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22 Dec 2013
Travel / Vegetarian places to eat in Krakow [30]

Pod Norenami in Krupnicza is excellent. I highly recommend it. It serves excellent Asian food. If you're looking for something more Polish then MÅ‚ynek on Bonifraterska in Kazimierz (Plac Wolnica) does fairly good Polish fare. Nearby on Trynitarska (also plac wolnica) there's a new vegan burger joint that's opened up. There are others but in my experience these are the best.
14 Nov 2013
Law / Registration of right hand drive cars in Poland - possible? [82]

I haven't driven but my boyfriend did. I drove in other European countries RHD but just did not dare in Poland, now we have a LHD and I still do not dare! Boyfriend has 15 years driving experience so is more confident then me. He didn't have a problem at all with the overtaking (as all you really need to do is be sensible, keep distance etc.). If he couldn't pull a safe manovre he simply would wait.

I'm aware how it should work, not only having done it myself but because I was driven to Hungary every summer with mum and dad.

The problem in Poland always has been other drivers... squeezing in, cutting up, tailgateing and general impatience and aggression.

We had a UK registered car here for the best part of a year before we had to drive back to the UK to sell it on account of not being able to insure it. We now have a LHD. As I said I don't drive it (too scared) but the BF complains about the exact same stuff he did when we had the RHD.

Do we feel any safer for having an LHD? Not really.
14 Nov 2013
Law / Registration of right hand drive cars in Poland - possible? [82]

I wonder if the notion that a RHD cars would be disastrous is slighly misplaced. There are plenty of good drivers in Poland that don't deserve to be penalized because of inefficient driving standards.

At the end of the day this boils down to a lack of respect for the law, a very confusing high way code, a stupid points system, appalling road markings, a lack of education and an culture of victim blaming on the roads. It's *never* the drivers fault is it?

I doubt additional RHDs would add to increased road deaths any more than cheap LHD cars would.
10 Nov 2013
Law / Penalty points on driving licences in Poland [26]

All semantics anyway cos in Poland your points only stay in your license for a year. If it's touch and go with points you can always contest via the courts, and the process is so long that by the time your trial comes your points will have been wiped anyway. Explains the happy standard of driving. No one gives a **** about points here cos they don't need to.
2 Nov 2013
UK, Ireland / English courses in London [26]

I used to live in Ealing. There are at least 2 schools one of which is British Council accredited.

There is also a Japanese school in Ealing Common which teaches English.

In London prices can get very cheap. I taught at a British Council accredited school which would teach practise classes for as little as £1.50 per hour ( with CELTA trainee teachers). That was in Queensway... a 15 minute journey away. Please check out your local competition and make sure your staff are qualified.

The living standard for me as an English teacher in Krakow is far better than as an English teacher in London.

Keep that in mind.


21 Jul 2013
Life / Polands' Generation Y = instant generation [22]

Fair do's.

I wonder why you even mention it? It's a bit of a non thread then, isn't it? Anyone could start a thread describing a caricature pulled out of thin air. Do you have an opinion?

The answer to your op, succinctly put, is no. I don't recognise the caricature.
1 Jul 2013
Life / Professional feminists' of Poland meet-up [630]

And now I'm just going to go back to lurking again and rolling my eyes from the sidelines.

Where's the facepalm smiley when you need one?
29 Jun 2013
Life / Professional feminists' of Poland meet-up [630]

and unborn babies (feminists)

Again Polonius. Different feminists, different viewpoints.

There are pro life feminists, who would be rather unhappy at your depiction of them.

Pro-life feminists believe that the legal option of abortion "supports anti-motherhood social attitudes and policies and limits respect for women's citizenship"

29 Jun 2013
Life / Professional feminists' of Poland meet-up [630]

I doubt Polonnius would advocate I-feminism because of its very strong pro choice stance.

It also opposes any government interference into the choices adults make with their own bodies because, it contends, such interference creates a coercive hierarchy (such as patriarchy). [2][3]

And polinius, I have not officially declared you anything. If you wish to describe yourself as a feminist that is up to you!

Feminism simply asks for equality between genders. If you want that then you are feminist. The argument is how we reach equality and in what form

I consider myself Humanist first. But a liberal, sex positive feminist second because I concede that equality (how I would define it) has not yet been reached.
29 Jun 2013
Life / Professional feminists' of Poland meet-up [630]

Click on the link provided. It's all there for you.

You, Polonius, are a cultural feminist.

Cultural feminism: Focuses on women's inherent differences from men, including their "natural" kindness, tendencies to nurture, pacifism, relationship focus, and concern for others. Opposes an emphasis on equality and instead argues for increased value placed on culturally designated "women's work."

As for i-feminsim

And yes, there is also Christian feminism
29 Jun 2013
Life / Professional feminists' of Poland meet-up [630]

Oh great another woman has come on here to state how offended she is. You're offended? So what?

I didn't say I was offended. The shame belongs to those touting illogical rubbish which is gravitating around their own confirmation bias. So you can keep your label of "offended" and also keep your straw man effigies of "offended women" coming out in their droves.

There is no point in arguing specifics with people who when confronted with widely accepted accepted ideas and stats by the vast majority of sociologists, in response give out rather dubious statistics for rather dubious sources. In this way it's like trying to argue with creationists. It doesn't matter what evidence you show. It is simply ignored as people have invested too much ego and emotion into it.

But feminists stepped over the line when they decided to start undermining the place of males in society instead of just defending female's. If it wasn't for that, I'd most likely be supportive of the movement but it was hijacked a long time ago and is wildly off-course.

As for this: as with every social, or political movements there are radicals in every corner. My question to you is what kind of feminist are you (as well as others) addressing here?

Social feminism?
Marxist feminism?
Sex positive feminism?
Reformist feminism?
Radical Feminism?
Cultural feminism?
Difference feminism?
Liberal feminism>

Because all these groups have vastly different ideas of what feminism is, and how to tackle inequality, some of whom are also taking on angles of politics, gender, sexuality and race.

FWIW, I think modern radical feminists have done a hell of a lot of damage to the egalitarianism of feminist movement. As with most movements, the ones who shout the most get the most attention (and usually these people come from a biased position to start with). Other feminists are actively trying to repair the damage caused by these screaming idiots, but I don't actually expect the nuances and the history to be discussed here - partly because no one here seems to be bothered about reading any of the vast streams of literature on the subject - relying solely on "feelings" but mainly because of the vast lack of cranial ability of the most prominent "screamers" on this forum, and their inability to tell the difference between good and bad research.

For those interested, here's a link describing the different socio-political aspects of the feminist movement. Which ones do you agree with?

Knock yourselves out. Or don't.
29 Jun 2013
Life / Professional feminists' of Poland meet-up [630]

I've been reading this thread from the beginning. I can't be bothered to contributesubstantially to various points made because there is too much frothing and obvious seething hatred from some posters on here. Also, good soundly reasoned arguments are ignored because they don't fit with certain viewpoints. Confirmation bias is rife while academic reading and a basic knowledge of sociology and history seem to be severely lacking.

It's really kind of sad that there is so much ignorance perpetrated by some of the most prolific posters. I puts Poland in a bad light and tbh I'm bored of posting here because of the astounding logical hoops some posters seem to jump through.

F-stop and Englishman, you guys have put un an astounding effort. Thanks for showing that not all living in Poland are bereft of critical thought.

Really some of the opinions about "women" on this thread are shameful.
10 Feb 2013
Travel / Driving in Poland, are there any rules at all? [149]

The driving standard (and the lack of manners that come with it, the awfully thought out highway code etc) here is the singular most infuriating thing about living here.

Being a pedestrian is even worse. Poland has the highest number of pedestrian road deaths in the EU by far.

Pedestrians are treated by the authorities like second class citizens, with the police preferring to fine pedestrians who jaywalk (which is a statistically provably unhelpful or even damaging law) or cross in the wrong place over cars who refuse to stop for them on zebra crossings, or plough through when you have "the green man".

The amount of near misses I've had on pedestrian crossings is ridiculous. I've seen a car get sick of waiting for the pedestrians crossing on a zebra, rev her engine, and hit someone pushing their bike across the road, knocking them over.

A truly civilised society should ALWAYS give concessions to the most vulnerable. In this case pedestrians. Who seem to have "equal rights" to the road - not more.

It could be that when you pass your driving test here you get a "right to drive" not a "licence". Nitpicking at the terminology is one thing, but we all know what the Poles are like when it comes to "who has the rights/who is right" etc.
7 Feb 2013
Life / Want to watch BBC iplayer in Poland? [59]

I use expatsheild. But I also use adblock with firefox. No ads. No crap. They added a load of servers to it the other month so its pretty fast. Fast enough for HD.
1 Feb 2013
UK, Ireland / Why are Brits so left-wing? [60]

he still walked out of a brittish court a free man..

Sound like you read the Daily Mail faaaaar to much.
1 Feb 2013
Work / Teaching English in Poland....CELTA or TESOL certificate? [22]

I was talking about the CELTA itself. I didn't realise you had already started it.

Getting a job will be much easier with a graded pass, as in my experience most schools will forgive lack of experience over it.

Finding a job in March will be difficult but not impossible. I found one in February last year, but it was only a couple of lessons per week plus cover- not much to scrape by on but I was lucky because I had no accommodation costs.

I worked my bum off, and said yes to everything, and now I've got a pretty sweet deal. I work 9-5 ish with only one late finish at 7.45, 28 (actual) hours per week and I don't work weekends.

If you're lucky you might be able to wing a place in a school that pay your tax and ZUS directly. I did, and so I get a little less cash in my hand, but overall if you work it out on pre-tax I think it works out a winner, because I don't need to worry about getting sick.

Don't be afraid to say no to schools if their contract is shocking. You don't want to work for a school where the staff are taken the **** out of. One joker offered me 55pln per 90 minutes without paying tax or ZUS - all lessons were pre prepared (that was his excuse), another said that if I was sick during the contracted times of work that I would personally have to find my own cover. The money was better 40-50pln per 50mins but she didn't pay ZUS either.

This is in Krakow.

If you're not tied in to where you can work, like I am, I'd advise going to a smaller, less saturated place where demand for natives is higher. You'll command a better salary, and be in demand. Others can advise you on these places. I'm pretty much in the worst place for ESL, but I couldn't choose where to work.

Good luck and keep us posted!
9 Jan 2013
News / Abortion still under control in Poland [1507]

This basically states my opinion on the subject of the Abortions:

Ray Comfort (The guy who produced this video), is a religious fruitcake, Young Earth Creationist, and a moron and has been debunked many times as evidenced by the debate between him and thunderfoot. He's an ill-educated nut. Ad-hominem? You bet! Doesn't make him any less of a repulsive individual though... no one takes him seriously.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you bananaman:

More Ray Comfort:

Here they talk about morality. There's a bit about abortion in here. This video is far better than the last one.
19 Dec 2012
History / What do Poles owe to Hungarians? [18]

In Return the Poles never ratified the ghastly Trianon treaty. So the thanks are reciprocated.
18 Dec 2012
Life / Where to buy a Christmas Tree in Krakow? [11]

Why do you need the tree ?

Because Christmas is coming and we are celebrating Wigilia with my boyfriend's family at our flat. Wigilia needs a tree.


I got an artificial one in the end. It looks nice though. I also managed to spend 200zl on decorations - the shame!. Basically if it glittered, I bought it. I'm *such* a magpie. Don't ever let me near anything shiny.
17 Dec 2012
Life / Where to buy a Christmas Tree in Krakow? [11]

I assume you are not going to be buying a particularly big one then? BTW did you misspell the word Christmas on purpose to be politically correct and not have the word Christ there or was it a simple typo? I am just curious. I assume the latter otherwise you probably would have written X.


I went to OBI today on Wielicka. They have loads at a reasonable price. I'm returning tonight with the better half - there were so many different types I got scared to talk to the sellers I ran away like a coward.

It's nice to hear that you just bought yours with Christmas nearing.

This INFURIATES me. I hate it when people put their tree up so early, by the time the celebrations begin the tree is dead! My mum always used to put the tree up on Christmas Eve. This was in the UK. Most of my friends thought it was ******* to do so. Got one over on my friends though... the angels used to bring ours when we had a nap.
16 Dec 2012
Life / Where to buy a Christmas Tree in Krakow? [11]

Where's the best place to buy them (in cities.. Krakow to be precise)?

I tried a market (Hala Targowa) earlier today but, quite frankly, it was rubbish.

What say you? Castorama?

(I hate those trees that have the top cut off and have that little piece of branch put in as a substitute... it shall not do!)