of the target country who delivers it. For the post employees in the US it's enough to know that the letter goes to Poland - they don't care, where exactly in Poland. So it would be reasonable to write the country name in English rather than in Polish (I usually do it in both languages).

I am not sure about this, but I think that the scheme with the city first, and the street in the next line, was used in the past. If you do it according to the first version (given to you by your mother), the letter will also reach the target, but the second version is the correct one.
OP poleinus
30 Jun 2016 #3
Ok thank you, that makes sense that her way would be an outdated way of doing it. She left Poland over 20 years ago. Thank you again! :)
terri 1 | 1,664
30 Jun 2016 #4
Yes I agree, the 'city first' was used many years ago
21 Jul 2018 #5
Can Sz.P. be used?
Looker - | 1,139
21 Jul 2018 #6
Yes, the Sz.P. before name is commonly used in Poland
Address helo
19 Feb 2019 #7

I have a question I am trying to place an order on Amazon for my niece's birthday. My mother gave me her address but I am confused how to input it. Can someone help please?

32020 Wieliczka Janowice 393
Atch 19 | 3,873
20 Feb 2019 #8
Usually the street name comes first, followed by the house number. On the next line you have the post/zip code followed by the name of the town. So your address should read:

Janowice 393
32-020 Weiliczka
22 Jun 2019 #9
I'm trying to format a polish address to send a letter, and the recipient lives in an apartment, the 5th block, 5th floor, 5th apartment. So he said he thinks that would be written as:

(street name) 5, 5-5
xx-xxx (city name)
Is the 5, 5-5 right? Or should it be written differently?
mafketis 35 | 11,552
22 Jun 2019 #10
Just the street address number and apartment number are needed
for example:

Jan Szarokowalski
ul. niejaka 7/26*
01-234 Zadupie

the first number is the street number (or osiedle [housing development] name and the second is the apartment number and use a slash between them. The postal code is two numbers a dash and three numbers. Not necessarily completely needed it does make things faster and easier

Write Poland in the language you're sending the letter from, not in Polish.
23 Dec 2020 #11
I have an address in Malopolska Poland and, before the word Malopolska is written "woj". What does "woj" stand for?
pawian 204 | 21,119
23 Dec 2020 #12
województwo - voivodship. Sort of province. But it should be Małopolskie.
28 Dec 2020 #13
Does it make a difference if I write Malopolska or Malopolskie?
mafketis 35 | 11,552
28 Dec 2020 #14
Małopolska is the noun, małopolski is the adjective (neuter form after województwo - małopolskie)
pawian 204 | 21,119
29 Dec 2020 #15
Does it make a difference if I write Malopolska or Malopolskie?

It`s a mistake but not a big one. Małopolska is the historical region in southern Poland and is spelled with a capital letter. The voivodship begins with a small one.
26 Apr 2021 #16

Mailing address help needed


I'm looking to mail a package to Poland from a purchase that was placed online. I've gotten the below from the recipient, but for some reason they're not responding to my emails for an address clarification.

I got the following address from the recipient (I've edited out unit number in the address with X):

Should the address be written as above or with one of the below variations?
Gołębia 84/XX

ul. Gołębia 84/XX

Thank you! :)
Looker - | 1,139
26 Apr 2021 #17
All would be understandable in Poland, but these bottom two are the correct ones.
The "ul." is just the abbreviation for "ulica" - "street" in English - often used when writing an address in Poland.
27 Apr 2021 #18
but these bottom two are the correct ones.

Amazing, thank you so much Looker! I'll address it as:

Gołębia 84/XX
Looker - | 1,139
27 Apr 2021 #19
Ok, it will be fine, just don't forget to put a name above this address ;)
20 Aug 2021 #20
Can someone help me? This family lives in a small village with one road. Is this correct?
Nieszkowice 16

Thank you!
Paulina 14 | 3,355
20 Aug 2021 #21
@JoeyV, yes, it's correct, although in case of such a small village I guess you could add the name of the voivodeship (just in case) too:

Nieszkowice 16
woj. dolnośląskie
19 Aug 2022 #22
Hello. I am shipping an item to Poland and need to know if this would be the correct format.

FirstName LastName
Eugeniusza Nazimka #, Apt ##
Podkarpackie voivodeship,
pawian 204 | 21,119
19 Aug 2022 #23
Eugeniusza Nazimka #, Apt ##

Polish post will know what to do with it but if you want to be more precise, you can add ul. before Eugeniusza.
Ul. is st. - short for ulica - street

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